How to Unread Message on Instagram

– How to Unread Message on Instagram –

How to unread message on Instagram? This is one of the most often asked questions by users, particularly since firms may use Instagram DM for business in a variety of ways! Actually, there was no in-app solution to this problem previously, but with new Instagram updates, you may now view unread messages with a business account.

how to unread messages on instagram

How to Unread Message on Instagram

Even if you have a business account, it is still complicated. The viewed receipt remains after you unread a message on Instagram.

That is, the saw receipt will not be removed, but the message will be marked as unread on Instagram. So, when you return, you’ll know which messages require your attention.

But what if you don’t have a business account there? Or what if you want to know how to remove the seen receipt from the messages you’ve read?

Well, the good news is that you don’t have to wait for the future of Instagram to let you unread DMs.

Some tricks will let you mark your Instagram direct messages as unread and go back to check them whenever you want. That’s what we are going to cover here.

How to Unread Message on Instagram Business Accounts

Assume one of your followers or friends texted you in an urgent situation. But now that you’ve opened their chat, you realize you don’t have enough time or information to respond.

In this situation, you simply have one question: ‘How do I mark messages as unread on Instagram so that I can return to them at a later time?!’

In a similar vein, say you received a direct message from an ex or a crush and had no intention of viewing it anytime soon.

But, as fate would have it, you accidentally opened their conversation in less than 60 seconds! In this case, you’re probably wondering how to unsee a message on Instagram!

As mentioned above, if you are running a business account on Instagram, you have the chance to find out how to mark your messages as unread using the official app.

This feature is a relatively recent feature, and it seems like users don’t know much about it yet. So, we are going to completely cover it here!


How to Unread Message on Instagram Using the Official App

Well, to find out how to mark a DM as unread on Instagram, you can use Instagram to an extent. Let’s see how! Whether the conversation is in the primary inbox or the general one, the process is pretty straightforward.

To learn how to unread message on Instagram, you should switch to a business account and follow these steps:

1. Open your inbox, and tap on the selecting icon in the top right corner of the screen. 

2. Select the conversations you want to mark as unread. Then, tap on ‘More.’

Pro Tip: when you open your inbox, you can find the chat you’d like to make unread. Then, if you tap and hold the conversation for a few seconds, the same options appear.

3. Finally, tap on ‘Mark as Unread.’

Done! Now, you can see the blue dot beside the conversation, and the red notification number will also appear in your inbox. 

 Although you know how to make messages unread on Instagram now, the messages will not be marked as unseen by the sender.

This process is just a way to mark the conversations you haven’t had the chance to fully read or answer. Additionally, this feature is not available on the desktop version yet. 

Unread Messages on Instagram Without a Business Account

Many Instagrammers frequently inquire, ‘Can you unread an Instagram message?’ As previously stated, the ability to learn how to unread an Instagram message is only available to corporate accounts.

However, there are many Instagrammers who utilize the network for personal reasons or just do not want to maintain a commercial account. What should you do in this situation? Can you still mark unread Instagram messages?

Yes! There is, in fact, an in-app solution for this. When you restrict someone on Instagram, their messages will be marked as message requests. As a result, even if you read them, they won’t be recognized as read.

So, to learn how to unread message on Instagram with a private account, simply follow these steps:

1. Open the account whose messages you’d like to mark as unread.

2. Next, tap on the three dots icon in the top right corner of the screen, and tap on ‘Restrict.’

3. Then, you need to confirm your decision. 

Now, your messages with that person will be as follows:

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