How to Block Adults Websites on My Phone

Are you interested in knowing how to block adults websites on my phone? The internet has granted access to a huge variety of information made simple for both children and adults. Many opportunities are presented, but there is also a substantial danger.

How to block adult websites on my phone

How to Block Adults Websites on My Phone

The internet provides both children and adults with quick access to a huge variety of materials.

This opens up many options, but it also increases the chance that our kids will access material that we think is unsuitable for them, especially “adult content.”

They may unknowingly come upon it when browsing, clicking on questionable links, clicking on intrusive adverts, or engaging in other inappropriate behavior.

Children now have extremely easy access to content that their parents might not like or that could be detrimental to them.

Steps to Block Inappropriate Content on Your Phone

Follow the methods below to block content on your phone:

1. Implement Parental Control

This is the finest and most comprehensive approach in many circumstances.

With the use of parental control software, you can prevent your kids from intentionally trying to access unsuitable information on their devices besides protecting them from the accidental discovery of hazardous websites.

Installing a parental control program on the smartphone will allow you to monitor all activity, including browser history, text messages, emails, calls, videos, photographs, emails, contacts, GPS position, social networking applications, and more if you are doing this for your children.

2. Make Use of Google Play Restrictions

The best way to ensure that your children are shielded from potentially hazardous information online is to enable Google Play controls on their Android devices.

These may stop kids from downloading unsuitable-for-their-age applications, games, and other online resources.

On the Google Play Store, you may choose whether to prohibit adult apps for children or for you personally.

Select Parental Controls under Settings in the Google Play Store.

To restrict the information that you do not want, enable the function and generate a PIN. You may create age limitations for several categories when doing anything for kids based on their age.


3. Turn on Google Safe Search

Enabling Google Safe Search, which filters out explicit or unsuitable videos and photos from Google Search, is the best approach to prevent porn from playing on an Android smartphone.

It provides a line of defense against harmful information. Each web browser has an on/off switch for this.

Once configured, it will begin preventing access to hazardous photos, videos, and websites whether using the Play Store or the Internet.

▸Configured Google as Your Search Engine: Verify that Google is set as the default search engine in the browser’s settings.

▸Open the Google app on your smartphone and hit the gear symbol to enable SafeSearch. Under SafeSearch filters, scroll down to “Search Settings” and hit “Filter explicit results.”

▸Do the aforementioned actions on all the devices you require the Safe search on, and periodically verify the settings.

4. Set Up a Secure Browser

Download a secure browser in place of the default ones. Such a browser would only let the download of safe material and would have already banned most pornographic content. Make it your default browser.

5. Install OpenDNS

By using OpenDNS, you may block any website with objectionable content. Your Internet connection utilizes the ISP’s DNS when you use it.

However, all traffic will be routed through their servers, which would block pornographic websites, if you replace the existing DNS with OpenDNS.

6. Activate Web Filter

Any web filter you think acceptable can be enabled, and it will block any websites with pornographic or adult material.

Select a method that will let you personalize site access. Web filters vary depending on the purposes they serve. Make your choice wisely.

Thank you for going through this article. We hope that after reading this article on how to block adult websites on your phone.

You will be better able to monitor how your child uses their smartphone and prevent them from accessing internet sites and other harmful information online.

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