Is Carol Burnett Still Alive? (Updated 2022)

A woman who has achieved success is one who never gave up. Carol Burnett fits that description perfectly. But her fans are asking: Is Carol Burnett still alive? Do you want to find out? Keep reading!

is carol burnett still alive

Carol Burnett overcame a tough childhood to become one of the most adored performers on television, appearing on shows like “The Garry Moore Show” and serving as the star of her own acclaimed sketch comedy series, “The Carol Burnett Show.”

She is regarded as a legendary figure in the history of American television comedy and has served as an inspiration to both female and male comics for almost 50 years.

Do you want to know more about her? Let’s find out!

Carol Burnett’s Early Life

is carol burnett still alive

The daughter of Joseph Thomas Burnett, a manager of a movie theater, and Ina Louise (née Creighton), a publicity writer for film studios, Carol Creighton Burnett was born in San Antonio, Texas, on April 26, 1933.

William Henry Creighton and Mabel Eudora “Mae” Jones, her maternal grandparents, were both born in England.

As a child, she was abandoned with her grandmother because both of her parents were drinkers. Early in the 1940s, her parents divorced.

After that, Burnett and her grandmother moved into a one-room apartment close to her mother while her parents relocated to Hollywood.

In a boarding house with Burnett’s younger half-sister Chrissie, they resided in a deplorable section of Hollywood, California.

Is Carol Burnett Still Alive?

Yes, Carol Burnett is still alive and well today. She is currently in her late 80s.

When she discussed the current epidemic scenario with a reporter last year, she said that she kept herself engaged by doing things like going to the movies with her husband, working out frequently, purchasing takeout from nearby restaurants, and generally being supportive of them.

Carol Burnett’s Net Worth

is carol burnett still alive

The estimated net worth of Carol Burnett as of August 2022 is more than $30 million.

She accumulated these riches during her more than 60-year career as a well-known actress in television.

She has had success as an actress in several plays, films, and TV shows. She also has singing and writing talents.

Burnett’s appearances on different talk shows contributed to the increase in his net worth. She continues to enthrall audiences with her interesting performance.

Her Educational Background

Carol Burnett graduated from Hollywood High School in 1951.

She subsequently received an envelope containing $50, which would have covered her tuition at the University of California, Los Angeles, for one year (UCLA). Carol originally intended to major in journalism at UCLA.

She changed her major, concentrating on Theatre Arts, and English since she wanted to write plays.

She appeared in numerous university shows and received praise for her musical and comic skills as a result of making the switch. Her mother, however, did not encourage her acting aspirations.

She then relocated to New York to start a job after earning her UCLA degree in 1955.

Carol Burnett’s Marital Life

is carol burnett still alive

In her lifetime, Carol Burnett has been married three times, with two of those unions ending in divorce.

Don Saroyan was her first husband, whom she wed in 1955. Unfortunately, the two never had children and separated in 1962, seven years after getting married.

On May 4, 1963, she married Joe Hamilton after divorcing Don Saroyan. Producer of television and divorced father of eight, Joe Hamilton. He created The Carol Burnett Show after producing Burnett’s 1962 Carnegie Hall performance.

Three daughters were born to Carol and Hamilton: Carrie Hamilton (born on December 5, 1963), Jody Hamilton (born on January 18), and Erin Hamilton (born on August 14 August 1968).

Carrie sadly passed away at the age of 38 on January 20, 2002. Erin and Jody, her sisters, are both actors.

After being divorced in 1984, Carol and Joe Hamilton continued to live together for another 21 years.

Her Early Acting Career

Burnett spent a lot of time in movie theaters as a child growing up during the Great Depression when she discovered her passion for movies and her dream to be an actor.

After spending her first year in New York working as a hat-check girl and failing to get acting roles, Burnett performed The Rehearsal Club Revue on March 3, 1955, with the help of other females residing at the Rehearsal Club, after spending her first year in New York working as a hat-check girl and failing to get acting roles.

They sent out invitations to agents, who came along with celebrities like Marlene Dietrich and Celeste Holm.

Many of the females advanced because of their attendance. In 1955, they gave her a minor part on the Paul Winchell and Jerry Mahoney Show.

On the well-liked children’s show, she had the role of a ventriloquist’s dummy girlfriend.

From 1956 to 1957, she played the lead opposite Buddy Hackett in the brief-lived sitcom Stanley.

How She Rose to Stardom in Comedy

On The Paul Winchell Show in 1955, she made her debut on television.

With her Broadway performance in the 1959 musical “Once Upon a Mattress”, for which she was nominated for a Tony Award, Burnett experienced her first real taste of success.

She started appearing regularly on “The Garry Moore Show” that year, and she did so until 1962.

For her “Outstanding Performance in a Variety of Musical Program or Series” on the program, they gave her an Emmy Award that year.

She played a variety of roles, but the abused cleaning lady stands out in memory. Later, she adopted the persona as her trademark alter personality.

With her triumph on The Moore Show, Burnett attained stardom and starred alongside her friend Julie Andrews in the 1962 special Julie and Carol at Carnegie Hall.

Burnett received an Emmy nomination for her performance in Julie and Carol at Carnegie Hall, which won an Emmy for Outstanding Program Achievement in the Field of Music.

During this time, she appeared as a guest star in a variety of series, including “Cavender Is Coming” from The Twilight Zone.

By 1967, Carol Burnett had established herself as the star of her own comedy program, “the Carol Burnett Show”.

The Carol Burnett Show, in contrast to Lucille Ball’s productions, includes a range of musical numbers and sketches rather than one continuous plot.

The Carol Burnett Show

is carol burnett still alive

The Carol Burnett Show often began with an audience Q&A, followed by broad comedic skits and sketches in which Burnett made use of her expressive face for comic effect.

The Show gave its star the freedom to play a seemingly endless variety of roles, from charwomen and oppressed stay-at-home parents to the snobbiest bluebloods and aristocracy.

She specialized in absurd parodies of classic Hollywood films, and few politicians’ spouses managed to avoid her stinging parodies.

The program aired for 11 seasons before being canceled in 1978.

Later, in 1990 and 1991, Burnett made a comedic comeback on television with the shows Carol & Company and The Carol Burnett Show.

After The Carol Burnett Show, she had several appearances in movies and television shows.

In movies like “The Four Seasons, Seasons of the Heart, Noses Off, and Horton Hear a Who”, she played some of the most noteworthy roles (a voice acting role).

She also kept appearing on TV shows including Hawaii Five-O, Desperate Housewives, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, and All My Children.

She has participated in Broadway shows including “Putting it All Together” and “Moon Over Buffalo”.

Her Achievements

Due to her work on the Carol Burnett Show, the Julie and Carol at Carnegie Hall, the Garry Moore Show, and Mad About You, they have nominated Burnett for 23 Primetime Emmy Awards, with six of those nominations going to her.

Additionally, for her work on the Carol Burnett Show, she was nominated for 18 Golden Globe Awards and won 7.

Along with winning one of each; they nominated her for three Grammy Awards and three Tony Awards.

Along with these awards, Burnett also received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, two Peabody Awards, and a Screen Actors Guild Life Achievement Award.

They gave the Kennedy Center Honor to her in 2003. President George W. Bush gave her the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2005.

She won the 2013 Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.

The Carol Burnett Lifetime Achievement Award for Television, which bears her name, was given to her in 2019, and she was the inaugural recipient.

An oceanfront home in Montecito, Santa Barbara, was reportedly bought for $2 million by Carol Burnett in 1999.

Her new 5,000-square-foot, the one-story home was then extensively renovated, including the kitchen.

Burnett was reportedly planning to make the home her “main home” at the time.

Oprah Winfrey spent $50 million on a Montecito, California, house in 2001, even though it wasn’t even listed for sale.

This spawned what media outlets called “the Oprah effect,” which led other local homeowners to offer their properties for exorbitant rates.

Oprah’s aggressive real estate move apparently prompted Carol Burnett, one of these homeowners, to list her Montecito residence for $36 million.

Years later, despite her prior attempts to sell, it was revealed that Carol Burnett was still residing in her Montecito property.

However, Burnett was successful in selling her Trump Tower condo in 2008 for $5.58 million.

The opulent condo, which is 2,000 square feet and looks out over Central Park, has crown moldings.

In addition, Carol Burnett continues to possess a home in Santa Fe as well as an apartment on Wilshire Boulevard in Manhattan.

Her Struggles

is carol burnett still alive

For Carol Burnett’s family, addiction would turn out to be a recurring issue.

Burnett’s history of addiction began with her parents’ severe drinking, which led to her later moving in with her grandmother.

Carrie and Erin Hamilton, the daughters of Burnett, later battled drug addictions while their parents battled alcoholism.

Carol Burnett was distraught when her oldest daughter started doing drugs, despite the fact that she had never used drugs herself.

Carrie Hamilton’s name first rose to prominence due to her cocaine and quaaludes addiction, not her acting.

Hamilton battled her addiction and the unfavorable attention she had drawn for two years.

Later, it was known that one of Joe Hamilton and Carol Burnett’s reasons for divorcing one other was because of Hamilton’s drug problems.

The strong link between Burnett and her eldest daughter developed due to her assistance in helping her overcome her drug addiction.

Prior to her death at the age of 38 from brain and lung cancer, Carrie Hamilton made better use of her mature years and rose to fame as a television actor.

However, Burnett would continue to struggle with addiction in the family.

Erin Hamilton, Carol Burnett’s youngest child, started to battle her own drug addiction in 2020.

Burnett and her husband Brian Miller had to request the guardianship of Burnett’s 14-year-old grandson due to her daughter’s addiction.

Burnett intends to help her grandson and daughter in the same way that her grandmother helped her when her parents’ addictions got out of hand.

She counsels parents to love their children enough to let them despise them if it means letting them receive the necessary treatment for their drug addiction.

Her Tragic Losses

Carrie Hamilton

is carol burnett still alive

Comedy queen Carol Burnett’s daughter, Carrie Hamilton, died at the age of 38 from lung cancer that had spread to her brain in 2002.

The 88-year-old spoke candidly about the suffering she went through after the catastrophe. She said Hamilton battled drug addiction when she was a youngster.

From her second marriage to Joe Hamilton, a producer on The Carol Burnett Show, Burnett had three daughters; Hamilton was the oldest.

According to Burnett, her kid has a personality that is similar to her own. During her career, Hamilton co-starred in Fame with her mother and appeared in cameos on Murder She Wrote and Beverly Hills 90210.

A stage adaptation of Burnett’s bestselling memoir “One More Time” was also made possible with her assistance. Burnett continued to memorialize her daughter in her own art after her death.

Betty White

is carol burnett still alive

Carol Burnett and Golden Girls actress and animal rights activist Betty White must be included on any top female comedy actors list.

Burnett and White frequently collaborated throughout their careers in the entertainment industry and grew close friendships.

Burnett was devastated to lose yet another lifelong friend after learning of Betty White’s departure on December 31, 2021, at the age of 99.

Burnett’s belief that White is now joyfully reunited with her own deceased husband Allen Ludden has aided in her ability to cope with the death of her dearest friend.

However, Burnett was happy with White’s choice of partner.

She saw early on in their relationship that Ludden was the ideal partner for White and that no one else on earth could make White happier.

Burnett was relieved to learn that White had returned to her best love when she suddenly passed away.

Carol Burnett’s Societal Contributions

is carol burnett still alive

As a fervent advocate for the arts and education, Carol Burnett has created a number of scholarships across the nation, including the Carrie Hamilton Foundation and the Carol Burnett Musical Theatre Competition at UCLA, where she received her undergraduate degree.

Broadway Barks Across America was one of Carol Burnett’s most recent fundraising activities.

Bernadette Peters and Mary Tyler Moore established Broadway Barks in 1998, and since then, it has grown to be the largest pet adoption event in New York City.

The biggest stars in show business and Broadway collaborate to find homes for animals from all throughout the nation.

At the event, there were more than 2,000 cats and dogs out for adoption, and 85% of them were adopted there.

She also serves as the Hereditary Disease Foundation’s Lifetime Director.

The Sundance Institute, Young Playwrights Inc., the Teddy Bear Cancer Foundation, Girls Inc. of Greater Santa Barbara, and the Hereditary Disease Foundation, for which she has been named a Lifetime Director, are a few of the several arts, health, and youth charities she supports.

What is Carol Burnett Doing in 2022?

is carol burnett still alive

Carol Burnett is undoubtedly staying busy.

Although the pandemic forced the cancellation of a 2020 tour, the dates for her tour, “Carol Burnett: An Evening of Laughter and Reflection” took place this year.

This show, in a manner reminiscent of the famed beginnings of the Carol Burnett Show, gave her studio audience an unrestricted opportunity to engage Carol with questions and receive spontaneous answers.

Also, she began a project for Variety in June 2022. Alongside Kristen Wiig, a former SNL cast member, she joined the cast of the comedy series “Mrs. American Pie” on Apple.

Burnett had not appeared on television in forty years before this one. In the ten-episode series, Burnett played a 1970s member of a wealthy Florida society.


For many decades, Carol Burnett has been a role model.

Her trailblazing comic variety show, the Carol Burnett Show, which debuted on CBS, is what made her most famous.

Despite her personal misfortunes, Burnett always makes a comeback even when even the best singers and actresses frequently battle for attention.

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