How Many Rings Does Magic Johnson Have? (Breakdown)

Barely any NBA players can guarantee similar awards and records as Earvin “Sorcery” Johnson. Other than re-characterizing the point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers, he’s one of just seven players to guarantee a NCAA title, NBA title, and an Olympic Gold Decoration.

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Likewise a Lobby of Famer, Johnson has been essential for the NBA in pretty much every limit.

He began as a player, did a tad of training, filled in as the Leader of the LA Lakers, and presently fills in as a NBA diplomat.

With his distinguished lifetime, it’s anything but an unexpected that Enchanted Johnson would have a couple of NBA titles added to his repertoire.

This is the very thing that you really want to realize about Enchantment Johnson’s title rings and the accounts behind them.

What Number of Rings Does Wizardry Johnson Have?

SACRAMENTO, CA – 1987: Magic Johnson #32 of the Los Angeles Lakers dribbles during a game played circa 1987 at Arco Arena in Sacramento, California. NOTE TO USER: User expressly acknowledges and agrees that, by downloading and or using this photograph, User is consenting to the terms and conditions of the Getty Images License Agreement. Mandatory Copyright Notice: Copyright 1987 NBAE (Photo by Rocky Widner/NBAE via Getty Images)

Monitor Earvin (Wizardry) Johnson of the Los Angeles Lakers moves the ball during a game. Wizardry Johnson has five NBA title rings.

He likewise brought home the 1979 university title with the Michigan State Spartans against Indiana State.

In 1992, he won a Gold Decoration in the Olympics in Barcelona with the other US b-ball group, otherwise called “The Fantasy Group”.

He brought home all of his NBA title rings with the LA Lakers. The years where he won his rings are:

  • 1980
  • 1982
  • 1985
  • 1987
  • 1988

Johnson would assist the LA Lakers with getting to the finals multiple times during his vocation.

Does Wizardry Johnson Have the Most NBA Rings?

Wizardry Johnson #32 of the Los Angeles Lakers remains during warm ups before a NBA game at the Incomparable Western Gathering in Los Angeles, California in 1987.

Johnson doesn’t have the most title rings in the NBA.

Notwithstanding his mind blowing details and execution, the LA Lakers just came out on top for five titles while he was with them out of the multiple times they qualified for the finals.

He likewise won no rings while he was momentarily a mentor. Regardless of that, Johnson has various different honors and grants that he’s won all through his vocation.

Charge Russell holds the record for the most NBA title rings at 11. Wizardry Johnson nearly makes the main 10 rundown for those with the most NBA rings.

In front of him is Michael Jordan and a progression of other Boston Celtics who played during the 1960s mastery period. He’s attached to Kobe Bryant.

Did Wizardry Johnson Procure More Rings?

magic johnson rings

Wizardry Johnson #32 of the Los Angeles Lakers watches Terry Watchman #30 of the Portland Pioneers during a NBA game at the Incomparable Western Gathering in Los Holy messenger

A couple of fans guessed with respect to whether Johnson might have procured more rings on the off chance that he had remained in the game.

He resigned in 1991 in the wake of learning he had HIV. Sorcery planned to keep playing, yet the media consideration and general treatment he got as somebody with HIV incited him to early resign.

He emerged from retirement a couple of times to proceed to play and performed well notwithstanding being out of the association for a couple of years.

Along these lines, that’s what some trust assuming that he had gotten back to the game for good, he might have won more rings and taken on Michael Jordan as the best in the association.

Some additionally contend that he actually would have needed to battle with Larry Bird and the Boston Celtics. At that point, the Celtics and the Lakers were archrivals.

Each group had extraordinary players as Larry Bird and Enchantment Johnson. The Celtics were the essential explanation the Lakers lost as many coordinates as they had while Johnson was all the while playing with them.

On the off chance that he hadn’t resigned or become sick with HIV, then those dangers would in any case exist. He’d have one more danger with Michael Jordan whose vocation began to take off in the mid 1990s.

Taking into account the ability that Johnson had, there’s space for contention that he could have maneuvered the Lakers into a couple of additional successes and procured a couple of additional rings.

The matches between Johnson, Bird, and Jordan would have been incredible, in any case.

What Do Enchantment Johnson’s Rings Resemble?

magic johnson rings

Johnson broadly doesn’t wear his NBA title rings out of dread of losing them. Notwithstanding, every one was hard-acquired and extremely valuable to him.

This is the thing you really want to be aware of each ring and the accounts behind them.

1. The 1979-1980 LA Lakers Title Ring

The 1980 finals had what was happening going into the last game. The LA Lakers were in game six against the Philadelphia 76ers.

The group was winning the series at 3-2, however quite possibly the 76ers could win and tie everything up, prompting a game seven.

The circumstance was much more dreadful in light of the fact that the group’s star forward, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was out of the game with a harmed lower leg.

He had harmed it in the past game. That constrained Enchantment Johnson to have his spot. It was Johnson’s most memorable year with the LA Lakers.

He was straight from school and had a NCAA win added to his repertoire. Broadly, he plunked down in Kareem’s typical seat on the plane en route to the game and told everybody not to fear. He was there to win it.

Regardless of being a tenderfoot, Johnson demonstrated he had what it took to lead the group. In game six, he finished with a sum of 42 places and 15 rebounds.

He additionally had seven helps. Through his endeavors, the group would overcome the Philadelphia 76ers 123-107.

It was an unbelievable second that solidified his notoriety and spot in the group. He likewise won the NBA Finals MVP grant. The 1980 title ring kept things straightforward and exquisite.

The essence of the ring was round and included a ball all over. At the focal point of the ball is an enormous white jewel. It addresses the principal win of the ongoing period.

They called this specific period of the LA Lakers seasons, “The Kickoff Time”. Likewise on the essence of the ring are the words, “NBA,” and “Title holders.” 

One side of the ring has a basic NBA logo plan on it with the year on one or the other side of it in gold lettering. The opposite side of the ring is a smidgen more customized.

It has Johnson’s name on it and beneath that is the LA Lakers’ logo. Underneath that is a portrayal of the field where they played the last game.

On the lower part of this piece of the ring is the last score of game six. It’s written in brilliant lettering and says, “123-107”. It’s a sign of approval for the staggering exhibition of Johnson and the group over the 76ers

2. The 1981-1982 LA Lakers NBA Title Ring

While the Lakers passed up a title in 1981, they returned furiously in the 1982 season. Yet again they wound up facing the Philadelphia 76ers.

The series was nonstop ever changing which drove straight up the last game. Johnson acquired a normal of 18 places and 9 bounce backs for each game.

He likewise had 9 helps for each game. One of the concluding minutes in the series occurred in the absolute first game. The Lakers were playing on the home court of the Philadelphia 76ers.

Regardless of not being on their home turf, they figured out how to leave with success. The 76ers returned game two on their home court to tie the series.

Game three was back in Los Angeles and permitted the Lakers to sparkle again. Johnson scored 22 focuses during this game which acquired them another success. They pulled ahead again in game four.

Johnson helped set them up by scoring 24 goals in the game. Game five was another nail-gnawing match. The groups were secured in a tie at the half.

At the point when the last part began, the 76ers figured out how to pull in front of the Lakers and kept themselves alive in the series. This prompted a game six. It was back on the court in LA.

The field objectives had a specific effect in this game. The Lakers arrived at the midpoint of 54% of their field objectives while the 76ers simply figured out how to score 45% of their field objectives.

The Lakers would wind up dominating the match and the finals. Johnson had an unimaginable record for this specific game.

He had a triple which implied he had scored 13 focuses, had 13 bounce back, and had 13 helps. He’d proceed to guarantee his second NBA Finals MVP grant.

The ring for this specific season was additionally rich and straightforward. Planned by Balfour, the ring was made of 14-karat gold. It had purple finish all over to give recognition to the group’s tones.

At the focal point of the ring is an enormous white precious stone that addresses the chunk of the title prize. The side of the ring shows the NBA logo in its standard shades of blue and red.

In gold lettering is the year where they brought home the title. The opposite side of the ring has Johnson’s name on it.

The LA Lakers’ logo shows up underneath that. This side of the ring likewise includes a b-ball circle with their end of the season games record close to it.

It likewise has the words, “End of the season games” and their record, “12-2.”

3. The 1984-1985 LA Lakers NBA Title Ring

A great deal was riding on the 1985 NBA Title game. The Lakers were facing the Boston Celtics in the finals. They had been in that position the earlier year and had lost the game.

It had been harsh for them, particularly since the Celtics had turned into their adversaries. The Lakers were hoping to seek their retribution.

The Celtics, then again, were hoping to get a consecutive success. It hadn’t occurred for quite a while.

There were likewise a few changes to the NBA overall during this period. The arrangement of the game had changed to permit more travel time between games to give players and their mentors time to rest.

This new configuration would keep on being set up until 2013. The two groups were uniformly coordinated.

The Celtics had a slight edge with an ordinary season record of 63 successes and 19 misfortunes. The Lakers had a customary season record of 62 successes and 20 misfortunes.

As the series began, the Lakers had a lackluster display in game one. Kareem, specifically, had a harsh day.

He was delayed to answer the Celtics and basically had circles gone around him. He realized he had played ineffectively and sorted himself out to play better. He did exactly that.

The group returned more grounded after that to dominate four matches. They simply lost two to the Celtics.

It was whenever the Lakers first had won against the Celtics. It was additionally whenever Johnson first had crushed Bird, his renowned adversary.

Likewise with their different rings, the establishment went with Balfour to plan and deliver their title ring. Balfour decided to switch the plan this time up.

They picked a dull purple foundation for the front of the ring. The title prize was created completely out of a progression of white jewels.

An enormous white precious stone likewise made up the b-ball in the prize. The white jewels play well against the distinct purple foundation.

Likewise along the essence of the ring are the words, “Los Angeles Lakers,” and “Title holders.” There was some more personalization on the sides of the ring, as well.

On one side were the words, “Purple Rule.” It’s a sign of approval for the group’s tones and their inconceivable loss over the Celtics.

Underneath the words, the Lakers’ logo shows up. It matches the logo on their shirts all the more intently because of the utilization of purple lacquer in the b-ball.

They likewise have the score of the series underneath the logo. It follows “LA 4” and “Bos 2.” These show the four wins that LA had over Boston’s two.

On the opposite side of the ring is Johnson’s name over the NBA logo. The creators decided to involve the purple foundation for the NBA logo again to additionally address the group’s tones.

The extended time of the title is additionally on this side of the ring. The ring utilizes 14-karat gold.

4. The 1986-1987 LA Lakers NBA Title Ring

The contention returned for the 1987 title. The Celtics had recovered their retribution during the 1986 finals, yet presently it depended on the Lakers to understand their vengeance.

The group was going into the finals with an incredible normal season record. It was their second-largest number of wins ever.

The primary round of the series began basically enough. Johnson drove the group with 29 places, 13 rebounds, and eight helps. He additionally had no turnovers in the game.

They’d dominate match one with a score of 126-113. The subsequent game saw an adjustment of strategies with the Boston Celtics.

They attempted to drive the Lakers to depend on their other colleagues by shutting Johnson out. They actually figured out how to perform well because of Michael Cooper and Byron Scott.

Indeed, even Johnson actually figured out how to play well with a record of 22 places and 20 helps. Boston at long last returned game three.

Bird increased his game to assist the group with succeeding at 109-103. Game four was one of the most extreme in the series.

The Celtics were winning however the Lakers tied it up in the last five minutes of the game.

Boston started to lead the pack once more, yet the Lakers got up to speed thanks to a rear entryway oop from Johnson to Kareem.

With 12 seconds left, Bird figured out how to score a couple of additional focuses which took the Celtics back to the lead. Kareem shot one of two field objectives to inch the Lakers closer.

Notwithstanding, it was Kevin McHale and Mychal Thompson who incited the ball to leave limits on the Celtics.

It allowed Johnson the opportunity to do his lesser skyhook and figured out how to put it through the circle. The Lakers won with a limited 107-106 triumph.

That constrained a game five which the Celtics took with the assistance of home court advantage. The last game saw a significant return from Kareem who had shaved his head for the game.

At age 40, he had his eyes set on a fifth ring. With an extra sure thing from Johnson, the Lakers started to lead the pack and kept it for the rest of the game.

Johnson had brought home his fourth NBA title ring. He was likewise named the NBA Finals MVP.

The ring, again made by Balfour, exhibited their amazing successes by utilizing five precious stones on the substance of the ring.

The gold lettering on the face peruses, “Title holders Lakers,” and it additionally gives the time of the title. One of the sides of the ring shows Johnson’s name and their customary season record.

It likewise shows their general record for the whole NBA year. On this side is additionally the NBA logo.

The opposite side of the ring highlights the words, “Drive for Five,” which was a proverb and mantra for the group. Specifically, it was a gesture towards Abdul-Jabbar.

Beneath that is the Lakers’ logo and the game series’ score against the Boston Celtics.

5. The 1987-1988 LA Lakers NBA Title Ring

Dissimilar to their past matchups, this time the Lakers would wind up engaging for the title against the Detroit Cylinders. During the procession for last years’ title win, Pat Riley guaranteed another title win in 1988.

That promptly placed an objective on the rear of the Lakers. The players played hard and satisfied the commitment.They wound up in the last series against the Detroit Cylinders.

The Cylinders had assembled another group nicknamed “The Awful Young men” for their physical and guarded interactivity. Game one saw the Cylinders win notwithstanding being in LA.

The Lakers would answer in game two. They would have rather not been beaten on their home court.

Johnson additionally had influenza during this game, yet he figured out how to score 23 focuses no different either way. Game three saw them going to Detroit

Notwithstanding playing on another person’s turf, the Lakers figured out how to pull ahead and dominate the match. Johnson was still sick with this season’s virus, yet he figured out how to get 18 focuses.

The series would go on with each group combating it out until they wound up playing in a game seven. It was the primary game seven the NBA had seen beginning around 1984.

It was a tight game until the end, yet the Lakers figured out how to sneak ahead with a complete score of 108 to 105. To commend the unbelievable success, the title ring utilized a few precious stones all over.

It likewise involved a huge white jewel as the focal point of the ring. A purple foundation represents the group’s tones.

On one side of the ring is the NBA logo with the words, “One after the other,” to recognize the unimaginable consecutive success of the LA Lakers.

The opposite side of the ring has Johnson’s name on it and the record for the game series. It peruses, “Lakers 4” and “Cylinders 3.”


Enchantment Johnson had an unbelievable profession that traversed quite a while. During his experience with the LA Lakers, he figured out how to procure five NBA title rings.

His troublesome openness to HIV finished his vocation early, yet he’d proceed to turn into an effective financial specialist and NBA minister.

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