How to Post Live Photos on Instagram

Live Photos enables you to record it with sound and movement in addition to taking fantastic pictures. Here, we show you how to post live photos on Instagram.

How to Post Live Photos on Instagram

Like a regular photo, you can take and post a live photo in the same manner. Follow the steps below to post live photos on Instagram.

Open the “camera app” on your iPhone.

Next, you want to make sure the live photo feature is activated.

‣ Tap the “bullseye icon” at the top of the screen to activate the “Live Photos” feature can be activated. 

‣  When you do this, at the top, a yellow “LIVE box” appears.

‣ Frame the shot while maintaining stability on the device. In other words, hold it still.

‣ Then press the shutter button (the “white circle button”) at the bottom once 

Do this while maintaining focus on the target for at least 1.5 seconds.  Note that audio is also recorded and can be edited afterward.

‣ The 1.5-second Live Photo will then be taken by the camera. 

‣ Keep the smartphone as motionless as you can while taking Live Photos to ensure the best quality

Another approach to guarantee that your Live Photos are excellent is to frame the shot beforehand.

You should be mindful of background noise and what is going on around you unless you opt to mute it afterward because it records audio and images.


How Do I Add Photos from My Gallery to My Instagram Story?

Follow these steps to add photos to your Instagram Story from your gallery.

‣ At the top, select Create New or swipe right anywhere in the Feed.

‣ Scroll to Story which is at the bottom.

‣ Swipe up anywhere on the screen to select a photo or video from your phone’s gallery or camera roll.

To assist you in deciding what to post, you may browse gallery suggestions.

‣ Draw on your photo or video by tapping the draw icon, or add text or a sticker. Drag and drop text or a sticker to the bottom of the screen to remove it.

‣ Tap Your Story in the top left corner when you’re ready to share.

There, you have it, your photos will be uploaded to your Instagram Story.

However, note that unless you post stories to your profile as story highlights, they vanish from your profile, feed, and Direct inbox after 24 hours.

How to Let Instagram Access My iPhone Camera in Settings?

Follow these steps to let Instagram access your camera app on your iPhone in settings.

‣ Go to the Settings app on your phone’s home screen.

‣ On the Settings tab, you’ll find a list of all the installed apps on your phone.

‣ Scroll through the list of apps to find the Instagram app. To move to the following page, tap the “>” button.

‣ You are now at the Instagram app’s permissions tab, where you can see all of the apps that Instagram can access.

‣ Make sure the toggle for the camera option is turned on when you find the Camera app on the list. If you notice the toggle becoming green, then it is on.

‣ Make sure the toggle for the microphone is also set to on when you’re on the permissions page.

‣ After that, exit the Settings app, and open Instagram once more.

‣  Tap the Your Story button on your Instagram feed

‣ Then tap the camera icon to check if you can now create a story directly from the app.

How Do You Share a Photo on the Instagram Website?

How Do You Share a Photo on the Instagram Website?

To share a photo on the Instagram website, follow these steps.

‣ Visit the Instagram website using a browser to access and login if necessary.

‣ To begin a post, click the + (plus) icon at the top of the page.

‣ Click Select from the computer, drag image or video files into the pop-up window, or both.

‣ The chosen photo will show up in the window.

‣ Click the circle with overlapping squares in the bottom right corner, then tap the + sign that appears to add more images. 

‣ When finished, click Next.

‣ To tag accounts, simply click the image. 

‣ You can also add captions, locations, alt text, or turn off comments by using the form to the right of the image.

‣ To upload the photo to your Instagram feed, click Share.

How to Post Live Photos on Instagram


How Do I Upload a GIF File on Instagram?

Instagram isn’t the best option right now for adding GIFs to your feed, and the Instagram app doesn’t allow you to make your own GIFs.

However, you can upload a GIF to Instagram using third-party apps.

There are many third-party apps that are great options, but we recommend GIPHY in particular.

The largest collection of animated GIFs on the internet can be found on GIPHY, it is a search engine and GIF library. How to Post Live Photos on Instagram

You may choose from a variety of GIFs on GIPHY and post them to any of your social media accounts. Follow the steps below to do this. 

Download the GIPHY app to your phone.

‣ Launch the app after downloading it to get started.

‣ First, search for the GIF you want to upload to Instagram.

‣ After that, tap the paper airplane icon that is next to the GIF.

‣ When the icon is tapped, a menu of social sharing buttons appears.

‣ Select the Instagram button.

‣ When you tap the Instagram button, Instagram will launch immediately.

Then you have two options: Either you add the GIF to a post on your Instagram Feed or you Post the GIF to your Instagram Story.

If you choose to add it to your feed, a .mp4 in the form of a 15-second looping GIF will be inserted into a post.

However, if you choose to add it to your Instagram Story, an mp4 file with a 15-second looping GIF will be placed into the Story creation tools.

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