How to Cancel LinkedIn Premium (Easy Steps on Browser and IOS)

Are you interested in learning how to cancel LinkedIn premium? Many people decide to quit their premium LinkedIn membership. If you belong to this group and wish to cancel your LinkedIn Premium membership, simply review the detailed instructions below.

How to cancel linkedIn premium

How to Cancel LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn is the only professional social networking site available today, the premium subscription service offered by LinkedIn is called LinkedIn Premium.

Your reach is the key distinction between LinkedIn Premium and LinkedIn Basic.

But LinkedIn also offers a premium membership that comes with several extra benefits, including the ability to send unlimited in-mail messages to other LinkedIn users who are not in your personal network.

Perhaps, also granting access to online professional development courses, and information on who is viewing your profile.

The cost of LinkedIn Premium is its main drawback. Depending on the bundle you choose, it ranges from about $30 per month to approximately $120 per month for an annual membership.

The only time it makes sense to sign up for LinkedIn Premium is if you’re actively looking for work.

How Do You Cancel LinkedIn Premium Using a Browser

Depending on how you signed up, you have several choices for ending your subscription to LinkedIn Premium.

You can cancel your LinkedIn Premium subscription if you purchased it while accessing the LinkedIn desktop site from a desktop browser, a mobile browser, or a mobile app.

To cancel your Premium subscription using a browser, follow these steps:

1. Just below the browser’s website address bar, on the menu bar, select the “Me” symbol.

2. Select “Access My Premium” from the dropdown option that displays. You may click the link that says “Manage Premium account” on the interface’s right side. Toggle this.

3. You will now be sent to the subscription options for your profile.

4. To cancel your membership, click the “Cancel subscription” link under the “Manage subscription” sub-header.

If you are certain that you want to cancel, prompts will appear. To properly end your subscription to LinkedIn Premium, heed their instructions.


How to End the LinkedIn Premium Account on iOS

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to cancel your subscription from LinkedIn directly if you bought it via the App Store or iTunes. The reason for this is that Apple’s Privacy Policy prohibits it.

You’re left with no alternative except to cancel your membership on your PC or through iTunes on your iPhone.

Use these methods to cancel your premium iTunes membership:

1. From a desktop computer or mobile device, open iTunes.

2. Your LinkedIn Premium subscription should be shown on the Subscription Management Settings page. For you to find it there, make sure you are logged in with your own Apple ID.

3. You ought to notice a cancellation option for your membership at the bottom of the screen. To cancel, click it and then confirm your choice.

How Do I Get a Refund from LinkedIn Premium?

There are no refunds available for LinkedIn Premium memberships such as Premium Career, Business, LinkedIn Learning, Recruiter, and Sales Navigator.

All of your Premium features, including InMails, will expire at the end of your paying cycle if you cancel your Premium membership.

All iOS refunds must be handled with Apple, please note. For information on cancellations and refunds if you bought a Premium subscription using the LinkedIn iOS app, please contact Apple.

To contact an Apple support agent through email or chat, you must select the No Thanks, Continue option.

Pay-per-action Products

Pay-per-action products charge each click, impression, application, etc.

These services include, for instance, LinkedIn Ads, Sponsored Jobs, and any other product where you are charged per action. Any delivered and billable activities are not refundable.

It’s only suggested to sign up for LinkedIn Premium when you are actively looking for employment or employees.

When you’re finished, you might choose to save money by discontinuing LinkedIn Premium.

Check out the guidelines above to cancel your LinkedIn membership if you’re seeking information on how to deactivate your LinkedIn account.

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