How to Fold a Hoodie (The Perfect Steps)

Do you want to learn how to fold a hoodie? If you’ve ever tried to fold a hoodie, you most likely choose the standard fold. Regardless, this article outlines every method for carrying out that task.

how to fold a hoodie

How to Fold a Hoodie

Because of their design, hoodies may initially appear difficult to fold.

However, if you know the method, you can fold hoodies swiftly and effectively.

You can perform a basic fold or a sophisticated fold, depending on your tastes and time.

Your hoodies will be simple to arrange in your closet once you’ve folded them correctly.

Ways to Fold a Hoodie

Relax while reading our list of the best hoodie folds below.

1. Try the Basic Fold

Turn the hoodie inside out and backward. The hoodie should be laid on a table with the hoodie facing down and the back facing up.

The zipper and any front pockets on your hoodie should point downward. If a clear table is not available, any firm surface will work.

Cross each hoodie arm across the center of the garment one at a time.

The hood should protrude from the bottom of the rectangle-shaped hoodie.

The hoodie is folded in half horizontally. Take hold of the top half of the hoodie and equally fold it over the bottom.

Align the bottom of the hoodie with the shoulders, letting the hood dangle over the bottom.

Create a square by folding the hoodie vertically into fourths. Tuck the hood with the rest of the hoodie.


2. Doing a KonMari Fold

Place the hoodie on a desk. To fold hoodies, use a table, a bed, or a spotless area of the floor.

The hoodie should be placed face down on a bed or table. The hoodie should be folded vertically into thirds, with the ends touching in the middle of the fold.

One at a time, take hold of each sleeve and fold it in half across the middle. Place the sleeves so that each one covers the 2 ends that have been folded into the center.

Over the seam of the jacket, lower the hood. Grab the hood and smooth out any wrinkles by folding it over the hoodie’s seam line.

Fold the hoodie one last time after cutting it into thirds. Identify the top, bottom, and middle of the hoodie.

For a tight, even fold finish, roll the bottom third of the hoodie over the center and top.

The hoodie should now resemble a tiny, tightly fitted tube.

3. Organizing Folded Hoodies

Simply folded hoodies should be stacked on shelves or in a wardrobe.

Simple hoodies folded into squares make big, sturdy stacks that are simple to assemble. Fold your hoodies and stack them from bottom to top on shelves or in a closet for easy storage.

It might take up more room to blend basic and KonMari folded hoodies.

Folded hoodies in the KonMari order should be placed upright in a drawer.

KonMari folded hoodies cannot be stacked as regular folded hoodies can. Instead, place the end of the hoodie to end in your closet drawers to completely fill the area.

Hoodies that are stacked and KonMari folded are more prone to unravel there. You may also see them all at once while saving space by folding your hoodies vertically.

Set up a section of your wardrobe for storing hoodies.

How Do I Make a Hoodie Bigger?

Put your hoodie on an ironing board. Start ironing. Start stretching it right after ironing.

On the parts that you wish to be larger, iron and stretch.

Hoodie arrangement and folding shouldn’t be as challenging as it appears.

Just arrange them neatly after folding them as earlier mentioned.

This will make your closet appear well organized and make it simple to get your hoodies without messing up the arrangement of other stuff.

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