Shoreline Community College 2023 Review

Shoreline Community College is a public community college in Shoreline, Washington. It is located in a residential area east of Shoreview Park. Read through for more information on Shoreline Community College

Shoreline Community College

Brief Information About Shoreline

Founded in 1964, Shoreline Community College is a public-accredited college, renowned for providing high-quality education and helping students achieve their dreams.

The shoreline is among the top 20 community colleges in the U.S. for international student enrollment (IIE Open Doors data) with a strong commitment to serving a global student body.

Located in Seattle, Washington, Shoreline has a strikingly beautiful campus and is surrounded by some of the most spectacular natural scenery in America.

Seattle is one of the fastest-growing port cities in the U.S. and home to major world-class companies such as Amazon, Boeing, Microsoft, and Starbucks.

Community College Definition

Community Colleges are two-year colleges that are mainly attended by the locals around the college. Students attending the local community college can live at their place and attend college which saves them time and money.

These colleges are also affordable when compared to universities so students with limited economic means prefer these colleges.

The most preferred programs here are diplomas, certification programs, and taking up two-year associate’s degrees. There are various advantages of studying at community colleges such as:

It is more affordable than universities.

‣ It is very easy to get accepted.

‣ They work with smaller classes.

‣ Bachelor’s Degrees are less expensive.

‣ You will get the American College Experience.

‣ CC Laws allow you to stay and work for a year after graduation.


Colleges in Washington 

Common Courses taught at the Washington state community colleges have an ampersand (“&”) symbol appended to the course prefix.

To avoid confusion between courses, pay careful attention to the ampersand as some courses that look similar are different (e.g., ENGL& 101 and ENGL 101) and may have very different UW equivalencies.

2+2 University Transfer

The 2+2 University Transfer program is one of the most popular programs at Shoreline.

We offer over 90 areas of study such as art, biochemistry, business, communication studies, computer science, economics, engineering, music, psychology, etc.

Shoreline students earn an Associate’s degree which is equivalent to the first two years at university and then transfer to a four-year university for two more years to complete a Bachelor’s degree.

Our expert faculty academic advisors will help students develop individual plans and achieve their academic goals. There are many other ways for supporting our students with transfer success, including:

‣ Hold transfer fairs with over 100 universities twice a year

‣ Host transfer workshops, alumni panels, and university rep visits every quarter

‣ Offer transfer admission guarantee (TAG) with our partner universities


Where Do Shoreline Students Transfer?

Our students successfully transfer to top universities around the U.S. Here are just a few:

U of Washington

UC Berkeley

UC Davis

UC Los Angeles

U of Oregon

Boston U

U of Minnesota

U of Michigan


Cornell U

U of Texas

Indiana U

Purdue U

Georgia Tech

Seattle U

Washington State U

Early College/High School Completion

International students can begin college early and earn a high school diploma from Shoreline.

Our college credits count toward both the college degree and high school diploma requirements, saving both time and money. To apply to this program, students need to:

‣ Be at least 16 years of age

‣ Be in good academic standing

English as Second Language

Shoreline Community College

Shoreline offers beginning to advanced levels of academic English to help you succeed in college. While taking higher levels of English, students can also enroll in college-level courses.

Shoreline students do better, get higher grades, and are more prepared when they enter a four-year university.

Professional/Technical Programs

Shoreline offers more than 50 professional/technical programs leading to an Associate of Applied Arts and Science degree or a certificate.

These programs are uniquely designed to prepare students for work in specific career fields.



Tuition and fees at community colleges typically cost 50%-70% less than at public and private universities. The cost to attend Shoreline for one academic year (9 months) is approximate:

Tuition, books & fees


Living expenses




‣ Source: College Board

Housing at Shoreline Community College

Students can choose to live on campus in our newly opened residence hall, with an American homestay family, or on their own in a local apartment or shared housing.

Our beautiful, state-of-the-art residence hall has many other conveniences, including a full kitchen in each unit, activities in the hall that students participate in, and public transportation just steps from the building.

Why choose Shoreline Community College?

‣ Over 90 areas of study

‣ Excellent record of transferring to top U.S. universities

‣ High academic standards

‣ Small class sizes

‣ Excellent student support services

‣ Fun and engaging student activities

‣ Beautiful campus and safe environment

‣ Located in Seattle – a vibrant, cosmopolitan port city

How to Apply to Shoreline

Online application

‣ Copies of transcripts

‣ Bank statements or other financial documentation

‣ $50 application fee

Frequently Asked Questions

Shoreline is among the top 20 U.S. community colleges out of 1,462 nationwide for the number of international students it hosts (IIE, 2019).

Their residence hall is available to all Shoreline students who are at least 17 years old. Located in the heart of the College’s 83 acres, the building features 68 units that house 216 bed spaces with shared living rooms and kitchens.

Shoreline Community College is well known for its excellent academic programs and dedicated professors. It is widely recognized as one of the region’s finest two-year colleges.

Shoreline Community College is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities.

Average cost before aid is $19,838 and Average cost after aid $7,221

Shoreline is a suburb of Seattle with a population of 56,267. Shoreline is in King County and is one of the best places to live in Washington.

Colorado College/Acceptance rate

For international students, tuition for the 2022-2023 academic year is $182.50 USD per credit hour. The table below projects a budget for one year, including a summer semester based on minimum, full-time enrollment of 12 credit hours per semester.

Founded in 1964, Shoreline Community College is a public accredited college, renowned for providing a high-quality education and helping students achieve their dreams.

CSN Team.

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