How to Unmute Someone’s Story on Instagram

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How to Unmute Someone's Story on Instagram

How to Unmute Someone’s Story on Instagram

Whether you remember the Instagram user’s story that you muted or not, you can easily unmute it.

Follow the steps below to unmute someone’s story on Instagram.

1. First, open Instagram and login if necessary.

2. Scroll through your story feed which is located at the top of the page. This is in order to find a story you’ve muted.

3. Keep scrolling until you see a greyed-out symbol.

4. Tap and hold the profile photo that is greyed out.

5. Then select Unmute.

With these steps, you will have successfully unmuted that Instagram user’s story.

How to Mute Someone’s Instagram Story

It’s actually relatively easy, but if you’re not sure how to mute or unmute a story on Instagram. To mute someone’s story, follow these simple steps below:

1. You can see the profile icon of the person at the application’s top.

2. Visit the person’s profile

3. Long-press the story button

4. Tap “Mute” after long-pressing the Instagram Story button.

Alternatively, you can do this by selecting Mute Story and Posts. By scrolling to the right, you can confirm that you have muted their Story.

A story on Instagram can be unmuted by following the steps below.

How Do I Unmute Someone on Instagram?

On Instagram, you can mute and unmute a person’s messages. Using Instagram to unmute messages is pretty easy.

If you have muted someone on Instagram, follow these steps to unmute them.

1. Open the Instagram app and go to your Direct Messages section in the top right corner. The icon looks like a paper airplane)

2. To unmute a user’s conversation, tap on it.

3. Click on the three dots in the upper-right corner of the message once it has been opened.

4. To turn on all notifications for this message end, select Unmute.

5. This conversation’s notifications will effectively be unmuted.


If I Mute Someone’s Story on Instagram, Can they Still See Mine?

When you mute someone, their stories, and posts cease to appear in your feed, but they can still view yours and you may still visit each other’s account sites. Also, be assured that Instagram doesn’t notify you when you mute someone.

On Instagram, muting someone essentially means avoiding them and their posts. However, they can still see your posts and stories if you post.

When you choose to mute someone, even when you continue to follow them, none of their posts will ever show up in your news feed.

You can still look for and visit each other’s profiles, and the person whose account you muted will still be able to access all of your stuff as usual.

Another excellent feature is that the person is not formally informed that you have muted them because there is no such notification sent to them.

What Happens When You Mute Messages on Instagram?

Muting someone’s messages on the Instagram app is like the social media equivalent of politely leaving a conversation without making a disturbance.  All you have to do is select the mute option on Instagram.

When you mute someone, their stories, and posts cease to appear in your feed, but they can still view yours and you may still visit each other’s Instagram accounts.

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