Instagram not Sending SMS Code on My Phone

Instagram not sending SMS codes to your phone, what does it mean? It could be due to a poor internet connection or a cache issue. Read on to find out how to fix this issue easily.

Instagram Not Sending SMS Code

Instagram not Sending SMS Code?

There are so many reasons why you may not be receiving Instagram’s SMS code. Go through the list below to find out how you can fix Instagram not sending code.

1. Ensure You Have a Stable Internet Connection

First, confirm the security of your network connection.

Poor internet connections are common among Instagram users who have experienced the “Instagram not sending SMS code” issue.

For the message to reach you, the Instagram app has to be able to connect to the internet effectively.

As a result, you need to check for any issues with your Wi-Fi or mobile network, as appropriate. Other apps on your phone will lag due to a poor network connection.

2. Update the Instagram App

You should update Instagram before sending the verification code, even if there are no issues with your phone or IP address.

To achieve this, go to Google Play Store and download the most recent version of Instagram for Android.

You must follow the same steps if you use an Apple phone, with the exception of going to the App Store on your iOS device.

Your mobile device’s cache can also be cleared. Android users must locate the Instagram app in their phone’s settings and select “clear cache” to remove the app’s cache.

3. Give Instagram Access Permission

In order for the app to operate properly, you must provide it with the required permissions to access your account.

You must first use the correct password to sign in to your Instagram account in order to do this. The next step is to go to your mobile device’s settings.

Find the Instagram app and activate each button. Wait for your phone to receive the SMS code after that. If you don’t get it, move on to the next correction.


How Do I Verify Instagram if it Won’t Send Me a Code?

How Do I Verify Instagram if it Won't Send Me a Code?

You might have trouble getting a security code from Instagram if your phone’s network coverage is poor.

To restore network connectivity on the phone, temporarily enable and disable the aeroplane mode as needed.

Ask Instagram to transmit the verification code once more after using the airplane mode trick.

You will need to wait a while if the security code isn’t sent via SMS or email.

Since there are more than a billion users of Instagram worldwide, Instagram servers occasionally may struggle to handle all of the requests.

Wait for Instagram to send you the code while you minimize the screen.

Why Doesn’t Instagram Send Me the Security Code to My Email?

It’s likely that your email spam filter is blocking the password reset email if you aren’t receiving it.

It’s also possible that you entered your email address incorrectly when you originally registered for Instagram.

Try checking your email account’s spam folder to see if you can discover your password reset email.

How to Get Instagram to Stop Asking for a Security Code?

You should enable 2FA (two-factor authentication) for your Instagram account if you don’t want to be asked for a security code.

The service will request A verification code created by 2FA apps on your phone or password manager.

You can now finish the verification without using Instagram’s security code.

You should double-check the email address and phone number you supplied to your Instagram account.


How Do I Get Instagram to Stop Asking Me for My Security Code?

You can do this by disabling the Two-factor authentication on your Instagram account.

To disable 2Factor Authentic using the Instagram app,

‣ Click the three small lines in the top right corner of your screen

‣ Select “Settings” from the menu that appears

Go to “Privacy and Security”

‣ Click “Two-Factor Authentication”

‣ Make sure that both the Text Message and Authentication App choices are disabled.

How Can I Get My Security Code on Instagram Sent to My Email?

A security tool that helps protect both your Instagram account and password is two-factor authentication.

When someone tries to log into your account from a device we don’t recognize, if you’ve enabled two-factor authentication.

Then you’ll either receive a notification or be prompted to input a unique login code.

The Instagram app can be used to enable two-factor authentication:

‣ Tap Profile or your profile photo in the bottom right. This is to access your profile.

‣  In the top right corner, select More, then select Settings.

‣ After selecting Security, select Two-Factor Authentication.

‣ At the bottom, select Get Started.

‣ Select the security measure you want to apply, then adhere to the directions displayed on the screen.

Can You Get IP Banned from Instagram?

Yes, you can. When an IP address is banned, Instagram will not accept connections from that IP address.

Anyone attempting to connect to the service will be unable to do so, whether they are using a web browser or the Instagram app.

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