Why is Petland so Expensive? (Top 10 Reasons)

You may have wondered, why is Petland so expensive? This article contains all you would want to know about Petland prices, the top 10 reasons why it keeps increasing, and much more.

Why is Petland so Expensive?

Petland continues to sell puppies and other animals, despite the fact that many pet stores have moved away from selling puppies in order to focus on selling pet supplies.

Because it can be difficult to find a breeder for a specific breed, Petland provides convenience. It sells both purebred and mixed-breed dogs.

However, the cost of those puppies is frequently quite high. A puppy at Petland costs between $2,000 and $10,000 on average.

Here are ten reasons why Petland is so pricey.

Why is Petland so Pricey? (Top Ten Reasons)

1. Interest Rates

Why is Petland so Expensive?

One of the reasons Petland is so expensive is that they provide financing. If you discover that you cannot afford a $7,000 dog, Petland provides financing.

They collaborate with a number of banks in order to lend you money for the purchase.

You will then be required to repay the loan with interest. The issue with Petland’s lending services is that the interest rates are often exorbitant.

They can reach 2.2% at times.

Those who are unfamiliar with interest rates should be aware that an interest rate is calculated based on the amount of money owed.

It adds a percentage of that amount, the interest rate, on top of your initial debt.

This is the additional amount earned by the lender in order to profit from lending. The higher the percentage, the more money the lender receives from the debt.

The issue with lending is that, while your dog may have only cost $7,000 at first, a high-interest rate could mean that you end up with $14,000 by the time you’ve paid it off.

That’s why it’s always a good idea to weigh interest rates against the actual cost of an item or puppy. You may end up paying twice or three times what the dog originally cost.

2. Credit Card Services

Credit Card Services

Petland also provides credit card services in addition to lending services. You may be able to open a credit card with Petland, subject to credit approval.

The card can be used to purchase pet supplies or even puppies. The issue with using their credit card to purchase goods is that it increases the cost of your purchases.

A Petland credit card has an APR of 29.99%. That is significantly higher than the national interest rate.

The card’s interest rate can be calculated by dividing it by the number of months in a year.

This results in an APR of around 2%. The national interest rate ranges between 1.5% and 1.75%.

As a result, credit cards are among the most expensive types of credit available. A card with a good APR is one that has an APR of 14% or higher.

There are also a few troubling requirements on the card. To keep the card, you must make at least one purchase with it each year.

This may not be ideal for someone who wanted to use the card to buy a puppy or a few supplies. It also has a $2.00 minimum interest charge per credit plan.

That may not seem like much, but it can add up over the course of a year. There’s also the fact that using a credit card makes everything more expensive.

When the price is high but the interest rate is low, it is a better deal than when the price is low but the interest rate is high.

Petland puppies are pricey if you use their lending options.

3. Purebreds

Why is Petland so Expensive?

Petland can be an expensive place to shop depending on the type of dog you buy. Purebreds cost more than mixed breeds.

This is due to the fact that they require careful breeding. Purebreds can only mate with members of their own breed.

It ensures that the breed remains consistent. However, the breeder must exercise caution to avoid inbreeding.

If there is inbreeding, the parents may pass on genetic defects to their children.

Because purebreds are all bred together, there is always the possibility of one of them carrying a genetic defect or disease.

If they breed with another dog who has the same defect or disease, the chances of their puppy developing or having the disease increase.

Purebreds are more expensive to breed in order to avoid this. Breeders must submit their purebreds to genetic testing to ensure they are healthy enough to breed. That comes at an additional cost.

This is then factored into the price of their purebred puppies, which Petland purchases. Petland then raises the price of their purebreds to recoup their losses.

Purebreds are not only more expensive to breed, but they are also more desirable and popular. Many households prefer a German Shepherd over a German Shepherd mix.

They might prefer a Bulldog to a Bulldog mix.

Because these breeds are popular and in high demand, Petland can charge high prices for them. There are only so many puppies of that particular breed that can be sold.

If there is a high enough demand, the price will be high as well. Purebreds are expensive at Petland due to the cost of breeding them as well as their popularity.

4. Pet Care

petland prices

Petland does not only sell goods and supplies for pets. They sell living beings.

That means they bear a lot of expenses. They must keep their puppies alive and healthy in order to sell them.

If they sell a sick puppy to a family, there is always the possibility that they will file a lawsuit.

Petland makes every effort to keep its puppies healthy in order to avoid costly lawsuits.

This includes plenty of food, water, and toys to keep them active and entertained. Pet food alone can be very expensive.

Certain dog breeds consume a lot of food, while others do not. Depending on the age of the dog, they may eat more during a growth spurt.

Even cheap dog food can add up quickly if you buy a lot of it. They must also ensure that their puppy stores have the proper climate.

It must be at the appropriate temperatures and have adequate lighting to keep them safe and comfortable.

A puppy’s health is jeopardized in a store without air conditioning or heat. Those appliances, too, cost money to run.

Petland spends a lot of money to keep puppies healthy and alive. To stay in business and make a profit, they must charge higher prices for their dogs and supplies.

This would not be the case if they only sold pet supplies.

However, running their business costs is high because they must feed, water, and entertain their puppies. As a result, their prices are exorbitant.

5. Size of Store

petland prices

A specific Petland store may also be expensive due to its size. Larger stores can house more puppies, but they are also more expensive to run.

For starters, they must pay to rent the space. The higher the fee, the greater the amount of space rented.

This includes any outdoor areas as well. Dogs require a lot of space to roam and run in order to be happy and healthy.

Stores without an outdoor area are unlikely to be suitable for carrying live animals. The issue with having an outdoor space is that it can be expensive.

The store must not only rent it but also maintain it. This includes lawn care and fencing to keep the dogs on their property.

Larger stores also have a more extensive inventory. While this means they can make more money, it also means they have more expenses.

They must pay for shipping those products in. They also require more supplies to care for additional puppies.

The larger the store, the more expensive it is to run. Petland must raise its prices to cover the costs.

6. Veterinary Fees

Veterinary Fee

One point of contention with Petland is the cost of veterinary care. Taking a dog to the vet is an expensive proposition.

Because Petland has so many dogs, vet bills can quickly mount up. As a result, they do not always take a dog to the vet when it first exhibits symptoms of illness.

This can be extremely problematic because the dog can infect other dogs. It can even make people sick who come into contact with the dog.

However, when Petland takes their puppies to the vet, they incur significant costs. They must pay for any ongoing medication that the dog requires.

If the puppy requires surgery, it must pay for the costly surgery as well as all associated costs.

Even vaccines and other shots can add up when you have to administer them to a large number of dogs.

Petland raises the prices of its dogs and supplies to ensure that they can continue to operate and cover future costs.

Some dogs may be more expensive than others because they were ill at one point and ran up some vet bills.

Other dogs may be more expensive because they are in perfect health and are helping to cover the costs of less fortunate puppies.

Petland is expensive because they must ensure that they have enough money to cover vet costs when they accept an ill dog.

7. Breeders

petland prices

Petland purchases dogs from breeders all over the country. Because Petland purchases their puppies instead, they must recoup their investment.

That’s why they frequently choose to buy from breeders across the country, who can provide them with a large number of puppies at low prices.

They can then resell those puppies for a much higher price and profit handsomely.

Dogs purchased from reputable breeders are more expensive because the breeder incurred additional costs to ensure the health of their puppies.

Because these puppies are more expensive to purchase, Petland must mark them up in order to recoup their investment and make a profit.

Petland is pricey because they buy puppies and resell them instead of breeding the dogs themselves.

8. Popularity

petland prices

Certain breeds of dogs are more popular than others. If a dog breed is “trending,” it will be more expensive, just like everything else.

This is due to the high demand for that particular breed of dog. Any seller who sells that type of dog will want to take advantage of the trend as much as possible.

Petland is no exception. Bulldogs and pugs are popular right now.

This is why they are more expensive than other dogs in many Petland stores. They are aware that families and prospective pet owners desire that breed of dog.

They are more willing to pay a higher price to get their dream dog. Because supply is limited, or at least less than demand, the price of the dog rises.

When a particular dog breed becomes more popular, its price rises as well. Petland sells its trending dogs at high prices in order to make a profit, making them expensive.

9. National Supply is Scarce

petland prices

A few recent events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, have also contributed to Petland’s high prices.

Many people sought companionship from animals because they were confined to their homes and unable to socialize with friends and family.

Others discovered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to finally own a pet while at home. This resulted in a surge in puppy sales across the country.

This also meant that certain breeds were no longer available.

With an extremely low supply of certain puppies across the country, any available supply of that breed is expensive.

That’s because the demand for that particular breed of dog was so high that owners were desperate to get their hands on one.

Petland is able to charge a premium for dogs that are difficult to find due to a national puppy shortage. Prices for some puppies will remain high until breeders are able to replenish their stock.

10. Costs of Labor

Costs of Labor

Petland must pay its employees in order to care for the animals, stock the store, and run the business.

While these employees are not veterinarians, they must be able to provide basic animal care.

That is, they earn slightly more than the minimum wage.

Petland charges exorbitant prices for their pets and supplies in order to cover the costs of their employees.

How to Save Money When Buying Petland

How to Save Money When Buying Petland

If you don’t want to spend $10,000 on a puppy or another pet at Petland, you have a few options.

Use these suggestions to save money at Petland.

1. Purchase from a Shelter

petland prices

The best way to save money on pets is to purchase them elsewhere. Petland’s marked-up prices can be quite high.

A shelter, on the other hand, usually sells for a low price. They are more concerned with finding a loving home for an animal than with making a profit.

Adopting a shelter pet can easily save you thousands of dollars.

2. Don’t Purchase on Credit

Don't Purchase on Credit

Buying on credit almost always ends up costing more than the original purchase. You’ll end up spending more money than you planned.

Instead, save until you have enough money to buy the pet out of your savings. Avoiding interest rates will save you a lot of money.

3. Select Mixed Breeds

petland prices

Unless they are unhealthy, purebreds are always more expensive than mixed breeds. If you want a cheap dog and don’t mind the breed, a mixed breed is a great choice.

They’re often healthier and less expensive than purebreds.

How Much Do Dogs Cost at Petland?

If you want to buy a dog from Petland, you can expect to pay between $2,500 and $10,000. The cost will vary according to the breed.

If you want a purebred puppy, you’ll have to pay more than if you want a mixed breed. You might be able to negotiate the price, but it will depend on the store.

Contrary to popular belief, Petland is not a chain, but rather a privately owned company, with each store run by its own private owner.

Having said that, each store has its own set of rules.

Why are Petland Puppies so Expensive?

Petland is a retail store with price increases due to interest rates, credit card services, veterinary care for animals in their care, breeder costs, and labor costs.

Every dog owner understands that taking your dog to the vet can be expensive, and Petland spends a lot of money on vet bills in order to keep each dog healthy.

Some believe that the dogs in their care do not receive adequate veterinary care due to the high costs, which is one of the stores’ controversial issues.

Because of the high prices, some people choose to buy their dogs or puppies on credit, and Petland even provides lending options.

Of course, you must repay the store with interest, which can reach over 2%. They also provide a credit line through the store, but the interest rate on such cards can reach 29.99%. Ouch.

Petland must pay the breeders from whom the dogs are obtained, which is costly. To make a profit, they must raise the prices in order to recoup some of the money.

Finally, they have kennel technicians and other store employees on the payroll, as well as maintaining the store’s climate in proper conditions for the animals, all of which costs money.

Final Thoughts

Petland sells a wide range of costly pets and products.

The majority of their expenses are related to the costs of purchasing the pets from those other breeds and trying to run their business to keep the pets intact.

Instead, you could save funds by trying to adopt a pet from a rescue or shelter. To save money on your new pet, use the advice provided above.

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