How to Delete a Phone Number

One way to free up some space on your device is to delete any unwanted contact information. Here, we show you how to delete a phone number, whether you use an Android phone or iPhone.

How to Delete a Phone Number

How to Delete a Phone Number

If you check through your phone, you’re bound to locate at least one person whose phone number you no longer require.

While you may leave their contact information there to save space, you should definitely delete it.

This will not only save you storage space, but it will also help you declutter your contacts list.

Here’s how to delete a phone number, whether you are using an Android or iOS device

Delete a Phone Number from Android Phones

To delete a contact on an android device, follow these steps.

Step 1

To open the Contacts app, tap the “Contacts” app icon on your Android device’s home screen. The Contacts icon on basic Android devices is orange and has a person’s face superimposed on it.

Step 2

Locate the contact you wish to delete by scrolling through your contacts.

If you have a high number of contacts, then put the contact’s name in the “Search” form at the top of the Contacts directory to see a list of matches.

Step 3

Hold down the button on the contact you want to delete. At this point, your Android device will enter bulk contacts management mode, with check boxes next to all of your contacts.

Step 4

Select all of the contact entries you want to delete with a check mark, and then press the “Trash” icon in the top right corner of your screen.

The Trash symbol is shaped like a trash can. The Delete Contact prompt displays when you tap the “Trash” icon.

Step 5

To confirm that you wish to delete the selected contacts, tap “OK” on the Delete Contact popup.

Delete a Phone Number from iPhones

To delete a contact from an android device, follow these steps.

Step 1

To start the Phone app, tap the “Phone” icon on your iPhone’s home screen.

To load a list of contacts on your device, tap the “Contacts” icon at the bottom of the screen.

You may also go straight to the Contacts app by tapping the “Contacts” icon on the home screen.

Step 2

Select the contact you wish to delete from your contacts list and press it.

The names of the people you should contact are listed alphabetically. When you tap a contact’s name, the contact card for that individual shows.

Step 3

Scroll down and tap “Delete Contact” after tapping the “Edit” option in the upper corner of the contact card.

To confirm that you wish to remove the contact from your smartphone, tap “Delete Contact” once more.


How Do I Delete All My Contacts on the iPhone?

Here’s what you should do:

‣ On your iPhone, go to the Phone or Contacts app. If you’re using the Phone app, go to the bottom and tap Contacts.

‣ In the upper left corner, tap Groups.

‣ Uncheck all of the profiles if you wish to erase all of your contacts. Your entire contact list will vanish.

You can delete all or a group of contacts from your iPhone at the same time by doing the following.

‣ Scroll to the bottom of the left panel screen and select “Contacts”.

‣ To check all of your contacts, click the “Select All” button.

‣ To delete them all at once, press the Delete button on your iPhone.

How Can I Delete Numbers from a Blocked List?

How Can I Delete Numbers from a Blocked List

Within the Phone or FaceTime apps, tap “Contacts.” Find the person you want to block and block them.

Touch “Block This Caller,” then “Block Contact” at the bottom of the contact’s information screen.

Then, to remove the person from your contacts, tap “Edit,” then “Delete Contact.”

How Do I Remove Gmail Contacts in Android?

To remove contacts from your Google accounts, follow these steps.

‣ Go to Google Contacts 

‣ Choose one of the following options: 

Single contact -Next to the contact’s name, choose the checkbox. 

Multiple contacts -Select all of the contacts you want to delete by checking the boxes next to them.

‣ Select More from the drop-down menu at the top.

‣ After that, select Delete.


How Can I Delete Multiple Contacts in Android?

Because the default Contacts app on a stock Android phone does not allow you to delete numerous contacts, we’ll use Google Contacts Manager to accomplish it.

Go to Google’s Contacts Manager page on your PC.

You’ll get a list of all your contacts once you’ve signed in.

‣ Hover your cursor over a contact you’d like to delete until a check box appears to the left of the Contact’s name.

‣ Select the contact by checking the box.

‣ Select all of the other contacts you want to delete by checking the boxes next to them.

‣ After you’ve selected all of the contacts you wish to delete, go to the top right corner of your screen and click the Trash can icon.

‣ When you click on the Trash Can symbol, a menu will appear; select Delete.

This will delete all of the contacts you’ve chosen to be deleted.

How to Remove the Carrier Default App?

To remove any app, bloatware or not, from your Android phone, go to Settings and select Apps and notifications, then See all apps.

If you’re certain, then select it and then choose Uninstall.

How to Remove Widgets from the Android Lock Screen?

To remove widgets, look towards the bottom of your screen for a lock. If the lock isn’t visible, pull the widget down until it is.

Press and hold the widget once you see the lock. It’s gone from your lock screen now that you’ve moved it up to the “Remove” section.

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