National Boyfriend Day: All You Need to Know

The National boyfriend day is an holiday to celebrate boyfriends all over the world. Celebrating your boyfriend on this day shows that you value and love him.

National Boyfriend Day

An Overview of the National Boyfriend Day

The National boyfriend day is an holiday that holds on October 3rd of every year. It began in 2014 by the users of the internet.

The National boyfriend day arose to mildly oppose the National girlfriend day which usually holds on every 1st August.

Guys are to be celebrated, because of their great impact in our lives. In March 2016, the National boyfriend day got prominence and attention from lots of people globally.

However, since boyfriend day has come to stay, we should all use this day to show the world and our “special man” how important boyfriends are to us.

Reasons to Celebrate your Boyfriend

We all have various reasons why we celebrate our boyfriends, but here are top 3 reasons why you should celebrate him on the National boyfriend day:

1. They try their absolute best to make you happy. If you are with a guy that doesn’t give you the happiness you deserve, it means, he doesn’t value you. Real boyfriends make their girlfriends happy.

Most guys go out of their way, to show they care, sometimes whether they have the financial backup or not, they give treasurable items to their partners.

2. Your boyfriend is someone you can tell everything to and he doesn’t use it against you or probably loves you less than he should. A  boyfriend bears your secrets and burdens and doesn’t tell the world how imperfect you are.

3. Boyfriends are always there whenever you need them. A guy is always ready to hear how his girlfriend’s day went, who pissed her off, etc. These and many more is enough proof you have a wonderful guy worth celebrating.

How to Celebrate your Boyfriend on National Boyfriend Day

Most guys take the National boyfriend day celebration seriously, and they expect that they are treated and shown so much love on this day.

Thus, below are some great tips on how to show your man how much you care about him on such a special day:

1. You should buy him a gift. No matter how small it is, or how much it is worth, you need to get your boyfriend something that will always make him remember you.

 2. Take him out: The same way our boyfriends take it upon themselves to take us out regularly, should be the same way we should take them out especially on this day. You do know his favorite hang-out spot, take him there.

3. Write him a love note: Most guys appreciate gestures like this. You know what your relationship has been like and only you know the reasons you are crazily in love with this guy. Put it down to writing and send it to him.

4. You can go see movies together. You can decide he chooses the movie he’d love to see, or you pick something you know he’d love and get on with it.

5. Do a couples thing: You can plan maybe a couples game, picnic, massage, day-out etc. Find out which one you’d prefer, probably something you guys haven’t done before and do it.

6. You can cook his favorite meal together if you decide to stay home. If you think cooking or baking is boring or stressful, it is probably because you haven’t tried it out with your boyfriend. Go on YouTube and learn how to garnish your meals.

National Boyfriend Day Quotes

Asides from taking your boyfriend out and having fun, you may as well decide to gift him a card or send him a message to tell him how much you adore having him in your life.

National Boyfriend Day

Here are some quotes you can send that will put a smile on his face:

  • You bring bliss into my life, and I glow every time I am with you.
  • Thoughts about you distracts me in many ways and yes, I do love the fact that you are all I can always think of.
  • Moonshine, you give me all the goose bumps that makes my heart feel content that I have you.
  • Loving you makes me feel like God divinely made you for me. You mean much more than I can express.
  • We’ve created so much memories, let’s create some more Cupcake, because I’ll always be here with you.
  • I now understand that love alone isn’t enough. I cherish how you accept my imperfections and love me regardless of my flaws.
  • You’ve become one of my most favorite person on earth. I love the fact that I can share my love with you, you’re my Gem!
  • I love how we can be silly together, and you still curl me up in your arms and make me feel like the most amazing girl.
  • All the moments we spend together, are worth it because you genuinely show that you love me for who I am.
  • I am blessed to have a caring, smart and adorable boyfriend like you. My heart will always be yours, I love you My Jewel!

Frequently Asked Questions

A couples day is an holiday just like the boyfriend or girlfriend’s day. It was created for couples to celebrate their love and time together. This holiday is usually held on the 18th of August every year.

The National girlfriends day is celebrated on the 1st of August annually. Kathleen Laing and Elizabeth Butterfield’s book, “Girlfriends Getaway” published in 2002, was launched on the girlfriends day.

“Desire” conveys a deeper meaning than love. Desiring is something you wish for, strongly want to do or crave. It relates to both a physical and emotional connection that can be very overwhelming.

Asides from celebrating boyfriends on October 3rd, there are great days also celebrated on the same date yearly.

These days include; National poetry day, Blue shirt day, Mean girls day, Child health day, World architecture day, and National Kevin day.

You don’t have to only kiss your boyfriend on his lip, you can try other exciting kisses too like; kissing him on his jaw line, neck, ears, back, shoulders, wrist or probably nibble just his lower lips.

Yes, there is a “Kiss your Mate Day” which is always held on the 28th of April. On this day, you have the opportunity to share a kiss with whoever you love and publicly if you so please.

The National boyfriend day should be celebrated in a way that proves you love your man, and should create a cherishable memory in his mind.

Whether the relationship is new or not, if you claim you love him, you have to prove it to him and to the world at large.

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