How to Remove a Broken Bolt

A bolt is used to secure two or more pieces of wood together. Unfortunately, it is possible for it to break during construction. In this article, we show you how to remove a broken bolt.

How to Remove a Broken Bolt

How to Remove a Broken Bolt

Like every other work tool and equipment, bolts can be broken in the process of construction or any either type of work.

If your bolt is broken, you can remove it in the following ways:

Step 1: Hammer the center punch into the broken bolt’s core

Position the center punch as close to the fractured bolt’s center as feasible. To provide a starting point for drilling a pilot hole, hit it squarely with the hammer.

When extracting the fractured bolt, a precise pilot hole is essential to avoid injuring the threads.

Step 2; Drill a pilot hole slowly with a left-handed drill bit

To cut a pilot hole in this broken bolt, use the chart on your extraction kit to find the right-sized left-handed drill bit (also known as a “reverse drill bit”).

When you use your drill in reverse to remove a fastener, this gives you a better bite.

Insert the left-handed drill bit with your drill in reverse and at the slowest speed possible.

Place the drill bit on the punch mark you established and carefully reverse-drill a small pilot hole in the bolt, about 14 inches deep while holding the drill securely.

Turn the bolt left (counter-clockwise) to remove it. Proceed to Step 3 for extraction if the bolt hasn’t loosened at all.

Step 3: Change to a bit for extraction

An extraction bit is required for a tightly embedded bolt. In your drill, replace the first bit with the extraction bit, and insert it in the pilot hole.

Then gently tap your drill and the bit into place with a hammer.


Step 4: Remove a fractured bolt by slowly reverse-drilling

Begin drilling into the pilot hole using a slow reverse-drilling setting, such as 20 RPM.

While reverse drilling, the fractured bolt should “grab” onto the extraction bit and begin extracting.

Continue gently and steadily until the entire bolt has been taken, ideally saving the threads so that you can replace it with a new bolt.

How Do You Remove a Bolt With a Stripped Head?

You can follow these bolt removal steps: 

‣ You’ll need to put your broken bolt or screw in a vice if it’s in a tiny object that won’t stay still while you work on it.

‣ In many circumstances, you can grab the edge of your broken bolt or screw with your mole wrench.

‣ If you can grab the edge with a wrench and twist it counterclockwise, you can remove it without doing any other steps.

‣ Tap the bolt or screw carefully with a center punch. This will provide a guide mark on the bolt that you may use with the extractor and may help loosen it.

Alternatively, you can use a screw extractor for the job, by doing the following:

‣ Select the appropriate extractor for the job. Choose one with a slightly smaller diameter than the bolt or screw you’re removing.

‣ Put the extractor in the chuck of your drill like any other drill bit once you’ve chosen it.

‣ Set your drill to rotate clockwise or counterclockwise.

‣ Slowly start the drill by placing the extractor against the hole you made with the center punch. It should start drilling into the screw or bolt.

‣ Drill slowly and keep the extractor aligned with the screw to ensure that the complete assembly fits within the broken bolt or screw.

‣ Once you’ve fully inserted the extractor, it should begin to back out the broken bolt or screw, allowing you to easily remove it.

How to Remove a Broken Bolt

What are Ways of Removing a Broken Threading Bolt?

You can remove a broken threading bolt by using the following methods:

‣ Hammer the center punch into the shattered bolt’s core.

‣ Drill a pilot hole slowly with a left-handed drill bit.

‣ Change to a bit for extraction.

‣ Remove the fractured bolt by slowly reverse-drilling.

‣ Using a magnet, remove any metal shavings left behind by the broken bolt.


How Do You Remove a Broken Bolt without an Extractor?

If you don’t have a bolt extractor tool and don’t intend to purchase one, you can still remove your damaged bolt from its holding, but it will take longer than if you use one.

Carefully pound the bolt about with a spring-loaded center punch. Take it slowly, find a little edge on the actual bolt and bang it around carefully.

Because it doesn’t strike your bolt or threads directly, even if you scrape the screw’s head surface a bit, it won’t cause any substantial damage.

Once you’ve fully inserted the extractor, it should begin to back out the broken bolt or screw, allowing you to easily remove it.

How Do I Remove a Bolt that Had its Head Broken Off?

It can be tough to figure out how to remove a seized bolt with no head.

If the seized bolt has no head, which could have gone off while you were trying to tighten the screw, it’s not a good situation.

To solve this problem, lubricate the bolt to make it easier to remove it, then hammer the center punch into the broken bolt’s center.

Finally, use your left-handed drill to drill a hole in the center of the bolt. After that, remove the fractured bolt with a low-speed drill.

If the bolt continues to be resistant, you can use a bolt extraction tool.

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