How to Delete Reddit History (Simple Guidelines to Follow)

How to delete Reddit history. Do you want to remove all of your Reddit searches, posts, comments, and browsing history? This article teaches you how to delete your Reddit history on your computer and how to use the Reddit mobile app on your Android or iPhone.

how to delete reddit history

How to Clear Reddit Posting

Here is a clear guide on how to clear your Reddit posting:

1. Delete your posts and comments manually

Reddit doesn’t have a mass-delete option that lets you delete all of your posts and/or comments at once. But if you don’t have a lot of content to delete, it’ll be pretty easy to delete it all by hand. Here’s how:

‣ Click or tap your profile photo at the top-right corner of Reddit.

‣ Select Profile or My profile.

‣ Click or tap POSTS or COMMENTS at the top to display all of your posts or comments.

‣ If you’re using a phone or tablet, tap the post or comment you want to delete. If you’re on a computer, just stay on the list of posts or comments.

‣ Click or tap the three dots on the post or comment and choose Delete.

‣ Repeat for other posts and comments.

2. Install the Chrome extension Nuke Reddit History

If you want to delete everything you’ve ever shared on Reddit, you’ll need to install a browser extension called Nuke Reddit History on your computer.

‣ To install, go to the Nuke Reddit History page on the Chrome Web Store and click Add to Chrome.

‣ This extension will work with any Chromium-based web browser, including Chrome, Edge, and Opera.

3. Sign in to Reddit

Sign in to Reddit at If you’re not already signed in, click login at the top of the home page to sign in now.

‣ Before you continue, make sure you’re signed in with the correct Reddit account. To see which account you’re signed in as, click the profile icon at the top, then select Log Out if you’re not signed in with the correct account.

4. Switch to the old Reddit layout

Many users report that Nuke Reddit History won’t work if you’re using the latest Reddit interface. Here’s how you can switch back to the old Reddit:

‣ Click your profile photo at the top-right.

‣ Click User Settings.

‣ Click the “Opt out of the redesign” switch at the bottom of the page.

‣ Click Opt Out to confirm.

‣ If you’re also using the Old Reddit Redirect Chrome extension, Nuke Reddit History won’t work. Disable Old Reddit Redirect before trying Nuke Reddit History.


5. Click the Nuke Reddit History extension

It’s the red square icon in the upper-right corner of your web browser. A pop-up will appear.

6. Choose which history you want to delete

You can choose either or both of the options below to delete your Reddit history:

‣ Select Overwrite & Delete All My Comments to delete all of the comments you’ve ever left on posts. This only deletes your comments and leaves your posts alone.

‣ Select Delete All My Posts to delete every new post you’ve created on Reddit. This won’t affect the comments you’ve left on other posts.

7. Repeat if necessary

While Nuke Reddit History does work to delete your posting and comment history, it’ll struggle if you have a lot of content to delete.

‣ Wait a few minutes after deleting the first batch, and then continue running the extension until all of your posts and/or comments are deleted.

‣ Switch back to the new Reddit redesign when you’re finished. Just click the orange GET NEW REDDIT link at the top-left to switch back instantly.

Do you want to delete your Reddit searches, posts, comments, or browsing history? We can assist you whether you need to cover your tracks or are simply sick of seeing your Reddit history! This article teaches you how to delete your Reddit history on your computer and use the Reddit mobile app on your Android or iPhone.

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