How to Decline Admission to a College

Accepted into multiple schools and have to decline a college acceptance? Keep on reading to learn how to inform colleges of your decision!

How to Decline Admission to a College

Being accepted to several institutions is fantastic! However, it might occasionally be challenging to select your future college and narrow down your options.

But after you’ve done that, the challenging part is over! All that’s left to do is let the other colleges know that you won’t be going. So, exactly how can you reject a college’s offer of admission?


How to Decline Admission to a College

It can be quite challenging to decline an offer from a college after being courted and courted by them. Our guidelines for declining a college acceptance are as follows:

1. Say “Yes!” To Your Chosen School

Tell your selected school that you will be attending first. Before the deadline, send in your deposit.

Then, send an email to your admissions representative to thank them for their assistance and to share the good news. They’ll probably be one of your first mentors, and you’ll probably see them around campus.

2. Inform Your Admissions Rep

Once you’ve made up your mind, send your deposit before the deadline, and then send an email or letter to your admissions agent letting them know you’ll be attending.

Give them the wonderful news and thank them for their assistance! They’ll probably be the first of your mentors at that college, and you’ll probably run across them on campus.

3. Decline Your Acceptance Courteously

You should then send a note to the representative(s) of the college(s) you are declining.

In addition to showing them your appreciation, you might be able to let another kid who is waiting in line take your spot.

4. Don’t Burn Any Bridges

Have you ever heard the adage that one never knows when one might need to “cross that bridge” or rekindle a relationship? It implies avoiding ending a relationship in a way you could later regret. 

You never know when you might get in touch with that individual or establishment once more. Always be polite while declining an offer.

Remember that in the future since declining a college is not all that different from declining a job offer.


5. Sample Email for Declining a College Acceptance

To let a school know that you’ve picked another college, use this form.

For each school you’re rejecting, send a brief email to your primary admissions representative. Send each note separately, not all of them together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Double depositing means putting down a deposit and thus accepting admission, at more than one college. Since a student can’t attend multiple colleges, it is considered unethical.

Certainly! From the day you accept your acceptance offer to the day of your graduation, you can choose to no longer attend the university you’re currently at.
This is even true for those who accept an early decision acceptance offer, which is usually binding.

Unlike the NLI, verbally committing doesn’t mean you will receive that offer or an offer at all. A college coach can retract a verbal commitment or change the offer at any point.
Additionally, athletes can back out at any time. Verbally committing can be a sticky situation for both athletes and college coaches.

Since the May 1st deadline is widely known, many colleges don’t accept late decisions. Some universities may give an extension beyond this date, but don’t bet on it.
If you’ve missed the May 1st deadline, you need to contact the college admissions officers at your intended university’s admissions office immediately.

It’s completely reasonable to withdraw from a college after making a commitment when admitted to another school from a waitlist.
Admission officials expect this every year, but this year they anticipate even more changes than usual due to the pandemic.

Although once you have accepted an offer you are committed to going to that university or college, it is by no means too late to change your program of study.

However, admitted students can back out of an early decision offer for certain reasons.
Before applying to a college early decision, make sure you understand the commitment you’re making as well as the most common reasons students back out of an early decision offer.

I appreciate your interest in me, but I regret to inform you that I will not be accepting your offer of admission. Thank you for your time and consideration. Remember to be polite.

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