How to Remove Flat Back Earrings (Follow These Simple Steps)

Are you looking for ways on how to remove flat back earrings? You’re in the right spot! We’ll discuss several quick and easy techniques in this post to help you quickly and safely take off your flat-back earrings.

Have new piercings that are now completely healed? Congrats, Stud! You’re ready to swap out your piercing jewelry to decorate your Earscapes with some new studs, hoops, Huggies, or maybe even a dangle.

But first: how do you take your piercing jewelry out? We’re here to help break it down for you.

How to Remove Your Piercing Jewelry at Home

Here are easy and detailed guides to help you remove your various piercing jewelry at home:

1. Push-Pin Studs

To remove your push-pin stud, firmly grasp both ends of the earring. Then, while holding the flatback post in place, twist and pull out the ‘top’ (the decorative piece). How to remove flat back earrings.

When you pull out the ‘top’ (a decorative piece of the stud), you’ll notice that the post has a little bend to it—this is supposed to be there! This is how your top latches into its labret

2. Screw-in Studs & Barbells

Screw-in earrings (commonly referred to as internally threaded), have a threaded top that screws into its post. 

To remove an internally threaded stud, firmly hold the flatback post tightly in one hand while unscrewing the ‘top’ to the left. 

Internally threaded barbells have two balls at each end. To remove, firmly hold the post tightly in one hand, while unscrewing one of the balls at either end to the left. How to remove flat back earrings.

(*Both balls unscrew, and you can choose which ball is easiest to access and unscrew for you.) How to remove flat back earrings.

Note: When wearing these earrings, you want to make sure they are always tightly screwed in! Touching your earrings and sleeping on them can loosen the screw, making it easier for your earring to fall out.

When you have these in, carefully tighten them every few days by twisting the ‘tops’ to the right. 

3. Seamless Rings (A.K.A Clickers)

Seamless rings will have a subtle hinge and a closure that clicks in and out. This might be a little hard to locate, so gently feel around the earring with your thumbnail to locate the hinge and closure. (or ask a friend)!

To remove your seam ring, find the closure point and click the hinged portion out, away from the rest of the earring.

4. Fixed Bead Rings (AKA Captive Bead Rings)

Fixed bead rings have a ball that doesn’t move at the point of closure. The bead helps the earring move around less in your ear, and therefore helps it heal better and faster. How to remove flat back earrings.

To remove your fixed bead ring, hold the earring on either side of the ball and twist your fingers (and the earring) in opposite directions away from one another. When the earring is opened, it should look like the beginning of a spiral

Captive Bead Rings are a different design of jewelry—the bead must be removed completely and there are two indentations on each side of the bead. The ring uses tension to sit in each indention on either side of the ring.


How to Get Off the Stuck Earrings Back?

Grab onto the clasp, pinching the front of the post and the earlobe with your other hand. Gently attempt to turn the clasp in a circle on the pot to loosen it.

Work the clasp back and forth in a gentle seesawing motion until it works its way to the tip of the post. Tug gently on the clasp to release it. How to remove flat back earrings.

What is the best way to clean earrings?


  • Line a glass dish with tinfoil.
  • Generously coat your silver earrings with baking soda.
  • Boil water and pour it over your jewelry. …
  • Using a soft brush like a paintbrush or soft toothbrush, gently scrub the jewelry to help loosen the dirt and oxides.
  • Repeat until the silver sparkles.

How to Remove Threadless Earrings That Will not Budge?

Try grabbing the back of the earring flange with the finger and thumb of one hand, then grab the front of the earring with your other hand. Use a twisting motion while you are pulling the earring out of its stud.

If this doesn’t work for you, go to your piercer and ask for help.

In this Way, How Do I Unscrew my Nose Piercing?

In order to take out your nose ring, you’ll need to make it come apart at that breakpoint. To achieve this, hold the ring in both hands and twist it, gently but firmly.

It should come apart at the break. You will then be able to slide it slowly out of your nose. How to remove flat back earrings.

What Happens if You Pierce Your Nose With A Gun?

Is it illegal to get your nose pierced with a gun? No, piercing a nose with a gun is not illegal nor a crime, but a piercing gun can hurt you more than a needle.

Because the piercing gun is specially designed to make a hole in soft skin like an ear, if you are going to use it on dense tissue, just like the nose, it may be a bad idea.

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