How to Remove a Remembered Account on Instagram

– How to Remove a Remembered Account on Instagram –

Learn how to remove a remembered account on Instagram. You can learn how to properly delete Instagram accounts that have been saved to your iPhone, iPad, or Android device in this post. 

How to Remove a Remembered Account on Instagram

Do you still have any outdated, inactive accounts shown on your Instagram sign-in page?

However, Instagram makes it rather simple to remove accounts you no longer require.

Instagram remembers the accounts you log into on your phone or tablet.

However, sometimes a user might like to delete any saved Instagram profiles from their phone.

We’ll teach you how to easily delete Instagram remembered accounts from your phone in this post so you can keep control of your account.

How to Remove a Remembered Account on Instagram

Instagram has a “Remove” button directly on the home page for Android users.

However, this step for iPhone users and iPhone varies slightly. The Instagram Settings menu needs some adjustments.

To delete Instagram remembered accounts, follow these procedures.

1. On your iPhone, launch Instagram and sign in to your account.

2. Tap the hamburger menu in the top right corner of the Account tab.

3. Go to Settings Security Saved login details.

4. Turn off Saved login information by selecting it from the menu below.

5. Instagram will request confirmation of your choice. From the pop-up option that follows, choose Remove.

6. To return to the Instagram Settings menu, click the back arrow in the top right corner of the screen.

7. Select Log out from the current account by scrolling down.

8. Instagram will ask you if you want to remember or forget the details of your current account.

9. Choose Not Now from the pop-up option that follows.

10. Tap Log Out once you confirm your choice.

All done. You have successfully and completely checked out your Instagram account.

The next time you log in, Instagram will request your account password. Secure and protected.


Deleting Stored Login Credentials for Several Instagram Accounts

Nowadays, a lot of users choose to have separate professional and personal Instagram profiles.

Instagram provides the option to delete the account from the home page in such circumstances.

To find out more, stick to the instructions below.

1. Log out of both accounts using the Instagram Settings menu.

2. Both accounts are available with just one touch from Instagram’s main page.

3. At the bottom, click the little Edit button.

4. To delete an account, simply tap the x next to it.

5. Following the pop-up menu, Instagram will validate your selection. The software will forget the account login information if you choose Remove.

Remove remembered Instagram accounts on other devices by following the directions above.

Remove the Login from Keychain

Step 1

1. Open the iPhone settings app icon.png file in the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

2. It may be found in your App Library or on your Home screen as the gray gear symbol.

3. Removing the account from Keychain will address the issue if you have previously deleted it from Instagram, but still see the username and password as a recommendation.

When you remove the Instagram account from Keychain, Safari on your Mac will no longer provide the password as a suggestion.

Step 2

1. Tap Passwords after scrolling down. This may be found in the fifth group of options at the section’s top.

2. To proceed, verify your thumbprint or use Face ID.

Step 3

Enter “Instagram” in the search bar. All Instagram accounts connected to your Apple ID are now visible to you.

Step 4

Select the account by clicking it. The username and other information about this account are displayed here.

Step 5

Click Delete Password. There will be a confirmation message.

To delete, tap the button. The Instagram app and Safari on your Mac will no longer offer the password as a login option as it has been deleted from Keychain.

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