Is Game of Thrones Worth Watching? (10 Reasons it is)

In the nation and around the world from 2011 to 2019, Game of Thrones ranked first in terms of viewership.

is game of thrones worth watching

People observed as their favorite characters went in search of romance, atonement, and vengeance as other characters were brutally killed off in the process.

GOT has renowned action sequences that established the bar for television violence. Without a doubt, Game of Thrones is still worth watching even after the series is done.

Is Game of Thrones Worth Watching? (10 Reasons it is)

1. Loveable Characters

is game of thrones worth watching

It can be challenging to keep viewers engaged in a show or film if the characters are not likable. The characters in Game of Thrones captured viewers’ hearts and imaginations with terrible losses, noble missions, and naïve worldviews, which was one of the key reasons the show was so successful.

The Starks

Ned Stark’s realm serves as the setting for our first glimpse of the Game of Thrones world. Because he resembles the archetypal parent and moral guy, the cherished father of four quickly becomes one of the most adored characters.

Then there is Jon Snow, who was born out of wedlock and is Ned Stark’s son. Despite being a skilled combatant, he is unable to use the Stark name because he was born outside of marriage.

Audiences support him to reach the same triumphs as his half-siblings did thanks to their royal birth because he is modest, attractive, and talented.

Of course, there are also the Stark children, who all have unique narratives. There’s Sansa, who serves as the series’ damsel in distress for the majority of it but who rapidly demonstrates bravery and strength as her circumstances alter.

In a time when it was generally frowned upon for women to engage in combat, her sisterly counterpart, Arya, decides to start fighting.

There is Bran, who experiences a horrible accident in the first episode of the show and is permanently disabled as a result. There is also Rob Stark, a brave warrior whose primary goal is to protect his family and his realm.

The Lannisters

Even the “villains” have interesting backstories of their own. The Starks wish to be killed so that Cersei Lannister and her brother Jamie can take over their kingdom.

Tyrion, their other sibling, is mostly responsible for the comedy relief in the program because of his witty comments and mischievous behavior.

The most adored character in the show, according to the votes, is Tyrion. The actor, Peter Dinklage, garnered more nominations for acting awards than any other cast member.

Daenerys Targaryen

Then, of course, there is Daenerys Targaryen, a member of a royal family that formerly used dragon power.

She is revered as the people’s princess because she constantly stands up for the defenseless and frees them from oppression.

Daenerys is compelled to wed a man from a hostile realm who doesn’t speak her language. She does, however, swallow her pride in order to become a part of his people.

As viewers cross their fingers in hopes that anything will turn out well for Daenerys, she experiences horrific catastrophes in season one.

She is one of the most adored characters on the program, and it is amazing to see how she changes from a delicate princess to a strong woman who is no longer a victim of her emotions.

All of the show’s characters, like real people, have intricate backstories that simultaneously make them heroes and anti-heroes.

As their beloved characters make dubious and immoral choices, viewers, even those who take sides, frequently find themselves at a moral fork in the road.

2. Action and Fighting

is game of thrones worth watching

The dramatic conflict and action between the characters are what attract many viewers to Game of Thrones. The actions the characters take are fascinating.

Sometimes it appears as though a conflict will go one way, but the outcome is completely different. Because you never know what will happen, it is always exciting.

Since the show had a substantial production budget, few of the action and fight scenes utilized computer-generated imagery. Real fires were lit to simulate a real war, and hundreds of extras were employed to represent soldiers in combat.

Game of Thrones never scrimped on epic war sequences, which made it more enjoyable to watch. The Night King and Viserion, Brienne and the Hound, Jamie Lannister and Euron Greyjoy, The Waif and Arya Stark, and The Mountain and the Viper have some of the best combat moments.

You won’t really experience these renowned scenes if you search for them on YouTube. You must be familiar with the origin stories and combat histories of the characters. The fierce fight sequences will become even more captivating at that point.

3. Cinematography and Visual Effects

is game of thrones worth watching

As she raises the dragons that were essential to her ancestry in later seasons, Daenerys embraces her familial heritage. Since dragons don’t actually exist, as we all know, the show relies on CGI.

The Night King, an icy, zombie-like figure with electric blue eyes, is another. Every time a fictional character, significant conflict, or graphic death appeared on screen, VFX supervisor Joe Bauer and visual effects producer Steve Kullback had to shock the audience.

Sometimes when reading the script, Kullback and Bauer questioned their ability to execute such a risky effect, but they always succeeded. Game of Thrones features the most cutting-edge visual effects available at the time because of HBO’s huge budget.

The visual effects team achieved this by largely using photography and then supplementing it with any necessary CGI. Many of the show’s stunts look so authentic because they actually were. Twenty people were set on fire by a dragon in the fifth season’s “The Dance of Dragons” episode.

Bauer made the decision to take it seriously in order to uphold the high standards of Game of Thrones cinematography.

He connected a motion-activated camera crane to a flamethrower. Twenty stuntmen were then set on fire after they had timed it to the dragon’s movements. During filming, a record-breaking twenty-two people were set ablaze simultaneously. Fortunately, nobody was harmed.

The visual effects supervisors had to meticulously research the rate of human decomposition because the show featured a lot of deaths, which made it necessary for them to appropriately integrate digital effects into the production.

Not to mention that it was shot in stunning locales like Northern Ireland, Croatia, Spain, Scotland, Morocco, Malta, and Iceland.

One of the greatest television series ever produced will inevitably remain Game of Thrones. Due to the fact that many of the stunning graphics were actually created, they will never become dated.

4. Unexpected Plot Twists

is game of thrones worth watching

Without giving anything away, a protagonist dies a horrible and premature end in one of the first episodes of the show. Although it is macabre and horrible, Game of Thrones never shied away from depicting it all on film, in contrast to other programs.

One of the show’s most cherished characters was fatally wounded at the start, yet this didn’t deter viewers; on the contrary, it further piqued their interest. If the series’ creators have the audacity to murder such a crucial character right off the bat, what might possibly happen later?

This was by no means the only unexpected passing in the collection. Many of the primary characters in Game of Thrones were killed off, and new ones were introduced that viewers could identify with.

People who you once considered to be friends or family turn against one another. Dedicated rivals find love. “Good” people turn into villains.

You’ll witness how lovable folks succumb to familial omens while others conquer their flaws. Everyone will find Game of Thrones to be an entertaining watch because it is not at all predictable.

You should watch Game of Thrones if you want a story that will delight, excite, make you cry, and then do it all over again.

It seems like a breakup when the show eventually ends after eight arduous seasons and 73 episodes. Even while it seems as though you have developed a strong emotional connection with the people, it becomes clear that you won’t learn more about them or their lives.

5. Incredible Screenwriting


Game of Thrones is based on George R. R. Martin’s book and television series A Song of Ice and Fire. D. B. Weiss and David Benioff served as the main authors.

Weiss and Benioff were forced to finish the plot on their own because the series moved forward more quickly than Martin’s books did.

They received honors from the Peabody Awards, Saturn Award, Satellite Award, and Producers Guild of America in addition to the Golden Globes, Directors Guild of America, Producers Guild of America, and Art Directors Guild.

That doesn’t even take into account the numerous Emmy nominations, which include eight consecutive nods for Outstanding Drama Series.

Weiss and Benioff had to balance giving each character the necessary screen time with keeping track of intricate family trees and turmoil that went back generations.

They planned when to include the soundtrack as well as writing and developing the various fight scenes. Tyrion Lannister’s witty comments were all written by them, and each character was carefully and carefully developed.

There is no denying that Benioff and Weiss are outstanding writers who created one of the greatest television shows of all time, despite the criticism the last season received from some viewers.

6. Woman-Centered Plot

woman centered plot

Women rarely serve as the show’s main protagonists, even now. Changed by Game of Thrones. As opposed to the clichés of fragility and fertility, women were occasionally the main subject of entire episodes and turned into representations of strength and bravery.

The Bechdel Test is generally passed by episodes of Game of Thrones. To determine whether there are enough female characters in fictional works, the Bechdel Test is used.

A minimum of two women must be present, they must interact with one another, and they must chat about topics other than men. These are the three requirements.

By portraying Daenerys Targaryen and Sansa Stark as some of the most influential figures in the show, Game of Thrones broke down barriers for women’s representation.

Without any companionship from males, they governed huge kingdoms. Then there’s Arya, who challenged conventional notions of femininity by mastering the art of combat, a task that was primarily performed by men.

The success of women in the new millennium has been and will continue to be about their ability to overcome obstacles and get greater representation both inside and outside of the world of fiction, as demonstrated by Game of Thrones.

7. Scandal and Redemption

scandal and reputation

Of course, the intricate and brilliant plot of Game of Thrones is one of its best features. It is George R. R. Martin’s creation, and to illustrate the relationships between the characters, a family tree diagram is necessary.

Everybody can find something to enjoy in Game of Thrones. Each character has a complicated backstory that the audience can’t help but be pulled to, from Cersei and Jamie’s incestuous relationship to Daenerys’ betrayal of her brother and the developing animosity between Joffrey and Sansa.

Then there is the catharsis of bringing Ned Stark, who was cut short in season two, to justice. The spectator sees his daughter Arya grow from a young, innocent kid to a strong young woman as she picks up fighting skills and develops as a character.

Bran has the chance to change since he understands that despite his disability, he can still be a valuable member of the Stark family.

The series’ last episode features the ultimate act of redemption, but you’ll have to determine whether it’s more betrayal or redemption.

8. A Big Part of Pop Culture

woman centered plot

Atop the list of all-time television programs for almost ten years, Game of Thrones ruled the charts. Game of Thrones was able to maintain the culture of eagerly anticipating the upcoming episode even while streaming websites were becoming more prevalent.

As a result of the show’s popularity, people were continually tweeting about it before, during, and after each episode. They eagerly awaited the episode’s HBO airing and then returned to it when it was uploaded to HBO Max.

Multiple actors became well-known actors as a result. Following her role as Sansa, Sophie Turner went on to make appearances in a number of other movies and television programs.

The best seasons were one to six, with seven and eight being the worst, according to many. People continue to debate the finale to this day, which shows how polarizing it is. Adding your voice to the discussion is never too late.

9. Spinoffs!


Millions of people are eagerly awaiting the upcoming spinoff series House of the Dragon because Game of Thrones had such a large fan base.

This prequel to Game of Thrones will tell the origin story of the dragons, who are descendants of the Targaryen family. Season two has already been approved. That’s not all, though. Two additional spin-off shows are under development.

One is Ten Thousand Ships, which tells the story of a Dornish warrior queen. The Sea Snake, a different book, is about a youthful Aegon V Targaryen. The topic of Game of Thrones will come up once more when House of the Dragon debuts in August 2022.

Game of Thrones is available now, so start watching if you don’t want to miss out! You need to catch up on a lot of things!

10. Some Aspects Based on History


Perhaps you’re wondering if there’s any truth to Game of Thrones. The series is based on several actual occurrences in various ways.

Give Game of Thrones a look to discover how Martin, Weiss, and Benioff incorporated these events into their largely fictitious plotline if you’re a history enthusiast curious to learn how some of history’s most famous and horrifying events played out.

A few instances of historical events from Game of Thrones include the War of the Roses, which was a series of conflicts between five royal houses vying for the British throne.

The Wall is another barrier that the TV show uses to keep wildlings out of the kingdom. It was constructed to protect the Roman Empire and is known in reality as Hadrian’s Wall.

Last but not least, there is the notorious Red Wedding episode, which is based on an event known as the Black Dinner in 1440.

After inviting the 16-year-old Earl of Douglas and his younger brother to a supper, King James II, then 10 years old, gave the order for their execution. The Dothraki were modeled by the 13th and 14th-century Mongol Empire in several ways.

The siege of Constantinople in 717–718 and the Battle of Blackwater Bay in the television drama bear striking similarities. The show makes a lot of references to George R. R. Martin’s love of history.

Game of Thrones is a must-watch if you’re captivated by some of history’s most gruesome and scandalous events.


It’s vital to keep in mind that you never know what will happen in Game of Thrones when you watch. You risk having your heart torn if you become very attached to the characters.

A further recommendation is to avoid reading too many series evaluations or fan theories prior to watching the show. If not, your perspective will get tainted and you’ll be susceptible to outside influences.

The show is much more compelling to watch if you enjoy watching action movies or learning about history. The show is made much more entertaining to watch by the fact that you may find out which elements are based on reality after each episode.

One of the greatest television series ever is Game of Thrones. If you’re unsure, watch the first episode of the show to determine if you like it.

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