How to Find Liked Posts on Instagram 2022

– How to Find Liked Posts on Instagram 2022 –

Learn how to find liked posts on Instagram 2022. Considering that it is hidden in the settings, few people are not aware of this useful function. If you want to review the pictures and videos you’ve liked in the past, continue reading this post.

How to Find Liked Posts on Instagram 2022

The most popular app on the Google Play Store and the App Store, where many people may post their photos is probably Instagram.

However, if you’re concerned about seeing all liked Instagram posts on your account, here are the options for viewing all liked Instagram posts.

Perhaps, you can as well unlike multiple Instagram posts at once on both iPhone & Android.

How to View Liked Posts on Instagram

The procedures listed below will enable you to access your most recently liked posts on Instagram using the iOS app:

1. Open the Instagram app, then select your profile from the menu at the bottom right of the screen.

2. Select the three-lined hamburger menu button in the top left corner of the Profile tab.

3. Select Your activity.

4. Select Interactions by clicking it.

5. Select Likes.

You have the option of ordering the favorite posts either ascendingly or descendingly (by date).

How to See Posts You’ve Liked on Android

An update to the mobile applications changed how previously liked posts are shown on the Instagram app.

The Instagram Android app’s most recent method for viewing liked posts is:

1. To access the Instagram Profile page, open the Instagram app and click on your profile symbol in the bottom-right corner.

2. In the top-left corner, select the hamburger icon with three horizontal lines.

3. Click on your activity.

4. Toggle to Interactions.

5. Click Likes to finish.

A history of the posts, reels, and videos you’ve liked via the Android app may be seen here.


How to See Posts You’ve Liked on PC Desktop Browser

Through the web client or website, there is currently no official method to view every Instagram post that has been liked.

This results from Instagram’s restricted features on the web.

There are, however, unauthorized workarounds that allow you to access all of your Instagram likes on a computer using a web client.

Instagram is primarily a smartphone platform, hence it isn’t ideally suited for bigger screens on computers or other platforms.’s design is altered by the Layoutify addon for Chrome and Chromium-based browsers.

Certain previously inaccessible functionalities are now available on the website, thanks to this extension.

1. Click Add to Chrome on the Layoutify Chrome Extension page.

2. Select Add extension.

3. Chrome will automatically install the extension when it has been downloaded. A notification indicating the extension has been installed will appear.

4. Go to after installing the plugin. You’ll notice a totally different layout. In the top-right corner, click the three dots.

5. It will open a new tab. In this new tab, you may access every post you’ve liked.

6. You should be able to view your liked photos, videos, and reels on the Instagram website using this unauthorized technique.

How to Unlike Multiple Posts on Instagram

By accessing individual postings, you can often manually, unlike each post one at a time.

The ability to invalidate many Instagram postings simultaneously exists, though.

1. Open your Android or iOS app and go to the Liked Posts area.

2. In order to unlike a post, long-press on it.

3. Select the posts you want to unlike by tapping on them and then select Unlike.

4. Click on Unlike.

How Do I Unlike All My Liked Videos on Instagram?

Only the Android and iPhone versions of the Instagram app have access to this function.

1. To access your profile, tap Profile or your profile photo in the bottom right.

2. Click on More Options in the top right, then select Activity Controls.

3. Click Interactions, then click Likes.

4. The post you wish to unlike may be found by tapping Select in the top right corner.

Before choosing, press Sort & Filter in the upper right corner, choose your sorting criteria or the date period and then hit Apply to filter your likes.

5. To delete your likes, tap Unlike at the bottom.

6. Tap Sort & Filter to stop sorting. Select Reset, then select Apply.

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