How to Remove Pop Socket

Pop Sockets are useful for holding a smartphone in one hand while texting with the other, but if you get a new case or phone, you must first remove it from your existing device. This guide shows you how to remove pop socket.

How to Remove Pop Socket

How to Remove Pop Socket

You’ll need dental floss, a flat razor blade, a plastic knife, or a card to remove it.

Step 1: Locate an appropriate location with a soft, level surface. The finest example is your bed, which will protect your gadget even if you drop it.

Step 2: Press down on the pop socket with your finger to collapse the pop socket. Before you do that, never try to remove it.

Step 3: Using your fingers’ nails or any of the items indicated above, get underneath the base.

This creates a lever that may be gently pushed away from the phone until the base disconnects.

Step 4: Keep pushing from one side until the stand finally comes off.

Step 5: Remove any sticky gel residue that remains.

If you use a razor blade, be careful not to injure yourself or harm the gadget. Place the sticky side of the pop socket on the surface if you wish to use it again. 

Contact with linen or other surfaces should be avoided. Remember that you only have around fifteen minutes to reapply it.

Otherwise, the sticky substance may dry out or lose its ability to stick in some areas.

How to Clean a Pop Socket?

You can clean a pop socket by doing the following:

‣ For 3 seconds, run the base of the pop socket under cold water.

Because your pop socket is small and sticky, you won’t need much water to clean it and help it stick again.

If you use too much water, it will take longer than 15 minutes to dry and lose its stickiness.

‣ Allow 10 minutes for the pop socket to dry. Allow your pop socket to dry naturally in the open air. With the sticky side facing up, place it on a paper or cloth towel.

‣ Allow no more than 15 minutes for your pop socket to sit out. Otherwise, it will lose its ability to stick.

‣ If your pop socket still isn’t dry after 10 minutes, wipe the base gently with a paper towel.

‣ Place your phone or similar flat surface on top of the pop socket. Any flat, clean surface will suffice.

Keep in mind, however, that a pop socket may not adhere as well to leather or silicone surfaces, or to waterproof surfaces.

‣ Allow an hour for your pop socket to rest before expanding or shutting it. This will allow it to firmly attach to your phone once more.

What Do you Do if Your Pop Socket Doesn’t Stick?

Pop socket bases are designed to be extremely adhesive, and they work best on smooth, flat surfaces.

Follow the procedures below to reactivate the adhesive gel on your pop socket that is no longer sticking.

‣ Rinse your pop socket gel thoroughly.

‣ Allow 10 minutes to air dry. If you leave it out much longer, the adhesive gel will completely dry off.

‣ Reinstall your pop socket product on your phone and wait a few hours before using it again. This will ensure that you have a fortress.


How Can You Remove Adhesives from a Phone Case?

You may quickly remove sticker residue from your phone or phone case by putting a cotton ball in nail polish remover and wiping it on the damaged region.

Apply a small amount of nail polish remover to a cotton pad or cloth and rub the affected area gently. It’ll be simple to remove.

After that, make sure to wipe the surface clean. If left on for an extended period of time, the chemicals in the remover may damage your phone cover.

How to Remove Pop Socket

What are the Benefits of Using Pop Socket in a Mobile?

A pop socket is a must-have mobile accessory because of its numerous advantages. The benefits of using a pop socket on mobile are vast including the following:

1. Protection for the camera

A pop socket protrudes slightly from the rear of your phone when fully compressed. This prevents the camera lens from being scratched when your phone is placed face-up.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that you have a firm grip on your phone, regardless of how you use your pop socket.

2. Useful for wrapping a cord

Nothing is more inconvenient than having to untangle charging or audio cords before you can use them. Wrap your cables around a pop socket to avoid a headache!


3. Useful for Video Chats

A pop socket can hold your phone upright while video chatting, whether you’re FaceTiming your mother or catching up with friends.

4. Phone Stand

A pop socket can perfectly prop up your mobile device for hands-free viewing if you use it to stream movies or watch your favorite YouTubers.

5. Photo and Texting Grip 

One hand is usually used for texting and taking selfies. When you use a pop socket, you can hold your phone firmly in one hand without fear of dropping it.

How Do I Take Off a Pop Socket that Was Glued to My Phone Case?

Using an I.D. card, you may quickly remove your pop socket. The trick to removing a pop socket correctly is to take it slowly and carefully.

Pop sockets have an extremely powerful adhesive that, if not removed appropriately, might damage your phone.

All you’ll need is a credit card, gift card, or photo ID to remove your pop socket from your phone.

To remove the pop socket from your phone case, carefully push your card under it.

Slowly work your way around the pop socket, being careful not to break the adhesive gel so you may reuse it later.

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