Instagram Photo Can’t be Posted with My Phone

Instagram photos can’t be posted. When attempting to post a photo, Instagram will occasionally fail and display an error. This error can be annoying if you’ve worked hard to capture the right moment or spent a lot of time editing a shot to perfection.

instagram photo can't be posted

Why Can’t I Post on Instagram?

There are many reasons why you might be prevented from posting your photo or video on Instagram. Here are the most common reasons:

1. Your Photo is in Violation of Instagram Policies

To protect users, Instagram has implemented stringent policies that govern the content of the photos or videos posted and shared on its platform.

Instagram has an army of moderation bots that can detect prohibited content like nudity, violence, or gore in photos or videos, and disable the user from uploading them.

If you’re trying to post a photo on Instagram but aren’t able to, make sure that the contents of the photo aren’t banned, or even resemble banned content.

Further, Instagram flags your account or suspends it if you try to post any objectionable material.

2. Your Actions Have Been Blocked by Instagram

Instagram rolled out new updates in 2018 aimed at preventing user accounts from spamming other users with promotions. The update looked to crack down on the use of 3rd-party bots and services aimed at gaining followers.

Therefore, if Instagram detects you engaging in non-authentic behaviour – like posting too many pictures, or liking and commenting on too many posts within a short period, it will temporarily block you from doing that action.

Hence, if you’ve been posting too many photos at once in quick succession, and if your account is fairly new, you might be prevented from posting new photos temporarily.

3. Your Device’s Storage Has Run Out

If Instagram won’t post a certain photo of yours, it may be that your device storage is full, or doesn’t have enough capacity to post that photo. Instagram photos can’t be posted.

4. Instagram Cache is Full

Another reason why you can’t post photos on Instagram might be that the app’s cache files on your device are full.

Note that cache files are the temporary files that are stored by an app on your device, to speed up the page load timings for a smoother experience. Instagram photos can’t be posted.

5. Instagram Servers are Down

Although highly unlikely, you may be unable to post photos on Instagram due to Instagram servers being down or under maintenance.

Make sure you check Instagram’s other social media accounts to see if their servers are down temporarily. Instagram photos can’t be posted.


What to Do if Instagram Photo Can’t be Posted – Fixes

These are some fixes that you can try out if you can’t post on Instagram:

1. Check Your Internet Connection

The first step is to make sure that your internet connection isn’t the reason why you can’t post photos on Instagram. Ensure you have an adequate signal if you’re using Wifi/ mobile data.

You can also go to Speedtest and check your connection’s speed, to ensure you have a working and fast internet connection. Instagram photos can’t be posted.

2. Restart Your Device

Next, you can try restarting your device, as more often than not, rebooting the system fixes errors. So, if you can’t post on Instagram, try restarting your phone.

Note that on an Android device, you’ll have to hold down the power button until you see the reboot option, and select it.

On an iPhone, you’ll have to hold down both the power and home buttons together for ~3 seconds until the screen goes black and the Apple logo appears. Instagram photos can’t be posted.

3. Clear Instagram’s Cache on Your Device

Go to your device’s settings menu, tap on ‘Apps’ and select Instagram. Next, find the ‘Clear Cache’ option, and select it. Your phone/ tablet will now delete the cache files for Instagram.

Note that you’ll have to log in again when you open Instagram, after clearing your cache. Hence, ensure that you know your credentials before clearing the cache for Instagram.

After you’ve cleared Instagram’s cache, open the app, log in, and check if you are able to post photos again. Instagram photos can’t be posted.

4. Reduce the Image Size

Instagram only supports the uploading of photos if they are under 1936 x 1936 pixels, and for videos, under 1920 x 1080 pixels and within 3 to 60 seconds in length.

Hence, if your phone camera supports 4K or UHD recording, and you’ve shot the image in this resolution, you can’t post it on Instagram.

To fix it, you’ll have to first reduce the size of the image on your phone, or via a 3rd-party application like Reduce Images. Instagram photos can’t be posted.

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