How to Make a Private Story on Snapchat (Android and iPhone)

Have you been wondering how to make a private story on Snapchat? Making a Snapchat Story is one of the quickest ways to share the key moments from your day and keep your friends engaged. Aside from that, it’s one of the easiest methods for others to catch up with you.

How to Make a Private Story on Snapchat

How to Make a Private Story on Snapchat

Creating private stories on Snapchat is simple, though it differs differently from the standard Snap-sending procedure. 

Private stories provide you with greater control over who sees your content.

However, if you’re gregarious, you could ultimately add Snapchat buddies you don’t know.

It would thus be quite useful to have the choice to be pickier about who sees your personal experiences when you wish to share them. 

Sometimes you wish to share with a small group of individuals. You may select a select few individuals to view your Private Stories on Snapchat.

How Do I Create a Private Story on Snapchat?

You may make private stories on Snapchat. Only the individuals you wish to view a particular story will know its existence in this way.

Here are the steps for creating a private Snapchat story on an iPhone or an Android phone, as well as what happens after you publish it.

1. Open the Snapchat app, and if required, log in.

2. In the upper-left corner of the screen, tap the profile icon (or bitmoji, or narrative thumbnail).

3. In the “Stories” area, click the “+ Private Story” or “+ Custom Story” button. If Snapchat asks you to confirm your want to create a private story, simply hit “Private Story” once again.

4. To give each recipient access to your private narrative, tap on their name.

5. Take your picture or video, edit it, and then tag it or apply stickers as you choose.

6. Press the transmit button (the symbol of a paper aircraft). Your public and private stories will be visible to anybody you designate throughout the posting process.

While iPhone users will see them jumbled together, Android users will see them separated. 

Of course, those who aren’t on the end list won’t be aware that you’ve made private stories either way.


Is There a Way to Hide Your Snapchat Story from Someone?

Snapchat gives you the ability to restrict and manage the audience for your story.

By setting your story’s visibility to include your new friends, you may stop it from becoming public.

To do the same thing, follow these instructions.

1. On your phone, launch the Snapchat app and then hit the profile symbol in the upper-left corner of the screen.

2. In front of your uploaded story, tap the three dots symbol.

3. choose Story Settings to change visibility.

4. To limit access to your Snapchat story to just the people you’ve added, change the story visibility settings to Friends-Only.

How to Hide Snapchat Story from a Specific User

Follow these instructions to hide your Snapchat story from a specific buddy or account that you have added.

1. To check your profile settings in Snapchat, open the app on your phone and tap on your profile symbol.

2. When viewing your posted Snapchat story in the Stories area, tap the three dots symbol next to it and select Story Settings.

3. Toggle the Friends from whom you want to hide/block your Snapchat Story on by selecting the Custom option here.

4. All done. Now that you’ve chosen certain friends on your profile, your Snapchat story will remain private.

How to Delete a Private Story

You have the option of deleting a Private Story. Here’s what you do; the directions are straightforward:

1. Tap on the profile symbol in the upper left corner of Snapchat.

2. To remove a Story, click or tap on the three dots symbol to its right.

3. Tap Delete Story. Verify that you really want to delete Private Story.

If you want to keep the information you’re posting with the story private, don’t choose “Everyone.” 

It will keep the post secret from anybody not on your contact list if “Friends Only” is chosen. This covers folks inside your geo and friends of friends.

You may select which friends you wish to prevent from seeing new pictures you add to your story using the “Custom” option.

It is entirely up to you whether you choose a group, a single friend, or a couple of buddies.

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