How to Make a Sigil (Everything You Need to Know)

Would you want to discover how to create sigils? By using the sigil, we may instruct our subconscious mind to focus on a certain issue. Sigils are an effective tool for achieving goals.

how to make a sigil

How to Make a Sigil

The concept behind sigils is that although our conscious mind might get overburdened by our internal conversation, our subconscious mind can recognize an abstract sign.

By using the sigil, we may instruct our subconscious mind to focus on a certain issue.

By generating a sigil based on your objectives, sigils are a potent technique to achieve your goals or bring about substantial change in your life.

You’ll also have artistic flexibility because the sigil’s function and, thus, the design, are wholly arbitrary.

Continue reading, and we’ll provide you with all the information you require in order to create and use your own sigils to infuse a little magic.

Steps on How to Make a Sigil

Your sigil is fully personal and may be as straightforward. You might use it to help lose weight, build confidence, or get through financial obstacles.

1. Making a Sigil

▸Specify your intention or goal. Since sigils are intended to be visual representations of your goals, deciding why you want to create one is the first step in creating one.

Decide on the energy you want to create, the aim you want to achieve, or the event you want to materialize in your life by visualizing it.

▸Write a sentence out, then take off any vowels and repeated characters.

Once you are aware of your aim, take some paper and write it down in one phrase.

Positive language and the present tense should be used. Cross off all the vowels in that sentence after that, then all the characters that recur keeping the first repeating letter.

You will have one occurrence of each letter from the original sentence when you are finished.

To express a desire in the present tense, use “I am” rather than “I will” and say what you already want.

▸Spell a single word without repeated letters to make your point clear.

We can also write a single word of purpose as a symbol (rather than a whole sentence).

▸Create a symbol with the remaining letters in combination.

You may make the sigil itself once you’ve chosen your letters.

Create the sigil by arranging the letters from your original phrase or word in an artistic and abstract manner to produce a magical sign.

There is no correct method for doing this, so create a few alternative designs before selecting the one you like best.

▸To create a dynamic sigil, use stylized components.

More than only upside-down and sideways-written letters can be used in your symbol.

Use both capital and lowercase characters, and adorn them with swirls and polka dots.


2. How to Activate Your Paper Sigil

▸Create your sigil on a fresh sheet of paper.

Choose the sigil design you like the most, then copy it onto another piece of paper instead of the scrap you’ve been using to formally activate it.

It’s a good idea to preserve a duplicate of the sigil rather than permanently destroying the original since you’ll be destroying it as part of the activation phase.

▸Your mind should be relaxed therefore find a peaceful area.

Make sure the area you visit is quiet and remote enough to allow you to concentrate. Go to your altar or sacred spot if you have one.

Neither is required, though; any location near your house where you can work quietly is OK.

After that, momentarily meditate while keeping your eyes closed, concentrating on the sensation of your breaths coming in and out.

The sigil ritual may be successfully performed without meditation, however, it’s preferable if you at least close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to calm your body.

▸Focus on the symbol while you hold it. Hold the symbol in both hands for a moment, then spend some time considering its importance while gazing at it.

▸In a fire-resistant dish, burn the symbol. Holding the paper and candle over the fire-resistant bowl, light a candle, and then use it to ignite the symbol.

Drop the symbol into the basin after a little while, then watch it burn. Your symbol gets charged and activated by the flames, enabling it to work in the future.

▸Empty the symbol from your consciousness as it burns away.

Don’t obsess over it or worry about whether it will succeed; doing so will make it more difficult for you to go on with your life.

Enjoy the fact that you have brought the energy you desired into your life, and then leave the rest up to the universe.

3. Charging Sigils

▸Make a permanent sigil and keep it in a special place. Permanent sigils are intended to be in effect for extended periods of time.

Find a home for your symbol rather than destroying it if you want it to radiate power continuously.

Choose a location in your house where the sigil is constantly visible.

You may have it engraved on a piece of artwork or set it in a picture frame with the artwork.

▸A candle should be lit after being inscribed with a temporary symbol.

The idea behind temporary sigils is that they will gradually fade away and take hold.

Because of its slow rate of burndown, a candle is an ideal object to used to activate a temporary sigil for a few days.

▸Make a temporary sigil using a washable marker and draw it on your body.

To activate the sigil, wear it on your body. Let it naturally wear off over time by washing.

This is a fantastic way to keep the temporary sigil charged for a few days because temporary sigils are only meant to supply energy and power for a short period.

▸Imagine destroying a destroyable sigil by drawing a path across the air.

The goal of destructible sigils is to provide the creator with an instantaneous boost of inspiration and energy.

Use your finger to draw the sigil while picturing it in the air. Then, to symbolize its death, shove the sigil into a hypothetical black hole.

▸Carve a sigil that can be destroyed into your food before consuming it. Etching a destructible symbol into food is another (tastier) way to activate it.

A sigil is a symbol made with the goal of invoking a certain thought or feeling.

We may use it for manifestation, protection, power, and many other things as a quick and imaginative method to convey magic.

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