How to Turn on Roku Tv Without Remote

Learn how to turn on Roku tv without remote. One of the most popular streaming gadgets on the market is Roku. There is still a method to switch a Roku TV on and off even if the remote is missing or malfunctioning. This article will guide you on everything you need to know about Roku tv.

How to turn on Roku tv without remote

How to Turn on Roku Tv Without Remote

It is pertinent to understand that Roku products don’t come without a remote. When you open the box of every Roku product you purchase, two AAA batteries and a compatible Roku TV remote control are included.

As long as the remote is functional, you may easily activate, operate, or explore the Roku user interface.

In terrible situations, you could have found a remote that is malfunctioning or misplaced your remote. The Roku TV won’t be easy to switch on in that situation.

One would naturally search for instructions on how to activate a Roku TV without a remote.

So, if you misplaced your remote, you may be unsure of how to activate your Roku TV. The first step to turning on the Roku tv is to locate where the power button is.

The power button on your TV may turn on a Roku TV without a remote. The center of the TV’s bottom is where you’ll find the power button.

Check the right side of the TV’s back if it isn’t there, check the Left side of the TV’s back, Or check the Lower front left corner. The good news is that every Roku television has a power button on the TV itself.

The Roku TV User Guide

After following my directions above, if you’re still having difficulties locating the power button on your Roku TV, you may try looking up the user manual for your specific model and year.

The back of your TV should be able to provide you with the precise model number. Enter it in Google along with the brand and “user manual” after that.

In the handbook, you’ll probably find a diagram showing what each button on your TV does and where it is located.


Use the Roku App as a Remote Control

Use the free Roku App to switch on your TV if you can’t seem to find the power button for whatever reason.

To download the Roku app to your phone or tablet, just search for “Roku” in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

As soon as it has finished downloading, you will be asked to look for nearby Roku devices. The list should automatically include your Roku TV. Select it to connect and go forward.

You may use your phone as a remote to turn on your TV after your Roku TV is linked within the Roku app. Simply push the red power button.

The instructions below should help if you downloaded the app and are experiencing problems connecting to your TV.

1. Close the Roku application

2. Remove the electrical plug from your TV.

3. After waiting at least 10 seconds, re-plug your TV.

4. Open the Roku app once more and try to connect after waiting 30 seconds for the TV to connect

Use a Cable or Satellite Remote Control

Try turning on your TV using one of the additional remote controls you have lying around; it’s a nice alternative.

If you have a cable or satellite remote, think about programming it to your TV if you have a Roku TV.

You will find all the Roku remote program codes listed here.

To configure your cable or satellite remote, simply locate the code in the accompanying chart and follow your service provider’s instructions.

The buttons on your Roku TV remote may not all be programmable to the buttons on your cable or satellite remote, so keep that in mind.

Purchase a Brand-New Roku Remote Control

Finally, you might be forced to replace your Roku TV remote if none of the aforementioned suggestions work.

Fortunately, a replacement remote won’t set you back much. You may even think about getting an extra remote in case of an emergency.

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