How to Curse Someone (Everything You Need to Know)

Have you suffered enough harm to where you want to learn how to curse someone? Written or spoken words and formulae that are thought to have magical properties are called curses and incantations.

How to Curse Someone

How to Curse Someone

The intended injury might be as minor as irritation and psychological stress, as severe as physical sickness and suffering, or even as fatal as death.

Curses should not be taken lightly because they are frequently linked to dark magic.

A straightforward curse technique with a high success rate is the curse jar (a variant of the bottle spell).

The Best Way to Curse Someone

Curses are magic spells cast on someone with the goal of causing them harm.

1. Preparing for the Curse

▸Be aware of the outcomes. If your curse is effective, it may have a serious impact on your target’s life and even result in death.

However, it should be noted that many people do not believe in magic or the effectiveness of curses, and there is scant scientific proof that they do.

▸Be aware that it can come back to you. Witches frequently hold the opinion that curses are unethical and will thus come back to the person who casts them in the same manner.

If you curse someone, you might expect ill karma to come your way as well.

▸Think about forgiving and letting go. Take some time to consider your motivations for seeking retribution and if it is truly worth your time and effort.

Your time and energy are probably better spent making progress in your life than wallowing in unpleasant feelings that will only make you feel worse.

▸Decide what you want. If you’ve carried out the curse, take a seat and consider your options carefully.

Your curse will be more powerful if you know exactly what you want to happen as you go through each phase of its creation.

▸Make sure you’ve shielded yourself with a protection spell and/or amulet before casting a curse on someone.

It’s conceivable that your curse will come back to haunt you if the person you’re cursing uses magic.

2. Getting Your Resources Together

▸Get a glass jar. Large, broad pickle jars work well, but any glass jar of comparable size would do.

▸Get a poppet. We typically think of a poppet as being a doll that resembles the person who is the subject of the curse.

In reality, it may be anything that represents your target, such as a picture of them, a lock of their hair, or even a piece of paper bearing their name.

▸Gather items to use as a means. Although “means” has multiple meanings, in this context, it refers to the thing that you’ll use to convey your negative energy (i.e., your curse).

Any of the following objects will work. You may fill the jar with rusty nails, thumbtacks, or other sharp objects to generally harm your victim.


3. Put the Curse Jar Together

▸Clear out the jar completely. Use hot, soapy water to carry out this task, being careful to get rid of the label and any lingering adhesive.

You can let the jar air dry to prevent streaks or debris from transferring from the drying cloth to the container.

▸Keep your purpose in mind. Keep your attention on your target and what you want to happen to them as you add items to your curse jar.

▸Put the poppet inside the container. You could decide to wind the victim’s hair around the doll’s neck if you’re using one and have it.

▸On top of the poppet in the jar, add the medium. As you do this, keep your attention on your intentions.

Simply consider how furious you are and what the target did to earn your wrath if you do not have any specific objectives.

▸Completely close the jar. Before you seal it, make sure there is nothing more you wish to add to the jar.

After closing it, you shouldn’t open it again since, at the absolute least, it will lose power.

▸Shake the jar. Do this while harboring resentful feelings towards your opponent. Keep in mind that you are giving the jar bad force and energy.

It can take days, or perhaps months, for your curse to work.

It’s also conceivable that your victim is shielded by a protection spell or amulet if a long period of time passes and you believe your strategy has failed.

4. Using Psychology to Strengthen Your Curse

▸You may also use psychology to convince your target that they are cursed if you don’t have the time, money, or desire to employ the curse jar method.

▸Frighten the target. Your curse will be more potent the more certain your victim is that they are cursed.

Besides utilizing the jar, you may also influence your target’s thoughts by having them notice your evil gaze or by speaking strangely to them.

How Do You Break the Curse?

Safeguard yourself. Without self-defense, the curse can reappear if you break it.

Make sure you are protected by a protection spell, amulet, or at the very least, an invocation before breaking the jar (and, as a result, the curse).

Take out the jar from the hiding spot. Make sure no one, especially not the subject of your curse, sees you taking the jar out of hiding and breaking it.

The safest way to accomplish this is to put the jar inside a paper grocery bag, fold the bag loosely shut, and then lightly tap the jar with a hammer.

It is thought that during the waning of the moon, curses are most potently cast and broken. Never swear out of spite.

Consequences should always be carefully considered, as should whether the target of your curse truly merits it. They won’t deserve it in the vast majority of cases.

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