How to Get Water Out of Your Phone Speaker

– How to Get Water Out of Your Phone Speaker –

How to get water out of your phone speaker. Water damage may cause your device to stop working completely or partially (buttons no longer work or vibrate), depending on how long you used it before it became wet. Here are some tips for getting water out of your phone speaker if you dropped it in the pool, ocean, toilet, or even the sink.

How to Get Water Out of Your Phone Speaker

Steps to Get Water Out of Your Phone Speaker

Here are 5 steps to get water out of your phone. These steps should be applied immediately.

1. Turn Off the Phone

Turn off the device as soon as possible if it was turned on when you dropped it in the water. If that isn’t possible, take out the battery and SIM card (if there is one).

Dry them with a clean cloth or cotton, then allow the phone to dry for 10-15 minutes upside down on a clean cloth.

If you can turn your device off, leave it turned off until you are ready to repair it; do not attempt to use it if its circuits are wet.

2. Use a Vacuum Cleaner

The next step we should discuss is the use of a phone vacuum cleaner.

That may seem like an unusual idea, but specialized devices can remove all liquid from the phone through the speaker and other openings, including those that would be difficult to access otherwise.

You can also use a vacuum cleaner from your home or car if it has a small nozzle attachment.

3. Use a Hairdryer 

You can also use a hairdryer, but you must hold it very close to the affected area for several minutes.

The challenge here is not so much how long you need to leave it on as it is how frequently you need to repeat this process.

Because it can take up to ten or fifteen minutes for all the water to evaporate, depending on how much it takes in the phone.


4. Disassemble Your Phone

If you do not have access to any of these devices, you may need to disassemble your device.

Most people cannot do this on their own, but you should not take it to an unauthorized service because they may cause more harm than good.

If this is the case, look for a reputable repair shop near you and bring your phone once you are ready to have it repaired.

You should also be aware that not all phone brands permit disassembly, so if you own one of them, it might be a better idea to entrust the phone to a professional, especially since they have the tools and experience to do so safely.

After disassembling the phone and checking for any signs of water inside, drop a few rice grains inside the phone speaker and wait for a couple of hours, checking every now and then to see if the rice absorbs all of the moisture.

If it does not, repeat the process until there is no trace of water remaining (usually 2-3 times with 30 minutes waiting time between each one should do).

Never leave wet circuits on your device overnight or for several days!

After you’ve finished these steps, gently but thoroughly clean your phone with dry cloths. Then, please reassemble it with your cellphone, following our instructions for reassembling a phone.

5. Take Your Phone to the Repair Store

You should be able to save your device using this method. However, if the water damage indicator (located near the battery in some phones) is tripped, it may be too late.

We recommend that you take your device to a repair shop where they will be able to determine its condition and next steps. (I would suggest taking it to an Apple Store.)

If there was no sign of water inside your device after trying these tips, try the rice trick for 48 hours before turning it back on to double-check for any remaining water.

Never force your phone open unless absolutely necessary because a sealant may have locked some parts and tampering with it could cause irreparable damage or make disassembling and reassembling your device much more difficult.

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