How Tall is Faze Rug? Everything You Need to Know

How tall is Faze Rug? The well-known American YouTuber, prankster, and internet personality Faze Rug. He is well-known for the funny YouTube videos he uploads and distributes to his fans on the “Faze Clan” and “Faze Rug” prank YouTube channels.

how tall is faze rug

How Tall is Faze Rug?

With the release of “Prank,” one of the biggest pranks of the century, which has received over 17 million views, Faze made his debut and achieved his greatest success.

Faze is a gifted young American man. The technology age is truly here, as he has demonstrated. Faze has succeeded in drawing millions of fans from all around the world, whether they love it or detest it.

This is due to his brilliant originality, diligence, and love of social media vlogging. Let us take a walk in Faze’s shoes and discover more interesting facts about the YouTube celebrity. 

Faze Rug profile summary Real name: 

‣ Brian Awadis Age: 22 Years 

‣ D.O.B: November 19, 1996 

‣ Place of birth: San Diego, California, USA 

‣ Zodiac sign: Scorpio 

‣ Fame: YouTube celebrity 

‣ Height: 5’6″ Brother: Brandon

Faze Rug Real Name So, Who is Faze Rug? 

He is the founder of Faze Clan and Fazes Rug and a well-known online celebrity. You will learn a little about his history before he became an internet sensation, though, before we go into too much detail. 

The full name of Faze is Brian Awadis. He was born and reared in the American city of San Diego by his parents and older siblings.

How Old is Faze Rug? 

The prankster was born on November 19, 1996, which just so happens to be his birthday. Brian should turn 23 in November 2019 if your calculations are accurate

Faze Rug is currently 22 years old. His outstanding amount of followers and subscribers on his social media channels makes him one of the youngest YouTubers. How tall is Faze Rug?

Did You Know that Brian’s Parents are Immigrants From Iraq? 

Yes! Before coming to the country as an immigrant and subsequently applying for citizenship, his mother and father lived in Iraq. 

He frequently refers to his parents as “Papa Rug” and “Mama Rug” in his YouTube prank films that include them. Brandon is the Faze Rug’s brother. Rug is the second and last child, and he is the first and oldest son.


Early Education 

Brian and his older brother Brandon both went to school in San Diego, just like the majority of people. Since the online star hasn’t spoken anything about the school names, they are still kept a secret. How tall is Faze Rug?

Like the majority of pupils in the modern technological age, he began to fall in love with video games. Since he was unable to join his high school basketball team, this was his fallback hobby. Since his high school years, he has played “Call of Duty.”

Brian decided to look for something to keep him busy during the rest of his high school life. Due to his slightly naughty and mischievous behaviour, he started involving himself in carrying out pranks. 

Thanks to the support he got from his friends, he realized that he was quite good at pranking his fellow schoolmates. Brian also enjoyed sharing some of his successful prank ideas with his fellow friends and schoolmates. 

The great pranks earned Brian great popularity among his colleagues. As a result, he went ahead and invested in recording his funny pranks and saving videos for his memory. How tall is Faze Rug?

Faze Rug YouTube Star

When Brian proceeded to a colleague, he created his YouTube page. He shared some of his favourite recorded pranks for everyone to see. How tall is Faze Rug?

As a freshman, he noticed that his videos had gained tremendous views from across the world. At this point, Brian earned some money from his videos. 

He saw the possibility of making his career hence increasing the viewership of his videos. This would automatically increase his revenue returns. 

Faze made one of the decisions that would automatically make most parents lose their temper. He decided to quit his college education and venture into full-time video production. This automatically turned him into a YouTube vlogger. 

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