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Great resumes are important for every job seeker, but they’re especially important for Product Managers. This article shows you how to make your Product Manager resume stand out, and land your dream position. Read through for comprehensive information on product manager resume.

product manager resume

Importance of a Resume When Applying For a Job

As a product manager, you play a critical part in a company’s overall success. Product managers set a product’s direction and promote a company’s rationale for developing or building it.

So, when you’re ready to start looking for a dream job, you’re likely to bring an outstanding skill set with you. Product managers who work well are curious, organized, and self-aware.

They are also skilled at establishing clear, quantifiable objectives and directing cross-functional teams to achieve significant results.

The Major Resume Challenges

In writing a resume as a product manager one of the most common challenges is how you can highlight all of your skills and experiences.

Because product managers are so versatile, it may be tempting to list all of your previous duties and accomplishments on your Resume. However, a crammed resume isn’t the purpose.

The goal of your product manager’s resume is to get you an interview, not to detail everything you’ve ever done. Consider your Resume to be a highlight reel rather than a thorough list of all you’ve accomplished.

How to Begin Creating a Product Manager Resume

When it comes to creating a resume, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. You don’t have to list all responsibilities for every job you’ve done; instead, consider how to match your experience to the position you’re going for.

Ask yourself the following questions when you conduct your research:

What excites you about this new position?

What evidence can I present in the form of successes and metrics?

Why am I so eager to change jobs or careers right now?

What relevant work experience do I have that directly relates to the job requirements?

What talents can I use to emphasize my qualifications?

The answers to these questions will help you decide what to be included in your Resume. The greatest job seekers then personalize their resumes to the precise organization and position they are looking for.

Gather as much information as can about the hiring manager, organization, and product team.

Things to Include in a Product Manager’s Resume

product manager resume

A good resume is succinct, easy to read, and expresses the essence of your personality. It explains what you’ve accomplished and what you’re working on now.

Using bullet points, sections, and concrete examples, a hiring manager can quickly examine and analyze your resume. For a resume that stands out you should include the following elements:

1. Go Over the Job Description Again

Customizing your resume goal to match the wording of a specific job description might help you demonstrate to the hiring manager that you have the necessary abilities and expertise.

Examine the job description and make a list of the most important responsibilities so that you may address them in your resume aim.

If the job description stresses new product development and market research, for example, you might include such skills in your resume aim.

2. Job Overview

Begin with a description of your experience and professional highlights, emphasizing your qualities and talents that are relevant to the position.

Identify a few important outcomes you’ve achieved to assist the hiring manager or recruiter to see what you can add to their company.

Avoid using jargon or cliches that don’t provide value (like ninja or guru).

3. Skills and Credentials

Here, you should pick a few crucial qualifications to add. You can choose the qualifications that are most directly related to the job description or that best demonstrate your qualifications to limit your resume objective between one and three phrases.

This skills section contains information on your work experience and areas of interest. Include job duties that are most similar to the position you are looking for.

Hard skills like “user experience design” and “strategic planning” should be prioritized; soft talents like “detail-oriented” and “resourceful” should be used sparingly.


4. Accomplishments

Next, make a list of your qualifications using your CV. Years of experience, credentials, successful past projects, and soft skills such as communication and prioritization are examples of these.

List any product management experience you have in the company’s industry or a comparable subject. If you attended a prestigious program for product management or a comparable subject, you might additionally provide your educational background.

You can reuse this list for various positions if you’re writing custom resume objectives for many job applications. Include critical metrics to demonstrate your ability to make measurable contributions in previous roles.

Job obligations are transformed into accomplishments that tell a more meaningful story when tangible metrics are used, such as the number of employees managed, the frequency of shipped features, or the amount of money saved.

5. Certifications and Education

In this part, provide your university education, continuing education, and any certificates. Continuous learning demonstrates that you are keeping up with advancements in the field of product management.

Compare your notes on the job description to your list of qualifications, and pick four or five characteristics or achievements to highlight in your resume objective. As a result, you’ll be able to write a statement that directly answers the hiring manager’s requirements.

6. Link to Relevant Work Samples

Showcase your greatest work to give companies a better idea of your capabilities. Include links to your LinkedIn profile, website, or other relevant work samples you’ve worked on or led, such as product launches.

7. Consider Your Career Objectives.

A good resume aim shows the recruiting manager what you want to accomplish if you obtain the job. Hiring managers like candidates with clear professional objectives since they are more likely to be promoted within a few years of being recruited.

Employees that are motivated are more likely to be satisfied at work and to stay with a company for a longer period of time.

Consider one or two main professional goals for the job when writing your resume objectives, such as assuming a leadership role, launching a new product line, or exceeding sales targets.

8. Proofreading and Revision

Create a concise overview of your qualifications and goals using the information you’ve gathered.

You can use full sentences in your resume summary, but you can also use sentence fragments and bullet points to convey the most information in the shortest amount of time.

After you’ve finished writing your resume objective, have a friend or family member read it and provide criticism on your wording and structure. These suggestions can assist you in revising your resume objective before putting it after your contact information.

What Recruiters are Looking For in Your Resume?

Keywords, experience, and skills are the top three things recruiters look for in Product Management resumes.

1. Skills and Abilities

On your Product Manager resume, interviewers want to see both hard and soft skills. Technical talents are quantitative abilities such as analytics, designing, or coding.

Soft skills are primarily regarding your personal character and how you interact with others in the workplace.

The ideal technique to get the endorsement of both the hiring manager or recruiter, and the applicant tracking system is to incorporate Product Manager resume keywords into your resume’s skills chart.

2. Expertise and Experience

When the recruiter sees your resume, they will look at your work history to see whether it matches what they are looking for. Don’t be concerned if you have a Product Manager resume but no prior experience in the capacity of a product manager.

Working as a product manager in the past isn’t the only way to gain experience. It’s all about how you explain your transferable skills when it comes to putting your experience on a Product Manager resume.

This is where both your hard and soft abilities will be put to use.

3. Keywords and Phrases

Passing it through the applicant tracking system requires well-chosen keywords. These Product Manager resume keywords could be related to user experience design, strategic planning, or analytical and organizational abilities.

Formatting Your Product Manager Resume

When it comes to formatting your resume, there are several factors to pay attention to as they can widen your chances of landing a job interview.

1. Structure

Do yourself a favor and leave your biography and summary off the top of your ideal Product Manager resume. Simply replace it with your name, phone number, and LinkedIn URL. Nobody will read your summary anyway, and there are unlikely to be any keywords included.

Instead, place your skills chart in the top center of your resume. Your Product Manager qualifications are more important to recruiters and application tracking systems than your generic “about me” section.

Your employment history and experience are listed below the skills chart. If you haven’t worked as a Product Manager before, that doesn’t imply your previous experience is irrelevant.

2. Font Type

Changing your resume typeface, whether you utilize a template or not, may be a game-changer if done correctly. Consider your personal branding if you want to stand out. You want your font to be clean and basic, but it also gives you the opportunity to make your CV stand out.

Comfortaa is a basic and clean font that works well for Product Manager resumes. Calibri is a good font, however, it’s been overused a lot.

Avoid using Times New Roman because it will make you appear younger and less experienced. This is because Times New Roman is usually always the font of choice when writing a college essay.

3. Arrangement Format

Each position has the same number of bullets. This appeals to the recruiter’s eye and makes it easy for the applicant tracking system (ATS) to read your resume.

Each position should have no more than five to six bullets.

On your résumé, list no more than three to four positions. The most recent positions are the only ones that matter.

In your bullets, you should have an equal quantity of hard and soft talents. This demonstrates that you are a well-rounded applicant.

We advocate using a plain Product Manager resume sample. This will make it easier for the applicant tracking system and the recruiter to skim through your resume and find the most crucial information.

Make your Resume for a Product Manager two pages lengthy. You want to add as many keywords as possible without jeopardizing the accuracy and reliability of your resume.


Tips for Writing a Product Manager Resume

Here are some guidelines to help you write an excellent product manager resume objective:

1. Start With the Most Relevant Qualifications

You can mention your primary strengths at the front of your resume summary to swiftly show the hiring manager who you are. The qualification you use to lead your resume aim may be determined by the job description or your strengths list.

For example, if you’ve worked in product management for more than ten years, you might prioritize that qualification to demonstrate the breadth of your experience to the hiring manager.

If the job description lists a product category that you’ve handled in previous roles, you could start with that to demonstrate your relevant experience.

2. Research the Firm

Knowing more about the organization will help you tailor your resume objective to demonstrate to the hiring manager that you’re a suitable fit for the position.

Hiring managers frequently favor candidates that understand and share the company’s values or mission, as these individuals are more likely to enjoy their work and contribute positively to the workplace culture.

A mission statement on a company’s website is a common way for them to convey their ideas. You can tie your resume objective to the company’s mission if you study the mission statement and notice that your experience reflects these principles.

3. Highlight Awards and Certifications

Another technique to show the hiring manager that you’re a skilled and professional product manager is to highlight your relevant certifications.

Because these programs certify a candidate’s talents, product manager certifications might be valuable qualifications in a resume aim.

Incorporating a qualification into a resume goal will instantly demonstrate your abilities to a hiring manager, thereby increasing your chances of getting an interview or phone screening.

4. Create an Excellent Resume Summary

Starting your resume with a compelling summary is the quickest method to demonstrate to companies that you’re qualified for the product manager position you want.

A resume summary is between one to five sentences of the introduction of your experience, important abilities, career accomplishments, and any other credentials, with the purpose of encouraging the hiring manager to read on.

A summary is an excellent place to start when writing a product manager resume since it helps you to rapidly emphasize your most important qualities without wasting the hiring manager’s time.

Here’s an excellent product manager resume summary example:

“Product manager with more than 9 years of expertise in defining brand strategy, analyzing product performance, and implementing strategic marketing to increase revenue.

Led five teams to ensure on-time product delivery, resulting in a 15% increase in revenue and a 10% reduction in product development expenditures.”

5. Quantify Your Employment Experience

When adding employment experience to your product manager resume, make sure to quantify it and use action verbs.

Hiring managers can have a better understanding of how effective you were at your former job and how you contributed to the firm by quantifying your work experience with concrete facts, statistics, and/or metrics.

Furthermore, using action verbs in your product manager’s resume makes your application more intriguing and entertaining to read.

6. Highlight Your Product Management Skills

Highlighting the correct product manager skills on your resume is the ideal way to show them that you’re capable of assisting them in producing amazing goods that meet client expectations.

This is because product managers are largely reliant on research to build exceptional products, and hiring managers will want to know that you have the skills to succeed in this role. 

Product managers require a wide range of hard and soft skills due to their managerial and technical responsibilities. Because product managers are responsible for meeting client requests with the products they help develop, excellent market research and analytical abilities are required.

Skills to Include in the Resume

As an individual applying for a product manager position you will need a combination of hard skills and soft skills.

The following are skills that will be beneficial to your application process when writing a resume.

Soft skills for a product manager


Communication skills

Critical thinking skills

Interpersonal skills 

Leadership skills 


Time management skills 

How to Incorporate Soft Skills

These are bullets that represent your skills as a leader and/or communicator, such as your capacity to collaborate, when it comes to soft skills.

The word “collaboration” appears several times in these bullet points! Here’s a good selection of soft skill examples:

‣ “The architecture/technical considerations taken in the squad were discussed.”

‣ “Supported and facilitated product training and launches.”

‣ “Contributed to the company’s overall technology strategy and provided feedback to technical teams developing products on top of the infrastructure.”

”Identified and enabled the implementation of operational and support requirements”

“I communicated with various cross-functional areas, exchanging product ideas, recognizing potential difficulties and concerns, and working together to resolve them.”

Hard Skills for a Product Manager

Product management

Product life cycle

Product design

‣ Product Roadmap

Quality assurance

JIRA & Agile software 

A/B testing

Beta testing & troubleshooting

SWOT analysis

Brand building 

Cross-functional teams

Product launch

Customer & data analysis

Financial analysis and forecasting

UX/UI Design


Market research and trend analysis

Risk management

Knowledge of programming languages (CSS, HTML, JS, Python)


How to Incorporate Hard Skills

Consider things you do with your hands or things you practically go out and get done when it comes to hard skills. To help you started, here are some good product manager skills resume examples:

‣ “Guided product priorities, plans, and overall strategy by the product strategy.”

”In a fast-paced, Agile environment, I managed mobile product development, working directly with developers and stakeholders to achieve successful product and feature launches.”

”Collaborated and aided engineering efforts, I created wireframes and design prototypes and collaborated with design resources to do so.”

”Worked with sales and marketing to have a better understanding of the market’s potential and competitors.”

”Paired backlog with ready-to-use feature requirements, ensuring that engineers are never stuck.”

”Gathered customer needs, product simulations, user requirements, and stakeholder comments in order to develop new products and improve existing ones.”

 Sample Template for Product Manager’s Resume

As you begin writing your product manager resume, the following templates can help you in crafting yours.

‣ Resume Heading


Email | Phone | Address | Linkedin 

‣ Summary of Your Resume

Product Manager with [number of years] of experience. I’m looking to use my [essential skills] to fill the role of [Product Manager].

A devoted employee who wants to help [Company’s Name] reach its goals of efficiently designing and creating products while also taking on additional responsibilities as rapidly as possible.

‣ Work Experience

Most Recent Product Manager Position

Employer Name/Location/Start-to-Finish Year

Include a bulleted list of your significant product management duties and accomplishments.

Make sure to emphasize how you assisted the company in developing exceptional products, such as completing market research, assisting them in exceeding sales goals, and managing multiple teams at once.

Evaluate your product manager experience whenever possible. For dollar amounts, or for individuals and products, use numerals.

Previous Job Title: Product Manager

Employer Name/Location/Start-to-Finish Year

When mentioning previous product manager jobs, make careful to utilize past tense verbs.

Instead of “responsible for” and “duties entailed,” incorporate action verbs into your product manager’s work experience.

Each product manager’s job experience entry should have at least three bullet points.

‣ Expertise

Hard skills, such as knowledge of JIRA and Agile technologies, should be highlighted. Soft skills, such as excellent interpersonal, time management, and managerial skills, should be included.

‣ Education

Degree/ Major     Degree/major

University, Location | Start Date – End University, Location | Start Date – End 

Objectives of a Product Manager’s Resume

A product manager’s resume objective or goal is a component of a resume that describes a candidate’s qualifications and career aspirations.

After their contact information and before their professional experience and educational information, a product manager job candidate might include that section.

While the length of a resume objective may vary depending on the candidate’s skills and objectives, these sections are typically one to three sentences long and may feature bullet points.

If a candidate is looking for numerous jobs, they may want to tailor their resume goal for each one. The benefits of having resume objectives are vast. Objectives in a resume do the following:

‣ Helps you find a job as a product manager

‣ Make your resume stand out from those of other applicants

‣ Demonstrates to the hiring manager that you match the position’s fundamental standards highlighting your professional ambitions and potential for leadership

‣ Encourage the recruiting manager to look over the rest of your resume

‣ Increases your chances of getting an interview or a phone interview

Templates for Product Manager Objectives

A product manager role with a SaaS startup is sought by an experienced coder and team leader.

Sample 1

I am a passionate problem-solver and thought leader in cloud app development, driven by data, outcomes, and customer needs. Agile approaches are second nature to me, and I’m fluent in multiple coding languages.

Sample 2

Transcorp Software, LLC is looking for a Junior Product Manager to join its team. I’m excited to help Transcorp Software, LLC build new fintech product lines for small and mid-sized enterprises,

as I have a dual experience in computer engineering and business administration. I’m a natural collaborator, an outstanding communicator, and a results-oriented manager.

Sample 3

Product manager with eight years of manufacturing experience looking for a Senior Product Manager position with QPR Manufacturing. From consumer research through sales strategy execution, I’ve worked on the whole product lifecycle.

I hope to use my talents to help QPR develop new product lines that exceed sales targets and position the company as a leader in industrial production.

Sample 4

Professional project manager seeking a career change to product management in a growing automotive services firm.

With over two decades of expertise in the business, I am familiar with all elements of automotive service device development. Supervisor and mentor to entry-level staff who is Agile certified.

Sample 5


Product manager with 12 years of telecom expertise looking for a new challenge in IT networking support products.

Overseeing the creation of over 15 new product lines with the goal of exceeding sales targets while staying on budget. With a love for learning and development, I am results-oriented.

The most significant part of your Product Manager Resume is the skills chart. A skills chart is a graphic that lists relevant talents on your Resume.

Because the ATS is based on a keyword algorithm, your resume may not make it to the eyes of the employer if you don’t include one on your Product Manager resume.

Your talents chart will also inform your recruiter that you are a candidate with whom they should set up an interview.

Using Action Verbs in a Product Manager Resume

product manager resume

Every accomplishment should begin with an action verb appropriate for the product manager position. As a manager, you may have “directed” or “coached” a team, “created” strategic insights, or been “promoted” ahead of schedule thanks to your abilities.

Product managers should emphasize their abilities to lead a team, evaluate a product or system, minimize expenses, and improve client uptake. Focus on your accomplishments rather than your essential responsibilities, and hiring supervisors will pay attention.

You may have “overhauled” an aging system, “aligned” the aims of different departments, or “introduced” a new method as a communicative innovator.

The following are action verbs you can include in your resume.





















Although it is critical to set yourself apart and your resume from the rivals, you must also consider the hiring manager who will be reading your resume. Every day, this recruiter goes through hundreds of resumes.

A resume that is too colorful or imaginative can be difficult to read, and bad formatting can make it tough for the hiring manager to collect the facts they need. You want to be remembered for your abilities and expertise, not for the color and layout of your resume.

Please leave your questions and comment in the comment section below. Feel free to share this article with your friends and loved ones.

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