How to Draw Deku (Tutorial to Sketch the Superhero)

Are you interested in learning how to draw Deku? In My Hero Academia, the superhero Deku serves as the primary character. We will show you the steps you need to take in order to draw the hero, Deku.


How to Draw Deku

In the anime and manga series “My Hero Academia,” Deku or Izuku Midoriya is the main character.

Deku, in contrast to other superheroes, was born without special abilities. He’s spent his entire life trying to fulfill his desire to be a hero.

Deku lives in a universe where eight out of ten people get abilities, referred to as Quirks.

Although he idolizes Pro Hero All Might, he lacks any unique quirks. Because it is passed on from one person to another, this quirk is special. 

Because of the character’s phenomenal popularity. Deku sketching instruction is in high demand. 

How to Draw Deku from My Hero Academia

Here is a simple, step-by-step drawing instruction to help you.

You only need a piece of paper, an eraser, and a pencil.

Step 1

Start by drawing a broad, curving line around Deku’s face. Note the cheek and chin droops.

Then, draw two curving lines, one horizontal and one vertical, across the face. The intersection of the lines must be perpendicular.

Step 2

Draw a curving line around one ear on either side of the face. We use additional curved lines to further detail the ear interiors.

After that, position the eyes with the aid of the horizontal guideline. It ought to pass across the middle of the eyes.

Draw a big “C” shape around the eyes. Create a little oval for each pupil.

Use a long curved line and a few small straight lines to outline the “C”-shaped iris that surrounds it.

Draw narrow lines to define the wrinkled brow and large, curving lines for the eyebrows.

Draw the nose, mouth, and chin dimple with curved lines, using the vertical line as a reference. A shaded dot on each cheek represents freckles.


Step 3

Start sketching the spiky manga hair after erasing the face’s guiding lines.

Use a pair of curving lines that intersect at a jagged point to represent each hair strand. Draw hair below the ears and across the forehead.

Step 4

To encircle the hair on the top of the head, use pairs of curving lines. The unruly locks should protrude in all directions like the sun’s rays or corona.

Step 5

Remove any stray hairline wrinkles. Then, use straight lines to enclose the garment’s asymmetrical collar.

We draw a set of lines defining the neck from the collar to the head.

Draw lines that reach all the way to the collar and link them with straight lines. The collar should be embellished with vertical and C-shaped lines.

Step 6

On the collar, surround the asymmetrical “L” shapes with straight lines.

Step 7

On each side of the collar, surround an asymmetrical form with curved lines, and then emphasize each shape with a curved line along the center. In order to define the shoulders, use long, curving lines.

Step 8

A semicircular form is drawn beneath the collar using curved lines, and the neck is detailed with hatching.

Curved lines are used to highlight the garment’s folds and edges.

Step 9

Outline the shoulder pads’ squared C outlines using pairs of curving lines. Draw a curved line down each arm and a tiny oval in each corner.

Now you can color your drawing to make it more beautiful. He has green eyes, dark green hair, and light skin.

Learning to draw Deku was a ton of fun, isn’t it? Anyone may draw Deku by following the techniques provided above, regardless of their level of drawing ability thanks to this comprehensive tutorial.

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