How to Clean Eyelash Extensions (Maintenance and Procedures)

Find out how to clean eyelash extensions. Your morning cosmetic process will go considerably faster with eyelash extensions. Ensure they receive proper care so they may maintain their attractive looks.

How to clean eyelash extensions

How to Clean Eyelash Extensions

An excellent approach to creating gorgeous appearances is using lash extensions.

They glitz up your face and make your beauty routines easier and are handy. 

Although lash extensions save time and are handy, they are not always simple to clean.

Not if you’re unfamiliar with lash extensions. When you clean your extensions, it’s quite easy for microscopic black filaments to end up all over the bottom of the bathroom sink.

Whether you’ve applied makeup over them or you just feel like they need some maintenance.

But it’s also crucial to avoid irritants, infections, blepharitis, and other conditions that might harm your eyes.

All you need is a mild cleaner, some combing, and careful drying.

How Do You Clean Eyelash Extensions?

It is essential to clean eyelash extensions for eye health. To clean eyelash extensions, adhere to the steps below:

1. By Cleaning Extensions

▸Look for a cleanser that is free of alcohol and oil. Extra oil in particular might cause the glue on your extensions to dissolve.

Choose a mild face soap or a foamy facial cleanser. Even baby shampoo will do.

▸Apply warm water to your eyelashes. Using your hands and some cleanser, gently massage your eyes and lashes.

Use up-and-down motions. To prevent losing extensions or harming your natural eyelashes, avoid using side-to-side motions or yanking on your lashes. Thoroughly rinse with warm water.

▸Avoid using cotton wipes or pads. Don’t wipe your eyelashes with cotton balls or pads.

They may become entrapped with the fibers, which you will need to gently remove.

Avoid using cleaning wipes as well, since these may cause your extensions to loosen or tear out.


2. Drying and Combing

▸After washing your lashes, use a towel to gently wipe your face dry.

Avoid your eyes to preserve the integrity of your extensions. Instead, allow your lashes to air dry.

You may gently wipe your lashes with some toilet paper wrapped around your finger to hasten the drying process.

▸Blower-dry them. Put the coldest setting on your blow dryer. Then, give each eye a ten-second blast of your eyelashes.

Keep the dryer at least an arm’s length away from your face. You want to keep the glue in your extensions, so refrain from doing this too frequently.

▸Brush them out. Shut one eye. Gently run a dry, clean mascara brush over your lashes.

After that, use the brush to lightly fluff out the lashes. Avoid dragging the brush across the lash line.

3. Maintenance of Your Extensions

▸Keep your extensions clean. Wash your extensions at least twice per week, if not every day.

With a little warm water and combing, get rid of little particles of dust and dirt in between washings.

To do this, lightly moisten your eyelashes with warm water before gently combing them out.

▸Keep oils off of your eyelashes. To maintain the integrity of the adhesive, keep moisture-rich items away from your lashes or lash lines, such as heavy creams, shampoos, conditioners, and glycerin.

For instance, to prevent these materials from getting into your eyes when in the shower, tilt your head back.

To remove extra oil that perspiration may create exercise often and consider dabbing a very thin line of 70% isopropyl alcohol on your lash line once a week.

▸Avoid rubbing your eyes. Do not pluck, rub, or tug at your eyelashes. If you don’t take care, this will loosen them and make them appear clumpy.

It might remove your natural lashes. If the extensions itch or are otherwise seriously troubling you, get them professionally removed.

▸Apply eye makeup with caution. Use powdered eyeshadow as you normally would, concentrating application in the outer corners of your eyes.

Avoid using cream eyeshadows. Avoid using liquid eyeliner since it might harm your extensions.

Above all, avoid using mascara. Your extensions will become damaged and appear and feel gritty.

What Happens if You Don’t Clean Lashes?

The eyelids will get itchy and swollen if your lash extensions aren’t cleaned regularly.

In order to relieve the itching, you’ll probably rub on your lashes all day. Your eyelids could get irritated and the extensions might eventually fall off.

Blepharitis results from extremely filthy lash extensions. An illness called blepharitis results in inflammation of the eyelids.

The accumulation of dirt and dead skin cells in the lashes fosters the growth of germs. When you awaken in the morning, most of these symptoms become apparent.

When you start a thorough lash cleaning routine, blepharitis goes away. If you suspect you have this illness, call your doctor immediately.

How are Eyelash Extensions Harmful?

Your natural lashes may become overworked and fall out because of eyelash extensions.

There is also a chance of allergic reactions, infections, and dry eyes. Choose lashes that aren’t excessively long or thick if you’re going to try it.

How Often Do You Need to Redo Your Lash Extensions?

Extensions will fall out under the normal six to eight-week cycle of your hair development.

Every two to three weeks, refills are advised as a terrific method to prolong the life of your lashes.

You should clean your eyelash extensions every day if you have greasy eyes. The same holds true for those who apply eye makeup.

If you don’t have any of these problems, clean your lashes twice or three times every week.

You must clean your eyelash extensions after engaging in strenuous activities like swimming or working out in the gym.

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