How to Load Pez (Everything You Need to Know)

Are you still confused about how to load Pez? Do you still have a roll of Pez in your possession, but you can’t remember how to put them in your Pez machine? This article will help refresh your memory on how to complete this task.

how to load pez

How to Load Pez

Following the global popularity of a TikTok “trick,” Pez explains how to properly fill their candy dispensers.

▸Pez dispenser should be placed face-up on the table. The dispenser tray slides out by pulling the head with your thumb and fingers.

▸Put a Pez candy upright into the dispenser tray. Up till the tray is full, keep adding candies vertically.

▸Place the dispenser tray back in place, then raise the Pez dispenser.

▸Push the head backward with your thumb to release a piece of candy. Let the head retract while removing the candy from the dispenser.


Steps by Step Process

Try out the few steps to be properly guided.

1. Get a pack of Pez. Some more conventional, non-superstores sell refill packs for your device if you don’t have one nearby.

2. The dispenser should be placed on the table with its face upright.

3. With your thumb and fingers (one on each side), grab the sides of the face and pull it straight upward.

The dispenser tray ought to slip out after doing this. Push the tray until it stops moving and clicks into place, then stops.

4. Take a piece of Pez out of the packaging, then push the chewy treat down the shaft.

Always stick the candy vertically into the dispenser; never horizontally; doing so will cause the candy to break under heavy pressure from the candy dispenser.

5. Till the entire roll has been consumed, repeat this filling procedure several times. Don’t let the tray stand up just yet.

6. Grab the head once again with your thumb and fingers as you did previously, and push the tray back in.

If you continue pushing after the gadget stops, all the remaining candies will be crushed. If used vigorously enough, the tool will also shatter.

7. Once the tray has been placed back in, stand the Pez dispenser back up.

8. Make use of the Pez dispenser, with your thumb, tilt the dispenser’s head backward so that it appears as though its neck is being forced backward.

A little bracket will push one Pez candy out so you may grip the edge of the candy.

Let the head retract after removing the candy. Repeat to make more candies. How to Load Pez

Post Shared by Pez

Several people on TikTok claimed they had to spend minutes as children filling each candy manually.

One person commented on the video, which has had over 26 million views, saying, “There’s no way this can be  true.”

PEZ shows in the video that, with caution, it is possible to put a whole pack of candies into a dispenser at once.

But what you can’t do, according to the company, is load them with the wrapper still on.

Pez reacted with a viral video of its own, showing how to properly fill a dispenser, to ensure that all candy enthusiasts were on the same page.

“Myth Busters: you can’t load a wrapped #PEZ candy roll from the bottom.

Check out the proper way. Bonus if you get all 12 tablets on the first try,” the how-to video was captioned on Instagram.

The twelve pieces must be stacked within the dispenser once the candy sleeve has been partially unwrapped, according to the Pez method.

Avoid making the common novice error of letting the pieces fall over on their sides after placing them in the dispenser.

By doing this, the device can be loaded improperly, breaking the component and causing a machine jam.

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