How to Unpin a Text Message on iPhone

 – How to Unpin a Text Message on iPhone –

You can unpin a text message on your iPhone by tapping and holding the message thread you want to unpin. Here, we show you how to unpin a text message on your iPhone step-by-step.

How to Unpin a Text Message on iPhone

How to Unpin a Text Message on iPhone

With iOS 14, Apple’s mobile operating system for the iPhone and iPad, the Messages app gained a pin message function.

Pinned messages are called conversation threads or simply ‘threads”. This is how they are referred to in the app and will stay there until they are unpinned.

To unpin a message conversation, sometimes referred to as a message thread, on an iPhone, follow these instructions.

‣ Launch the messaging app.

‣ Large icons with the photos or avatars of the participants in the thread are used to represent pinned message threads, which are shown at the top of the app.

‣ When a new menu appears, tap and hold the thread you wish to unpin.

‣ Tap Unpin.

Please note, that all iPhones and iPads running iOS 14, iOS 15, or later require the above procedures to be completed.

Effect of Unpinning Text Message

A thread can be unpinned to return to the usual, chronological display of message threads after being removed from the top of the Messages app.

Because of this, if a new message hasn’t been posted in the thread recently, the thread you unpin will appear to vanish.

Not to worry. If you go down the messages list, you can still find the thread there.

The thread you deleted can also be found by using the search bar in Messages, which is found at the top of the Messages app.


What Can You Do about Spam Text Messages on an iPhone?

By going to the Settings app, tapping into the Messages cell, then scrolling down to the Messaging Filtering area in the list, you may enable this feature.

When you enable this function, a new button will appear in the upper left corner of your messages app, showing which filtered list you are in.

You won’t receive messages from numbers you don’t recognize if you just pick known senders!

How to Remove a Person from Facebook Messenger on iPhone?

On your messenger app, go to the menu that shows all of your conversations. Keep your finger on the chat you want to erase and swipe left.

The user will be removed from the list as well.

How Do I Hide Text Messages from a Single Contact on iPhone?

For confidential text messages, use the CoverMe app. Messages sent and received using the app will not appear in the standard message box.

For further security, you may create strong passwords. The app may capture a photo of intruders, allowing you to see who has attempted to use the app.

How Do I Get Rid of Ghost Messages on My iPhone?

Using the iOS Repair Tool, you may fix iPhone ghost messages this way:

‣ Reset all of your settings

‣ Request that Siri read your unread messages.

‣ Force your iPhone to restart.

‣ Force the Messages App to Close.

‣ If iMessage is displaying a ghost message

‣ Exit the app after deleting a few messages.

‣ Send a text message to yourself.

How to Unpin a Text Message on iPhone

How Do You Unpin a Text Message on an iPhone?

To unpin a text message do the following

‣ Open your messages app.

Long press on pinned message.

‣ Options will open in the popup window.

‣ Select Unpin.

Why are All Pictures on Pinterest Very Low Resolution?

The photos (Pins) are always displayed on Pinterest at a maximum resolution of 564 pixels.

However, they are all cached (saved) in full resolution on the Pinterest servers.


How Do You Send a Message from an iPhone to a Pager?

When you hit any button or enter any message in this app (or type a phone message), it transmits the message to a page server (on the internet).

Then this server pushes the message to the pager.

This technology is readily available, thus it is easy.

How Do You Unpin a Group Chat on WhatsApp?

You can quickly unpin any group or person. Simply hold down that contact or group for three seconds.

When it is selected, there will be an unpin button on the upper right side of the screen that looks like this:

By using this icon, you may unpin a group or an individual from your screen.

How Can I Transfer Text Messages (SMS) from iPhone to Gmail?

You can transfer text messages (SMS) from your iPhone to Gmail by doing the following.

‣ Open your iPhone’s Messages app.

‣ Select one of the text messages and hold it down for a few seconds. A More… option will appear.

‣ Select More… and a checkmark will appear next to each message. Then, next to the text messages, select the checkbox and push the arrow symbol.

‣ Enter your Gmail account and start sending the text messages you’ve previously copied.

How Can I Delete Conversations Messages on Pinterest?

To delete conversation messages on Pinterest do the following.

‣ Open the Pinterest app on your phone.

‣ Navigate to the Messages tab.

‣ Hold the message in your hands for 3 seconds.

‣ It will be deleted if you select delete.

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