How to Breed Punkleton (Important Tips You Must Note)

How to breed punkleton. If you want to breed Punkleton in My Singing Monsters, this guide will tell you all breeding combinations, when you can breed, and how to get its Rare and Epic variants.

how to breed punkleton

Breeding Punkleton in My Singing Monsters

Cutting right to the chase, here’s the monster combination to breed Punkleton in My Singing Monsters:

‣ Bowgart + T-Rox

‣ Jam Boree + Gobbleygourd

You must wait 18 hours after selecting two of these monsters from the ‘Breed’ menu for the breeding to be completed. Alternatively, if you have the Diamonds available, you can reduce this.

It’s worth noting that you won’t always get a Punkleton on your first try, so if you’re unlucky enough not to get one, just keep trying and you’ll eventually get one.

It’s also worth noting that Punkleton can only be bred in My Singing Monsters during the Spooktacle seasonal event, which runs from the middle of October to the beginning of November.

It can also be bred during the ‘Out-of-Season’ period which takes place for a few days every April, or whenever it appears on the Seasonal Shanty island, which it would appear it is right now!

The exact days of the ‘Out-of-Season’ period change each year, so be sure to keep checking in with the official Twitter account for the latest updates.

Rare & Epic Punkletons

You can only obtain the rare and epic Punkleton during very specific times during the Spooktacle seasonal event.

For example, in 2020, the Rare Punkleton could only be obtained between October 16 and October 19, and then again between October 27 and October 30. The Epic Punkleton was only available from October 30 to November 4.

The rare and epic versions, like the regular My Singing Monsters Punkleton, can also be obtained during the ‘Out-of-Season’ event, which usually takes place in April each year.

These dates may change in 2021 and subsequent years, but you can stay up to date on seasonal monster availability by following the My Singing Monsters Twitter account.

That’s everything you need to know on how to breed Punkleton in My Singing Monsters. For more tips and tricks, be sure to search for Twinfinite.


Matt Damon Charges Its Way to the Top of Netflix

With the advent of streaming services, it’s always exciting to see films that didn’t get a fair shake during their initial theatrical release rise from the ashes and find success with the masses.

While great films like Life, The Mist, and Jumanji have returned to the top of streaming services for one last time, not every film that rockets to the top are a surefire hit.

According to FlixPatrol, a certain fantasy-action film starring Matt Damon battling ancient monsters has slayed its way to the sixth spot on Netflix’s most-watched charts.

The film in question is 2017’s The Great Wall, which has emerged from nowhere to crack the streaming giant’s Top 10 charts today.

The Great Wall, which has a $150 million budget, is the first English-language film directed by acclaimed Chinese filmmaker Zhang Yimou, who has directed award-winning martial arts films such as Hero in 2002, House of Flying Daggers in 2004, and Curse of the Golden Flower in 2006.

Elsewhere, The Great Wall features an impressive cast spearheaded by The Bourne Supremacy’s Matt Damon, and rounded out by Platoon’s Willem Dafoe, Kong: Skull Island’s Jing Tian, Game of Thrones’ Pedro Pascal, and House of Flying Daggers’ Andy Lau.

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