How to Mute Someone on Snapchat

Would you love to know how to mute someone on Snapchat? One of the most widely used messaging services right now is Snapchat. This article will explain how to mute someone on Snapchat.

How to mute someone on snapchat

How to Mute Someone on Snapchat

Snapchat is a social networking site that is constantly expanding. Around the world, it is well-liked by people of all ages.

Snapchat allows you to send photos or videos as snaps to your pals. But as the topic implies, what if you want to mute someone on Snapchat?

With a few steps, you may momentarily mute a Snapchat story.

Perhaps, you want to take a break from a friend’s stories that have too many repetitive videos or maybe for some personal reasons.

Or a group’s stories about a recurring topic you don’t want to hear about. To achieve that follow the steps below.

1. Select the person you wish to mute, either a group or a particular story. You may search for them using the search bar or look for them under the chats section.

2. To access the profile page, tap the name of the friend, group, or story you wish to mute.

3. In the upper-right corner, tap the three vertical dots.

4. From the list of options, choose the Mute Story toggle so that it turns blue.

5. At the bottom of the screen, tap Done. You won’t see their stories anymore at the top of your feed or when you’re viewing stories since the Mute Story button will be activated.

It is pertinent to understand that only stories for your friends, groups, and popular subscriptions can be muted.

You cannot mute a celebrity’s or brand’s public stories if you have added them to your friend’s list since you are probably not their friends.

The Difference Between Muting and Do Not Disturb

Although these features may sound the same, they differ in a few key ways. Only one person’s story is removed from your feed when you mute them.

Contrarily, Do Not Disturb entirely halts all updates from the individual, and you are not notified when they send you a snap or submit a story.

Of course, you may still communicate and view each other’s stories in both scenarios.

Even when you mute someone, all that happens is that their stories won’t appear in your feed; they may still view your stories normally.

No matter if you have them muted or on Do Not Disturb, the other person is not informed.

Neither option has a time restriction, so you must manually enable and disable it for every individual or group.

How Snapchat Mute Works

When you mute someone’s stories, when they upload new stories, their profile won’t show up at the top of your stories stream.

When you are viewing the most recent stories from your friends, stories from a muted friend won’t also show up as “up next” stories.

The advantages are that you may continue giving and receiving snap messages without ever having to deactivate a buddy in order to stop reading their stories.

You still watch the stories of the friends you mute by scrolling to the bottom of your stories stream, and it does not inform them of your decision.


How to Unmute on Snapchat

It’s just as simple to unmute a friend or group so you can view their stories once more.

To unmute a story for any friend or group that you have muted, follow the directions above. 

From the list of options, choose the ”unmute Story” toggle it off.

Can I Choose Who I Get a Snapchat Notification from?

Find out how to customize the notifications you receive for Snapchat content on your iPhone, iPad, or Android smartphone. Follow the steps below.

1. Open Snapchat.

2. Simply swipe downward anywhere on the screen. The user screen is displayed after doing so.

3. Tap settings. It navigates you to the Settings menu and is in the top-right corner of the screen.

4. Tap Notifications. It’s in the center of the “My Account” section of the menu.

5. Click Receive Notifications From. On the screen, it is the first option.

6. Choose a group. There are two categories of Snap chatters here that you may pick from:

If you wish to get notifications when anyone on Snapchat sends you a Snap or a message, select Everyone.

If you only want to get notifications when your Snapchat friends send content, choose My Friends.

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