How to Archive Amazon Orders

How to archive Amazon orders could seem difficult sometimes. But all you have to do is visit the Amazon website, go to the Account tab, and click on Archive Order. Here, we show you how to archive Amazon orders on the website.

How to Archive Amazon Orders

How to Archive Amazon Orders

If you want to archive your Amazon orders, the process is quite easy and straightforward.

However, only the Amazon website allows you to archive orders. You cannot archive amazon orders using the Amazon mobile app.

To archive Amazon orders, follow these steps

‣ Visit the Amazon website and, if necessary, log in.

‣ Hover over the Account and Lists tab.

‣ Next, click Orders

‣ Find the order you wish to archive by scrolling through, then click Archive Order in the order’s bottom left corner.

‣ In the confirmation window that appears, click Archive Order once more.

The top of the website will thereafter display a confirmation notice.

Voila! You have successfully archived your amazon orders.

How to Find Archived Orders on Amazon?

Even if you delete your Amazon account, your archived orders will still be available.

To find your archived orders, follow these steps.

‣ Login to your Amazon Account

Select Accounts & Lists from the dropdown menu in the top-right area.

‣ From the dropdown menu, select Your Account.

‣ In the area labeled Ordering and shopping preferences, click Archived orders.

There, you have it, you can now see your archived orders on Amazon.

Simply click “Unarchive Order” in the lower left-hand corner to return your order to the regular orders page.

You don’t need to confirm this since after you select the option, your order will return to its proper location in the orders tab.


On Amazon, How Do You Delete Your Order History?

Currently, there is no practical method to completely delete an Amazon order from your purchase history.

The only other option is to “archive” a purchase, which is how Amazon lets you remove a purchase from your primary order history.

In addition, you can delete your Amazon search history by doing the following.

‣ Log into your account

‣ Look for the “Browsing History” option in the top-right corner of the Amazon homepage to remove your browsing history. 

If you’re having difficulties finding this link, use Ctrl + F to search the current page for the term “browsing history.”

You can view a list of recently conducted searches by selecting this option.

To see the dropdown menu, you might need to select “Manage History” in the top right corner.

For each thing, you want to delete from the search history, click “Remove from view.”

The “Browsing History” feature can easily be disabled by switching the switch from orange to grey.

How Do You Hide Amazon Purchase?

Open the Amazon app and log in using your credentials.

Locate “Your Orders” and choose the item you want to conceal. Press “Archive Order” after selecting “View Order Details.”

How to Archive Amazon Orders

How Can I Hide Orders at Amazon.In?

Go to the homepage after logging into your account if you’ve already ordered from Amazon.

There are many ways to conceal an order, but let’s go with the simplest — archiving.

Follow these steps to hide your orders

‣ Log into your Amazon account

‣ In the top right corner, select Returns & Orders.

‣ Find the order you want to archive by scrolling through your list of orders.

‣ Next to the order in question, click Order Details.

‣ Then select Archive Order.

‣ To confirm, click Archive Order once again.

This procedure will work for you if all you want to do is hide orders without deleting your account information.

Why It’s Not Possible to Edit Order History on Amazon?

Your order history cannot be edited or deleted, but there are ways to shield it from prying eyes.

To keep your family from seeing your purchases and orders, use an Amazon Household Account.

Additionally, you can use an Amazon Locker, change the delivery location, obscure your browser history, and archive your orders.


How Can I See My Open Orders on Amazon?

Log in to your Amazon account by entering your Amazon account information. Orders and Returns are located in the upper right corner.

All orders will be displayed after you click that.

Is it Safe to Share an Amazon Order Number?

An Amazon order number is generally not a sensitive piece of information that you should divulge.

If Amazon is assisting you with an order or the maker of the item uses your number to confirm that you bought it, it is safe to share your Amazon order number with them.

How Do I Buy Two Items Together from Amazon?

In general, Amazon is a secure and trustworthy marketplace for used goods, but, like eBay, there is always some risk involved.

On the product information page of any item you locate, click Add to Cart once you’ve found it.

Enter a different search term in the search field or select the tab to go back to our home page if you want to add more than one item to your order. 

Is it a Good Idea to Buy Used Things from

For instance, some third-party vendors have been discovered selling fake goods. Just be cautious while making any purchases that aren’t covered by Amazon.

No matter the reason you want to archive your Amazon orders, you can easily do it by following the steps in this post.

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