How to Light a Joint (5 Simple Guidelines to Follow)

How to light a joint. Some cannabis users consume it through edibles such as gummies and other treats, while others prefer another method, such as the use of a tincture. This article is for smokers who want to know how to properly light a joint.

how to light a joint

What is a Joint?

Unlike consuming weed using a smoking device like a bong, lighting a joint evenly for a proper burn can be quite a hassle. This informative piece details the correct steps to follow and provides helpful tips for beginners.

In addition, you will also understand the basics of joint smoking and the proper etiquette to follow while smoking one. 

A joint is a small, portable marijuana cigarette that is either machine-rolled or manually rolled by the user. Doob, doobie, and spliff are other common names.

Some marijuana smokers refer to it as a blunt, but this is a specific type rolled with tobacco wrap.

How to Roll a Joint

You can legally purchase marijuana online. Joints are arguably the most popular method of cannabis consumption. If you don’t have pre-rolled joints, here’s what you need to know to roll one.

Step 1: Assemble All the Things You Require 

You must have some items ready before rolling the joint. A gramme of weed, rolling papers made of hemp, rice straw, flax, or esparto, a rolling tray, and a grinder for consistent size and texture, which results in smooth smoke, are among the items included.

You should also have a roach filter crutch and a pen-shaped item. You can then proceed to the following steps to roll a perfect joint.

Step 2: Grind the Weed

You should grind the flower to get a fine texture so it can burn smoothly. If you don’t have a grinder, a coffee grinder or cheese grater will suffice.

Other useful items include a mortar and pestle and a prescription bottle filled with coins. You can also pick the flowers with your hand, but this will not result in fine particles.

While removing the stems, take care not to damage the cannabis trichomes.


Step 3: Make a Crutch

To avoid burning your fingers, you will need a crutch. You could make one if you didn’t buy a pre-made one. This crutch will serve as the mouthpiece and make the joint easier to hold.

In addition, the crutches also boost the flow of air, enabling combustion inside the joint. Making a crutch requires thick paper folded into an accordion shape. You can use a business card for this purpose.

Step 4: Fill in the Joint

After the first two steps, you should lay your rolling paper on a flat surface and place the crutch on the end you intend to use as a mouthpiece.

Note that the adhesive side should be away from you to enable easy rolling in the next step. But before that, put your weed onto the rolling paper in a column and then spread it evenly to avoid overstuffing. How to light a joint.

Step 5: Roll and Seal It

To distribute the content when rolling, pinch the rolling paper into a taco shape while sifting it back and forth. Seal the joint after rolling it into a cylindrical shape.

To seal it, tuck the non-adhesive side over the weed and then roll it over the adhesive side. If it does not stick, lick the sticky part to moisten it and try again.

You must make certain that the content does not fall off. After you’ve rolled and sealed it, use the pen to pack the weed into the mouthpiece of your joint. At this point, you can add more cannabis to replace any that fell off while rolling the joint.

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