How to Watch Out-Of-Market NFL Games (7 Ways)

If you’ve ever moved, you’ve probably felt some disappointment if your favorite team isn’t the local representative of your new community. But having to pay for an expensive sports package in order to see all the games you want to watch is one of the most annoying things about being a sports fan in a new location.

Out-Of-Market NFL Games

Even then, it’s possible that some games won’t be included in your cable bundle. You must know the finest locations to watch out-of-market NFL games if you want to follow your favorite team from across the nation or guarantee you have the best Super Bowl coverage.

Here are a few options for watching NFL games outside your local market. This will not only guarantee that you get to see every game you desire, but you can also end up saving money.

How to Watch Out-Of-Market NFL Games (7 Ways)

1. DirecTV


With DirecTV, you can enjoy some of the top out-of-market NFL games. The reason for this is that the business owns the only rights to NFL Sunday Ticket.

In order to see the majority of out-of-market games until their claim to the coveted program expires at the conclusion of the 2022 NFL season, you must have a DirecTV subscription.

Out-of-market games are shown on the NFL Sunday Ticket because local affiliates are unable to do so. You can watch NFL games in non-markets on your smartphone and tablet if you have an NFL Sunday Ticket Max membership.

The NFL Sunday Ticket recently made a version of itself available to anyone who wanted to see it but don’t have DirecTV, despite the fact that the cable operator has exclusive rights to the show.

These are those in particular who cannot access satellite TV service in their region. The price difference between the NFL Sunday Ticket to Go and the DirecTV stream programs is $50. It does, however, offer the same advantages as the standard NFL Sunday Ticket and lets you stream it.

How to Use DirecTV to View Livestreaming

You must first sign up for a DirecTV account or the NFL Sunday Ticket to Go service in order to start watching The NFL Sunday Ticket.

You must mention a payment method in both situations and supply personal information. You can quickly locate DirecTV by looking for it in your guide. All out-of-market games as well as different NFL programs, including The RedZone, will be available to you.

You just need to log into the app and locate the show you want to view to use The NFL Sunday Ticket to Go service. There is nothing further you need to do because it feeds live to your phone or another device.

2. Website Content

Nfl website

There are always other, less ethical ways to view NFL games that are being played outside of your local market. However, accessing these websites always carries a risk because they frequently contain malware and viruses.

Nevertheless, a quick Google search for “out-of-market NFL game free” or “free NFL streams” will lead you to a number of websites. These websites broadcast the game directly from the source.

You can watch the game without charge. If you’re in a bind and need to watch your favorite team, this is an alternative even if the quality might not be excellent and your device might have a lot of buffering.

3. Restaurants


Visit your neighborhood sports bar to watch out-of-market games instead of paying membership fees. To stream multiple games simultaneously, sports bars either purchase many cable packages or a single, large cable bundle.

You don’t have to bear the expense since they do. This makes it simple for you to buy food and watch your preferred teams.

For someone who has a particular game or team they want to see, going to a sports bar to watch out-of-market NFL games is the best option.

This person doesn’t particularly enjoy watching every game that each team plays. Instead, they have focused on a specific matchup or squad.

4. The NFL Mobile App

NFL mobile app

The official NFL mobile app is one of the first methods to view NFL games outside of your local area. For lovers of all sports, the app offers a variety of functions.

The fact that you may download the app for free is one of its best features. You can track your favorite teams and obtain live scoring updates and news in the app’s free version that offers a free trial.

You must either have an active NFL membership through your cable company or streaming service or be a member of the NFL Game Pass in order to use the NFL app, which is one of its key features.

You can use the app in streaming NFL games if you have either of those. You have access to every NFL-covered game.

Since the NFL broadcasts most, if not all, of the major matches, this ought to satisfy the interests of most sports fans.

You won’t be able to watch the live stream if you don’t have an NFL package or NFL Game Pass. It’s simple to get started with the smartphone app.

You just need to download it, then register for an account on the app. It will inquire about your favorite team or teams, among other things.

To select the teams you want to follow, just click on the star. The most recent NFL news will then be displayed on the app, with a focus on your favorite teams.

Additionally, it guarantees that you get regular updates on your teams so that you always know what’s happening.

The pass also provides schedules, stats, and scores of the most recent games in case you’re not sure when a particular game is scheduled to start.

How to Use the NFL Mobile App to Watch Livestreams

You must first submit some information in order to watch the game on the app. You must first locate the NFL Network button. When you click that, a prompt asking for your cable provider’s details will appear.

It also works with streaming devices and services with NFL bundles. You will then be directed to the NFL Network after entering your details.

The current live stream will immediately start loading, but if you scroll to the bottom, you can find links to other feeds and scheduling details.

You should sign up for NFL Game Pass if you intend to watch regular season games on your smartphone using the NFL app.

It gives you access to preseason games, highlights, and even complete replays. Utilizing the app, you can download the service. NFL Game Pass costs $99.99 for the entire season to subscribe to.

Even while this membership may be expensive, it can be a worthwhile alternative if you only pay for cable to watch NFL games. Watching NFL games that are being broadcast outside of your area is easy with the NFL Mobile app.

You can watch regular season games and guarantee you have comprehensive coverage by adding an NFL Game Pass membership.

5. Sling TV

Sling Tv

You may access a variety of NFL games with Sling TV‘s various subscriptions. The least expensive plan is $35 per month. It is known as Sling Orange. There are 35 channels available to you through Sling Orange. Several of the channels are:

  • TNT
  • ID
  • HGTV
  • ESPN
  • CNN

In addition to ESPN, you will also get access to ESPN2 and ESPN3.

ESPN3’s ability to simultaneously air alongside ABC is one of its advantages. If ABC is showing live local sports or a specific game that interests you but you don’t have the channel, ESPN3 will fill the void.

Sling Orange and Sling Blue are combined in another package. Your monthly streaming fee will now be $50 as a result. Along with having access to all of Sling Orange’s channels, you also get a few more. Sling Blue provides channels like these, among others:

  • NFL Network
  • FS1 Sports
  • CNN

For games that are not yet available, this expansion offers a lot of options.Every once in a while, a game that you really want to watch ends up on FS1.

You’re guaranteed to be prepared to watch it with this package. These two bundles provide you access to 50 channels in total, not including sports channels.

Sports Extra is another product that Sling offers, giving you even more access to games and programming. Sling allows you to watch live streaming, so you can watch all of your games.

The fact that Sling TV makes it so simple to cancel is one of its advantages. During the current season, you can purchase their packages and then simply cancel them to save money till the following one.

Because local channels aren’t available, Sling TV has this drawback. For such games, you will still require a TV with an antenna or basic cable.

How to View Livestreams on Sling TV

The capability of Sling TV to live stream television is one way in which it competes with its rivals. The majority of other streaming providers must wait several hours, days, or even minutes to broadcast live television.

Television may be watched live on Sling TV by its users. Sports fans now frequently use it as a means of following their preferred teams as a result. Comparatively speaking to many other sports packages, Sling TV is also rather inexpensive.

The entire cost of the package is typically less expensive than more sophisticated cable packages, even when basic cable service is added. Additionally, Sling TV makes it simple to sign up and watch live feeds.

Because it is an app-based streaming service, all you need to utilize it is a smart TV, phone, laptop, or computer. You must first register for an account and input your payment details.

After that, you can select your bundle. When using Sling TV, livestreaming is as simple as browsing to the show you want to watch and clicking it.

No matter what device you are using, the game will launch right away. Sling TV is undoubtedly one option for cheap and convenient ways to watch NFL games played outside of major markets.

6. Hulu Plus Live TV

Hulu plus Live TV

Because it offers a variety of networks through its Live TV service, Hulu is another excellent option for watching NFL games outside of major markets.

The NFL Network was only recently incorporated into Hulu’s Live TV offering in 2021. Live TV members can access this program to watch Thursday Night Football, Monday Night Football, and Sunday Night Football.

The NFL Network show specifically airs Thursday Night Football. ESPN is accessible on Hulu to watch Monday Night Football. Last but not least, Sunday Night Football is accessible on NBC via Hulu.

Hulu also provides access to a number of additional shows and programs. One advantage of opening a Hulu account is that you can use it to open an ESPN and Disney+ account as well.

To expand your capacity to view NFL games, Hulu also provides a few additional sports add-ons. Because it includes NFL RedZone, their Sports Add-On bundle can be just what a lot of sports enthusiasts need.

To keep up with the performance of your favorite teams, you can listen to the professionals analyze games and numbers.

Hulu also has ESPN+ available. You can watch replays, ESPN original series, and documentaries, and it covers college games.

How to Access Live TV + Hulu Streaming

Football viewing on Hulu is more difficult than it is with Sling TV. The fact that you have a Hulu account is insufficient. To directly watch NFL games, you must have a Hulu Live TV subscription.

As a result, your overall Hulu membership fee will go up. Like Sling TV, their live TV service enables you to view shows as they air. You must sign up for a Hulu account in order to view.

There will be a choice for you to sign up for their Live TV service. You must connect your account to any device you desire to use to watch NFL after creating one.

The majority of people’s TVs will be that. If your TV supports apps, you should be able to discover a Hulu option among them. You’ll be asked to enter a security code on Hulu to activate the TV.

Once your account is linked to the device, you may quickly search for the show you wish to watch. You can also enter your zip code to see if any nearby games are accessible to you.

Cloud DVR is another service provided by Hulu. You can do this to capture live TV so you can view it later. You can ask the service to record the game for you if you know you won’t be able to see it due to commitments.

It’s very simple to set up the software for recording. All you have to do is look for the show in the Live Guide. Then select “record” from the menu. Hulu will record the show when it premieres for you. As a streaming service, Hulu makes it simple to end your subscription.

7. Good Pals


The NFL Sunday Ticket to Go and DirecTV might not be available to you, but they probably are to your pals. If they are hesitant to purchase the subscription, you might always split the expense.

If not, you should establish a tradition of hosting game nights if your friend has DirecTV. It’s not just a fun activity to do with friends; you can watch the game for nothing at all.

However, because your friends are hosting and covering the expenses, it’s only fair that you provide the food or alcohol.

It’s time to rely on friends and get ready for regular game nights when you need to watch NFL games that aren’t broadcast in your area.

NFL Blackouts: What are they?

The NFL has in the past imposed blackouts for regional games. For instance, if the Lions game was completely sold out, it would not be broadcast on television in the Detroit area. Encouraging fans to attend games in person was the simple goal.

This blackout restriction is still in place in the league, however, it has been suspended annually since 2015. It won’t probably ever come back. Why then are we talking about it in relation to NFL games played outside of major markets? Because there is a de facto reverse blackout that affects the NFL.

We are referring to the fact that on Sunday afternoons, there are often a dozen games that are scheduled for two separate times and are televised on two network affiliates in every local area. There will thus typically be 8 games on Sunday that are not shown locally.

To please the neighborhood supporters is the goal here. Games that are more likely to be watched by the neighborhood are typically broadcast by the local stations.

Therefore, if the Vikings are set to play, Minnesotans may be sure to attend the game. There aren’t expected to be many games for Falcons supporters, though.

NFL RedZone

NFL RedZone is a unique channel created to deal with the reality that on Sunday afternoons, the majority of NFL games take place at the same time. You can only watch a maximum of three games live on any given Sunday afternoon. You may watch every game simultaneously using RedZone.


If you don’t have DirecTV, it can be pricey to watch NFL games in other markets. There are workarounds, such as going to a sports bar for dinner or locating a friend with DirecTV.

You could also be able to find less expensive options, such as using Sling TV or Hulu + Live TV, for other games that aren’t included in your subscription.

You can make sure you never miss an NFL game by using these seven strategies. Ensure to like, comment, and share this valuable content.

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