How to Fake a Fever (Common Techniques for Positive Outcome)

Would you love to know how to fake a fever? We’ll show you step-by-step how to rapidly inflict a fake fever on yourself. Read on to find out how to inflate your body temperature, give yourself a feverish flush, and play up your symptoms so you appear to be sick.

How to Fake a Fever

How to Fake a Fever

It’s really simple to pretend to have a fever, so why would you do it?

For students or kids who wish to take a day or two off school and spend time with themselves, making up a fever is actually pretty typical.

Simply pretending to be ill is what you want to do to convince your parents to give you the day off from school.

However, it’s not that easy to fake a fever. If your parents are smart, they will immediately see that this is all a performance.

As you can see, there are many justifications for wanting to make up a fever.

Even though you can never truly fake a fever, you can always pretend to have the signs of fever to fool people into thinking you do.

Best Ways to Fake a Fever

So let’s examine the quickest and most straightforward techniques to fake a fever or manifest the symptoms of a fever.

1. The Garlic Method

This is the most straightforward and widely used method for inducing fever and raising body temperature.

You just need minced or whole cloves of garlic. If you are using minced garlic, a spoon will do if you cut the garlic clove in half vertically.

Put garlic cloves or minced garlic beneath your armpits for 6-7 hours. Place the garlic before going to bed if you want to pretend to have a fever the following morning.

You can attempt this for three hours instead of seven if you believe seven hours would be too much.

Your body temperature rises as a result, as shown by a high body temperature reading on the thermometer. This is how using garlic will allow you to create your own fever.

Your pits enlarge because of the garlic under your armpits, which raises your body warmth. To combat the swelling in your pits, your body naturally creates a sense of fever.

2. The Use of Thermometer Rubbing Technique

This is the simplest option on the list. A digital thermometer is all you need.

Given that it has nothing to do with your body, this method is harmless. You’ll be able to persuade your parents that you have a fever by changing the thermometer’s reading.

You must continually massage the thermometer on your towel in this manner.

Take your temperature once the thermometer has been turned on. Your body temperature is at least over 101 degrees, according to the reading.

This often happens because of increased friction caused by rubbing the thermometer against the fabric, which elevates the temperature at the thermometer’s tip.


3. Fake Fever Using Hot Water

This is an additional risk-free way to raise the temperature. A thermometer and hot water are all that are required.

Take a cup and put boiling water in it. The thermometer should be turned on and its tip should be placed in some hot water.

Take your body temperature after that. You can raise the thermometer practically immediately thanks to this.

This often happens because you are changing the reading by immersing the thermometer in warm water.

Do this just before you prove you have fever since the temperature reading will drop quickly. Never submerge the thermometer tip for over 3–4 minutes.

Avoid dipping it for too long since the outcome will be absurd.

4. Fake a Fever with the Use of Onions 

Onions help you increase your body’s temperature. Considering that all you need is an onion, this technique is incredibly easy. The onion should be sliced (2-4 slices are enough).

We should place slices of onion under your armpit and left there for 5–6 hours. If you can, do this task before turning in for the night.

To simulate having a fever, wrap yourself in blankets. Consume hot liquids to keep the heat in your mouth as well. Try this at your own risk.

5. Effectively Using Blankets

Try this approach with two or three blankets. The more blankets you use, the better the outcome. Be careful not to choke yourself.

The night before, try not to use a fan and sleep under as many blankets as you can. Your body temperature will rise because of severe perspiration.

The following morning, when you awaken, cover your face with the blanket and exhale. You may make your face feel heated by rubbing the blanket against it. You will get a fever-like sensation.

Never attempt to make up a fever. Naturally rising fever is a sign that something is very wrong with your health. Your parents become concerned if you fake this sickness.

Therefore, it is preferable to persuade your parents that you require a break that day rather than fabricating a fever. Your parents care about you and will undoubtedly comprehend your situation.

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