How to Remove Accent Wall ACNH

The accent wall was one of the new elements in the ACNH 2.0 update. It allows players to decorate only one side of a room with wallpaper. In this article, we show how to remove an accent wall in ACNH. 

How To Remove Accent Wall ACNH

What is an Accent Wall?

The ACNH 2.0 Update added a slew of new features, one of which is the Pro Decorating License, which allows you to employ Accent Walls and hang light fixtures from your ceiling.

An Accent Wall is a single wall with a different wallpaper than the rest of the room, allowing you to have two alternative styles in one space.

In a room, you can only have one Accent Wall at a time. You’ll need 2,500 Nook Miles to get the Pro Decorating License.

To purchase it, go to your Resident Services Building and then to the Nook Stop. It immediately unlocks.

How to Remove Accent Wall ACNH

The Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 update gave the game a slew of new customization possibilities.

Players have almost complete control over everything on their island with the Happy Home Paradise DLC.

Animal Crossing players must first place an accent wall before removing it. To do so, they must first receive a Professional Decorating License.

The DLC Happy Home Paradise allows players to do so. Because the players will work with Lottie, she will pay for it.

They can also buy it from Nook’s Cranny for 2,500 bells. If players purchase the Happy Home Paradise DLC later, those bells will be refunded.

Alternatively, you can follow these steps:

1. You must be inside your home to complete this task. So, go ahead and enter.

2. Once inside, go to your inventory and select the “wallpaper” section.

3. With a green checkmark in the right corner, the wallpaper you selected will be visible.

4. Hover your mouse over it and press the “A” button to remove the accent wall. Next, select your preferred wallpaper.


How to Put Up and Take Down Accent Walls

Obviously, wallpaper is required to create an Accent Wall.

1. Make sure the wallpaper is in your pockets or in Storage.

2. Then enter Decorating Mode by pressing Down on the D-Pad in the room where you want to add an Accent Wall, then the Plus (+) button to move to the wall view.

3. To utilize your pocket wallpaper, press the x button, click on your wallpaper, and then select “Set Accent Wall.”

4. Hit Right on the D-Pad to travel to it, then press X to set it if it’s in your Storage.

If you want to take down or remove an accent wall then follow this process too:

5. To remove accent walls, return to Decorating Mode

6.  Then go to your Storage, and find your wallpaper. It should have a blue and white checkmark on it.

7.  Tap X once again to delete it. This is also how you may delete wallpaper from your inventory.

How to Unlock and Make Accent Walls 

How To Remove Accent Wall ACNH

It’s worth noting that, while accent walls can only be removed in decorating mode, they can be placed anywhere else.

To do so, players need simply need to:

1. Approach the wall they want to accent

2. Choose an interesting wallpaper from their pockets

3. Then click the “Set Accent Wall” option.

This step will apply the wallpaper immediately, allowing players to explore the other new décor options included in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons 2.0 update.

Furthermore, the ability to hang items from ceilings is one of the new features available, and it can be obtained by acquiring the Pro Decorating License in ACNH.

Players who want to hang fixtures in their homes need to go back to decorating mode and press + to obtain an aerial view.

Indeed, this approach makes installing and relocating hanging objects simple, allowing gamers to get their desired layouts down pat.


How to Unlock Accent Walls in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Entering the decorating mode in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is the first step toward removing an accent wall.

This mode is activated by pressing down on the d-pad when standing in a room that has to be decorated, and it allows players to arrange their objects in unique ways.

After entering the decorating mode, push right on the d-pad to unlock their storage, then go to the wallpaper tab.

Players who have created an accent wall will notice that the two wallpapers they have installed are highlighted in this tab.

Also, they should select the one that is assigned to the accent wall.

After that, just press X to remove the accent wallpaper and make all the walls the same pattern.

Players will then be able to modify the room’s wallpaper as they see fit, or even create a new accent wall in ACNH if they so like.

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