How to Fold Socks (Checkout these 5 Creative Methods)

Folding your socks the right way is a great way to keep your drawers organized. It also helps you find your socks easily when you need them to step out. In this article, we show you how to fold socks in creative ways.

How to Fold Socks

How to Fold Socks

There are several creative ways to fold socks. Whether you want to keep your sock drawer organized or just feel good, go in tandem with your personality. 

Below are some great ways to fold your socks. You can choose the sock-folding method that works best for you. 

Method 1: The Single-Fold

If you need to quickly stack your socks in your drawer, this method is quite simple and effective.

‣ One sock should be placed on top of the other as you lay both socks down flat.

‣ Take hold of the cuffs of both socks and fold them in half so that the toes are now on top of the cuffs.

Method 2: The Fold and Tuck

This approach is excellent for maintaining organization, much like the square approach.

Lay the socks out on a flat surface

‣ The heels of both socks should be facing up as you lay them.

‣ About halfway, fold over the cuff ends.

‣ After that, fold them over to meet the cuff ends

‣ Then tuck the toes into the upper cuff.

Method 3: The Square Technique

If you want to find colors easily, you should use this method to fold your socks.

‣ Place one sock heel first on a flat surface.

‣ To create a cross shape, lay the matching sock across the first sock, also with the heel up.

‣ Flip up the toe of the bottom socks, over the form, and tuck it in on the opposite side.

‣ Next, overlap the cuffs of the bottom socks.

‣ Next, fold the other sock in the same manner. 

Now, you should have a square with two protruding sock cuffs.

‣ Take the first cuff, turn it over, and tuck it into the pocket.

‣ Turn everything over, then tuck the last piece of the cuff into the opposite pocket.

Method 4: The Roll Technique 

The socks don’t stay together as well as in some other methods, but this one is quick. In addition, it prevents the cuffs of your socks from sagging.

‣ Lay both socks down flat and simply place one sock on top of the other as you do this

‣ Then, roll the socks from the toes up.

Easy right? Now your drawer is well sorted and arranged. How to Fold Socks.


How Can I Properly Match My Socks?

You can properly match your dress socks by following the guidelines below.

Tip 1: Solid socks should go with solid pants

You won’t be able to discover an identical match between solid socks and solid pants.

As a general rule, pick socks that are in the same color family as your pants, but opt for contrast by pairing darker socks with lighter pants and vice versa.

For instance, wear black or grey socks with light grey pants.

These tried-and-true guidelines for matching socks will help you if you don’t want to feel overwhelmed by your options:

Tip 2: Skip the white socks

You should avoid white socks. Most times, only the gym calls for white socks. 

Tip 3: Pair your socks with your pants

Always wear socks that go with your pants and not your shoes. You will appear to be wearing boots if you decide to match your socks to your shoes rather than your pants.

Tip 4: Match solid socks with patterned pants

If you’re wearing patterned pants, like pinstripes, houndstooth, or plaid, you must wear solid socks.

You’ll be okay if you only pick the pattern’s subtlest or most prominent hue, like grey, black, or navy. How to Fold Socks.

How to Fold Socks

Is Wearing Crazy Socks Unattractive?

No, it isn’t. We believe it’s a fantastic way to add some style, color, and personality.

Although we don’t recommend that you wear it on any formal occasion, such as a job interview, however, it’s acceptable in other situations.

How Do You Wear Converse With Socks?

Look for socks that fit the distinct personality of your shoes and feel great when selecting a pair of socks to wear with your converse.

To get you started, check out some of our favorite looks below.

1. Ankle Socks

While crew socks are shorter than no-show socks, ankle socks are the same length. They don’t have to be invisible because they finish at your ankles.

They should only be used for athletic activities like hiking, running, and playing sports.

But if you’re wearing jeans and casual attire, it can also look well with a pair of Converse.

2. Invisible Socks

Although the majority of people call these socks “no show socks,” or “low profile socks.”

Low-top shoes like sneakers, loafers, moccasins, and Converse are intended to be worn with them.

Converse shoes with no-show socks are a stylish combination, especially if you’re wearing shorts. How to Fold Socks.


3. Short Crew Socks

They might also refer to these as tiny or mini crew socks. These are shorter than regular crew socks but longer than ankle socks.

They stop above the ankle and below mid-calf, measuring about 6′′ tall. Even when you’re wearing shorts or pants, these can appear stylish with your Converse.

4. Crew Socks

These are arguably the most common socks found in most men’s wardrobes and the underwear aisle of most department stores.

Crew socks hit right at the mid-to-upper calf and extend past your ankles.

Although cotton-polyester mixes and other synthetic materials are becoming more and more popular, most crew-length socks of 100% cotton.

However, you can also get crew socks made of wool or even silk. How to Fold Socks.

What is the Best Way to Stretch out Socks?

Purchase a set of “sock blockers” in the proper size. Small, medium and large sizes are available. They are available from yarn retailers online.

Hand-wash the socks with a mild detergent or shampoo. Wrap the socks with a bath towel to absorb moisture.

While the socks are still moist, place the freshly washed socks on the sock blockers. To keep the sock at the length, clip one side of the cuff to the form.

Binder clips or clothespins would work. After that, let the socks air dry completely. How to Fold Socks.

When you’ve mastered the skill of picking a pair of socks for every situation, you need to safeguard your investment by correctly folding and storing them.

If these tips were helpful to you, how about sharing this article with friends and family? We’re sure they’ll appreciate the effort.

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