How to Draw Harry Potter (Checkout these 9 Simple Steps)

Harry Potter, the main character of J.K. Rowling’s best-selling series, is a beloved character worldwide. In this article, we show you how to draw Harry Potter in 9 simple steps.

How to Draw Harry Potter

How to Draw Harry Potter

If you want to draw Harry Potter, we have compiled the steps on how to do so. Follow the steps below to know how to draw Harry Potter.

Step 1: Draw Harry Potter’s Face

Draw a large, irregular circle in the center of your page to represent Harry Potter’s face. Then, to create the ears, draw two curved lines on either side of the face.

Step 2: Draw His Scarf 

Draw two curving vertical lines about an inch apart, right underneath the face.

This delineates the scarf’s edges. Make a tiny upward curve next, connecting both of its ends to the vertical lines.

Draw two more parallel, slightly curved vertical lines, beginning on the left side of the scarf, and linking them with a straight horizontal line.

How to Draw Harry Potter

Step 3: Draw His Coat

Draw two parallel vertical lines on either side of the scarf, joining them with a straight horizontal line.

Step 3 should be carried out on the scarf’s left and right sides. This shows Harry Potter’s coat’s front portion.

Step 4: Draw Harry’s Top

Draw two broad “V” shapes, one on top of the other, between the coat opening and beneath the scarf.

The upper line should be somewhat thicker than the bottom line. This delineates the shirt’s collar.

Step 5: Finish Harry Potter’s Attire

Draw a pair of pants below the top by creating a shape that resembles the coat we created in step 3. Each pant leg needs to be set apart slightly.

Then, to outline the shoes, draw a sideways oval shape directly beneath each leg of the pants.

Step 6: Join His Arms to His Body

Draw the coat’s long sleeves so that a pair of hands is just barely visible at the end of each sleeve on both sides of the torso.

Step 7: Draw His Hair and Wand

Right over the top of the head, draw the hair. Then, create angular hair clumps close to the forehead.

Let’s proceed to draw the magic wand now. Draw a pointed stick to represent the wand from the fist of the uplifted hand.

Step 8: Draw the Iconic Glasses.

Draw two enormous, ideal circles just below the eyebrows. Then, draw a line in between the lens to join the two circles.

To make the eyeglasses look more authentic, make the circle’s outline thicker. How to Draw Harry Potter.

Step 9: Draw Harry Potter’s Eyes

Draw an upright oval shape inside each glass lens of the glasses we drew in the previous stage to represent the eyes.

Then, to provide the appearance of “gleaming eyes,” shade the inner of the eyelids while leaving a little dot unblinded. How to Draw Harry Potter.


What is the Character Sketch of Harry in Harry Potter?

Harry is portrayed as having his father’s continuously unruly black hair, his mother’s bright green eyes, and a scar in the shape of a lightning bolt on his forehead throughout the entire series.\

He is also characterized as having “a narrow face,” “knobbly knees,” being “small and skinny for his age,” and donning Windsor glasses.

Harry Potter is initially a friendly and inquisitive youngster. He meets people that grow to be very dear to him.

His godfather, Sirius Black, and his two closest friends, Ron and Hermione, all support and care for him. 

Harry can mature because he has these three individuals in his life to confide in and lean on. Harry has a natural curiosity, but it has actually helped him in his life.

Due to the choices he made, Harry, who was once a young boy, developed into a teenager, became an excellent student, and eventually, a man.

Between the time he got his first letter from Hogwarts and the time he got married and began a family, he developed significantly.

He wouldn’t have matured into the man he became if he hadn’t made the choices that demonstrated he was courageous, a loyal friend, strong, reliable, and trusting.

People develop as a result of the choices they make, not as a result of the choices made for them.

Harry was an excellent example of a self-reliant individual who could make his own choices but ultimately relied on trust.

Is there a Harry Potter Spell for Drawing?

Flagrate is the incantation for a charm that enables flaming lines to be drawn or written in midair. The shape lingers for a while.

How to Draw Harry Potter

How to Draw Harry Potter

Is it Legal to Draw Harry Potter Comics Based on the Books?

No, not if you want to get paid. Copyright applies to Harry Potter. Only JK Rowling or individuals she’s given the right to can develop Potter-related material for a profit.

A handful of the fanfiction stories that exist are comics, which is something that some fans have done.

These were on fanfiction websites and were obviously published for entertainment purposes only, not for financial gain.

Therefore, if you want to create comics based on the Harry Potter books, go ahead.

However, if you want to produce a book that you can eventually sell, come up with your own cast of characters and plot.

Jo permits fanfiction, so you can, but you cannot profit from it.

As a result, you are not permitted to sell it in any form, use it for a Patreon project, publish a PayPal tag, or do anything else with it.

It’s impossible to try to sell it to a traditional publisher. The only thing you can do is post it for free as fanfiction online.

Lawyers from Warner Brothers as well as Jo will be knocking on your door if you ignore this advice. How to Draw Harry Potter


Who is the Least Developed Character in Harry Potter?

Tom Riddle Sr. The rape that claimed his life ruined Tom’s life.

Merope did something that caused a lot of things to happen, and then his family was murdered by the son of the rape he committed.

The subsequent use of the potion that brought Voldemort back to life violated even his bones.

The lack of more explicit explication isn’t inherently a problem in the work, though.

We believe that just as less careful readers are more likely to pity Merope, careful readers are supposed to question and sympathize with his story.

Proponents of social justice wishes Harry or Dumbledore had described Riddle Sr. as more of a victim who had done nothing wrong. How to Draw Harry Potter

We hope that our tutorial showing you step-by-step how to draw Harry Potter was beneficial to you.

These guidelines can be used to create both animated and realistic-looking Harry Potter characters.

If you know anyone who would love to draw Harry Potter and have a little fun with it, then kindly share this article with them.

CSN Team.

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