Is Redbubble Legit? (10 Reasons They Are)

Have you come across the query is redbubble legit? If you haven’t already, there is no better time than right now to learn more about Redbubble, an Australian-based startup.

is redbubble legit

Redbubble is a print-on-demand online company where individuals from all over the world can sell their works of art on goods for customers to express themselves.

The development of technology has made it possible for creative but anonymous individuals to make their work accessible to millions of individuals worldwide.

You can be one of these people that sells their artwork to Redbubble, or you may sell their artwork in print-on-demand items and pay them a portion of their share.

Perhaps because not everyone is prepared to pay a premium price for original prints, customers are more inclined to buy a sticker or t-shirt with a design they enjoy.

So far, Redbubble has seen over 700,000 artists use the site to connect with consumers and produce the items of their dreams.

Is Redbubble Legit? (The Top Ten Reasons They Are)

is redbubble legit?

Yes, Redbubble is a reputable multi-million-dollar national internet corporation with excellent customer service that strives to assist in every way possible.

The website is neat, user-friendly, and safe. Products are sent from a variety of legitimate and safe places around the world.

Despite worries about the validity of organizations such as Redbubble, this Australian company is the industry leader and offers some of the finest bargains for artists and customers alike.

It can be incredibly difficult for artists to create their products, even if it comes with the bonus of more potential profit and product control.

Redbubble eliminates most of the risk associated with selling your products online.

This firm also accepts artists of different skill levels and popularity, making it simpler for aspiring artists to make a living doing what they love.

It’s necessary to be skeptical of new online markets in order to prevent fraud, but Redbubble is not one of them.

Redbubble is also a popular platform for small-to-medium-sized enterprises, organizations, YouTubers, Streamers, TikTokers, and other content creators to develop their own content.

There are several ways to show that Redbubble is a genuine website for both consumers and artists.

1. Provides Safe Payment Options

redbubble is legit

To avoid possible fraudsters, Redbubble must link all orders to a billing address that corresponds to the payment you select.

As an artist, Redbubble provides a variety of secure and trustworthy payment methods.

Redbubble accepts Visa, Mastercard, and American Express cards, as well as Redbubble Digital Gift Cards, PayPal, and Apple Pay.

Amazon Payments is also available to customers in the United States.

Those in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, or Australia can also use Afterpay or Clearpay, which allows the consumer to purchase the goods instantly and pay in four installments.

Customers in Italy, Spain, Belgium, Germany, Austria, or the Netherlands can utilize Sofort.

When buying items from Redbubble, keep in mind that you may only use one method of payment at a time, unless you use one of Redbubble’s digital gift cards.

Because prepaid debit cards cannot be combined, you ensure that there is enough money on the card to pay the entire purchase.

Fortunately, Redbubble offers a range of discounts on its website, such as bundle discounts and bulk discounts.

Bundle discounts are automatically applied when a particular number of goods are purchased from a shop, whereas bulk discounts are offered to purchases that surpass $1,000 through Redbubble’s Bulk Order Program.

2. Third-Party Printers are Used in Customer’s Location

redbubble is legit

Redbubble uses third-party print shops in the same region as the buyer who purchased an artist’s design.

Once a consumer places an order, it is Redbubble’s responsibility to determine which third-party printer is most suited to your region and the sort of goods you requested.

Those who purchase a range of things should expect them to arrive at different times, even though the order was placed and paid for all at once.

Because the items are distributed directly from the print shops rather than being selected at a Redbubble warehouse like Amazon, there is no way to guarantee that your assortment of products will arrive all at once.

Redbubble can usually help its clients avoid paying customs duties by employing local, third-party printers wherever available.

Redbubble’s goods are now available in the United States, Australia, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, the Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

Customers from Europe are the most likely to be assessed customs duties.

Because the United Kingdom is leaving the European Union as part of Brexit, European consumers can expect customs duties on any items printed and sent in the United Kingdom.

Redbubble assists its customers in ordering things online that support their local economy by employing local, third-party printers.

The collaboration between third-party printers and Redbubble also allows for more print shops to exist when physical stores are under pressure.

3. It Has a Great Social Responsibility Policy

Whereas most firms wait for problems to be reported by the public before investigating them, Redbubble is exceptionally proactive in the amount of social responsibility its customers demand from them.

Redbubble recognizes that being aware of how your company’s actions affect your stakeholders is a crucial element of being a member of the global marketplace.

A multinational company must consider not just how they influence its customers and staff, but also how they affect its host markets and the globe itself.

Every employee of Redbubble’s manufacturing line is required to place high importance on employee safety and well-being.

Manufacturers must only produce high-quality clothes and adhere to strict employee-treatment guidelines.

Those who cannot fulfill Redbubble’s employment criteria are not permitted to work for the firm.

Redbubble needs its manufacturers to get current social compliance certifications and to be entirely dedicated to following the Fair Labor Association’s guiding principles in order to determine whether they are ethical.

Redbubble is, however, deeply devoted to raising funds for worldwide incidents all over the world.

When Redbubble sells goods relating to charity events or organizations.

All earnings go to that organization, and in certain cases, Redbubble may make additional donations that are unrelated to how much a fundraising event generates from sales.

4. Redbubble Has Templates for a Wide Range of Products

Redbubble templates

Just because a design looks excellent on paper doesn’t imply it will transition effectively to other goods.

As a result, Redbubble promotes and gives templates for several items to its artists, which may approximate how the products would look in real life.

One of the main reasons that newbies may be hesitant to use Redbubble is because the product photographs are easily discernible as digital images rather than actual goods.

Individuals interested in Redbubble’s templates can access them via Google Drive.

Because of the many designs and varieties of items available on Redbubble, it would be difficult to take genuine images of each of their products, so they have opted to use computer-generated product prototype photos.

A-line dresses, pet bandanas, graphic t-shirts, duffel bags, socks, chiffon shirts, mugs, aprons, jigsaw puzzles, and other items are among the templates now available.

5. Looks for Website Security Vulnerabilities 

redbubble vulnerabilities

Redbubble recognizes that its consumers and artists are valuable sources of information about its goods and services.

If you have questions regarding your order or the security of your Redbubble account, Redbubble recommends you contact their Customer Success Team right away.

When Redbubble researches a problem, it is critical to provide its staff adequate time to fully examine and address the situation.

Although it may tempt you to immediately publicly criticize the company immediately after a problem has happened, Redbubble requests that you first discuss the issue with them before causing an outcry online.

You should also never seek or alter information from another user without their consent.

If you discover a security flaw on Redbubble’s website, never exploit it, especially if you intend to pivot to greater danger.

If you suspect that the security weakness you discovered might impair Redbubble’s service or even destroy their data, it is critical that you leave the issue alone.

You don’t want to do anything that will harm Redbubble’s consumers’ or artists’ experiences.

Broken access control, cryptographic failures, injections, insecure design, security misconfiguration, vulnerable or outdated components, security logging or monitoring failures, server-side request forgery, and code injection are all examples of website security vulnerabilities.

One of the most important ways to keep yourself secure is to exclusively use and its affiliated services.

6. It Provides Some Protection Against Art Theft

art theft

Traditional artists might not be as concerned about theft, but digital artists regularly see a decline in sales because of art fraudsters taking their works and selling them for the lowest possible price.

Redbubble has experienced significant art theft, much like many printing firms that permit artists to upload their creations.

Redbubble just added a download protection function that, when used, overlays your artwork with a translucent picture when someone right-clicks on it.

On your artist dashboard, you may find this feature under the heading “Protect Your Work.”

Redbubble also works to protect its creators by never displaying the original, high-resolution image you contributed to their platform.

However, because the printers have access to your high-resolution design, you don’t need to be concerned about resolving your design on your items.

As an artist, you must keep in mind that there is a potential that someone will submit your creation under their own name.

It’s crucial to notify Redbubble of the situation by sending a takedown notice.

Redbubble might not assist you in getting your work removed immediately from other websites, but you can try to negotiate ownership issues with the various businesses on your own.

7. Dispenses Official Fan Art via the Redbubble Partner Program

partner program

Working with issues that can cause license or copyright law expertise is one of the most challenging problems for contemporary artists.

Fortunately, Redbubble is eager to guide emerging artists through the complex world of fan art.

One of the few online stores where you can purchase a selection of legally allowed fan art is Redbubble.

With Redbubble, aspiring artists can sell artwork inspired by their favorite themes, from YouTubers to video games, with greater ease than ever before.

Companies may now enter into license arrangements with Redbubble through the Redbubble Partner Program, enabling artists to produce legally sanctioned items for a variety of brands.

The Last Unicorn, Dune, Jane the Virgin, Schitt’s Creek, Star Trek, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, Jaws, Charmed, Chris Farley, and many more well-known works of popular culture are among the brands now associated with this company.

Each company that artists will collaborate with on Redbubble will have its own set of requirements for artists.

Brands often provide a list of dos and don’ts.

For instance, if you choose to do fan art for the rock band, Kiss, you would be required to incorporate the band’s name or song titles and not use images other than those they supply.

When completing a piece item, you must use brand-specific tags. Brands will have tags they advise against, demand, or require depending on the issue.

Redbubble will then need to assess your product to make sure it matches the brand’s true preferences.

8. Effective Marketing is Done for the Artist

effective marketing

Redbubble serves as more of a logistical and marketing service for artists than a t-shirt or retail firm, despite the fact that many customers would think of it.

Redbubble handles a significant portion of the marketing, which is appreciated by many aspiring artists since it frees them up to concentrate on their creations.

Redbubble provides easy-to-use tools for developing your own marketing campaigns, such as providing you with a special URL to share with customers and a lifestyle template that enables Redbubble to advertise your items to customers who are already shopping for stuff on its website.

Redbubble is not only prepared to advertise your work on its website, but they are also searching for motivated artists who wish to market their goods outside of

Sites like Google, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Bing, and the Google Display Network are examples of off-site marketing.

Go to your settings and select “Artist Dashboard” to let Redbubble know you’re okay with them using your designs in commercials.

The “Off-Site Marketing” option may then be found under Edit Profile in your Account Settings.

Changes to your off-site marketing preferences can be made, but it may take up to four days for them to take effect on other websites.

You shouldn’t expect to see any of your items in adverts for you or even your loved ones if you choose to let Redbubble promote your design off-site.

Each Redbubble advertisement’s design is selected using an algorithm that considers the user’s profile and online interactions with Redbubble or their third-party advertisements.

9. The Default Artist Margin is 20%.

artist margin is 20%

Even inexperienced artists may profit from their passion courtesy of Redbubble’s 20% artist margin.

The base price plus the artist margin make up the sale price of a product on Redbubble.

Although the artist margin is set at 20% by default, you, as the artist, are free to change it as you see fit.

This gives artists the freedom to set the price of their goods based on any value they see.

For instance, an artist may decide to increase their artist margin if a design requires a lot of work.

Perhaps, if there were additional expenses incurred outside of Redbubble during the design process, if the artist is indeed more skilled and wants to keep an item or design exclusive, or if any other aspect of a work of art you believe justifies a higher price.

A designer may decide to reduce their artist margin if the design needs little time or effort, if they wish to stand apart from other designers who are producing works that are identical to theirs, or if they think the design might not sell as well.

If you don’t earn $20 within a month, the payment amount will accumulate until it reaches $20 and be given to the artist.

Redbubble will pay you for your designs if you make at least $20 within the month-long payment cycle, which begins on the 15th of every month.

10. Returned Goods are Not Subject to Charges for Artists

redbubble doesn't charge for return product

The fact that you won’t be charged if a customer returns your item is one of the main benefits of using Redbubble as compared to producing your own items.

A tiny artist’s success or failure may depend on reverse logistics.

Reverse logistics means moving goods through the production line inward as opposed to outward, as is customary.

When you return a product to a firm, they must get it back and provide the consumer with a fix for their issue with the product, such as a cash refund, store credit, or a new item of the same sort.

Redbubble bears the financial burden when goods are returned and consumers are unsatisfied since they are in control of the logistics for their business.

This contributes to Redbubble’s stringent requirements for the quality of its printers and manufacturers.

Redbubble blocks many sorts of dishonest customers since logistical issues do not affect you as an artist.

In exchange, you are the one that provides enticing products that draw customers to their website and persuade their loyal customers to buy additional things from them.

Redbubble may be a useful tool that will advance your profession as a freelance artist.

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