How to Use Walmart Curbside Pickup: Literally Everything You Need to Know

Walmart is a well-known superstore, providing a variety of goods for those with average budgets. Given its popularity, Walmart frequently experiences crowds. It’s challenging to enter and exit swiftly without being distracted or waiting in a long line at the register, especially on a busy day.

Walmart Curbside Pickup

Fortunately, Walmart offers pickup services to make it easier and quicker for you to complete your Walmart purchase, allowing you to concentrate on the other items on your daily to-do list. The better you understand Walmart pickup services, the more you can benefit from the service.

One of Walmart’s temporary pickup towers may have been there if you visited Walmart between 2017 and 2019. These massive 17-foot automated towers functioned as enormous vending machines, distributing goods to and Walmart app users who choose to pick up their online orders in stores.

More than 1,500 stores across the nation had Walmart pickup towers when they were at their peak. But as the pandemic progressed, these enormous robotic vending machines started to disappear as the venerable big-box retailer chose to focus on curbside pickup and delivery in order to encourage social distancing.

Along with Walmart layaway and Walmart Express stores, Walmart pickup towers are now essentially extinct. After perhaps 300 pickup towers were taken out of operation and another 1,300 or so were placed in “hibernation,” the pickup tower service was all but abandoned.

Walmart’s curbside pickup is still available even though many limitations from the pandemic era have been relaxed. Many customers still value ease, even with social distance being less of a focus.

This guide will lead you through everything you need to know if you want to try out Walmart curbside pickup, whether it’s because you want to be safe or just prefer not to have to get dressed.

What Is Curbside Pickup at Walmart?

Pickup at Walmart

Walmart expanded its service in May 2020 to include non-grocery items like toys, tech, cosmetic products, home staples, gifts, and much more as customers became more interested in safer, contactless pickup options.

Walmart offers customers who shop on or through the Walmart app the convenience of curbside pickup from their local store. You can place your order online and arrange a designated pickup time to get it from the store using the Walmart curbside service.

Walmart’s curbside service allows you to remain in your vehicle while an employee places your item into your trunk, in contrast to conventional shop in store pickup options. There is no need to get out of your front seat or even unbuckle your seat belt when using this contact-free option.

Remember that not all items offered by Walmart are eligible for curbside pickup, even though it is an option for thousands of items (we’ll go into more detail about the alternatives below).

How Curbside Pickup at Walmart Operates

Using the Walmart app or, you can place an order for pickup. You can utilize the search feature of the Walmart app to shop for both groceries and non-groceries at the same time.

The first step is to log into your Walmart account. Sign up on the website for a free Walmart account if you don’t already have one. Your name and email address are required in order to do this.

Reserve a Time Slot in Step two. After logging in, scroll down to the “Reserve pickup or delivery” section of the homepage and click the “See times” option. Check to see if your neighborhood store is listed before clicking the “Pickup” button. Next, decide when you want to pick up your order. Press the “Save” key.

The third step is to go shopping. You are now ready to begin shopping! Ordinarily, your reservation will last an hour, giving you that time to place your purchase.

To find things or to explore by department, use the search bar. Pick the “Pickup & shipping” filter, then choose the “Pickup” option, and click “View results” to filter your results by goods that are available for pickup. Add the products you want to your cart.

The fourth step: check out. To begin the checkout lines and procedure, select “Continue to checkout” after clicking the cart symbol. You can check your order, designate a backup pickup person, and choose whether to accept substitutions in the event that any of the items you bought are out of stock.

Click “Place order” once you have entered your payment methods and information. When you do, you ought to get a confirmation email for your purchase.

Choose Your Order in Step 5. In most cases, you can pick up your order at any moment within or after the time period you’ve selected. Look for an email from Walmart telling you that your order is ready for pickup before leaving for your local store. When your order is prepared, you ought to get a text message if you selected text notifications.

In the event that you receive an alert, proceed to the store and locate the curbside pickup spot in the parking lot. Call the number on the sign to let a store employee know you’ve arrived after parking in a reserved spot. You may also use the app to check in and let Walmart know you are on your way, which will make the process go more quickly.

Whether you call ahead or use your phone to check in, a salesperson will come out as soon as possible to bring your purchase to your parking spot and load the products into your car.

Does Using Walmart Pickup Require the Walmart App?

Nope! If you’d rather, you can place your complete order using a web browser and check in over the phone when you get there. When you get to your allotted parking area, just dial the number on the sign.

However, if you use the Walmart app to check in before picking up your item, the pickup process will go much more quickly.

Before leaving the house, you can let Walmart know that you are on your way by using mobile check-in. In this manner, your order will be prepared to be picked up as soon as you get to the store.

What Can I Buy and Pick Up at Walmart?

Walmart offers curbside pickup on thousands of items, including video games, art supplies, cookware, home improvement products, fashion, and accessories. It is no longer limited to only groceries.

By choosing “Pickup & shipping” and then “Pickup,” you may narrow down your search results to only show items that are available for pickup.

Additionally, you can spot eligible items by keeping an eye out for the label that reads “Pickup” in the product information on the search pages. As an alternative, you can check the product page for a “Pickup today” button or another indicator that the item is available.

Is it Possible to Cancel a Walmart Pickup Order?

If a day pickup order provides the option, you can cancel it or make changes to it if it appears on your purchase history. Normally, you have the option to cancel an order while it is being processed.

Find the order you wish to cancel, scroll to the bottom, then click “Request cancellation.” to cancel it. You’ll receive an email from Walmart informing you of the successful cancellation of your order.

What Happens if I Miss the Time for Walmart Curbside Pickup?

Walmart will keep your order for you for up to seven days even if you are late for your scheduled time window. You have seven days to visit Walmart and pick up your item after being informed that it is ready. Walmart will cancel your order and give you a refund if you don’t pick it up within a week.

Do I Tip the Walmart Curbside Person?

Employees are not allowed to take tips under Walmart rules. To tell Walmart about your experience, think about completing the post-order survey.

When Can I Pick Up My Order at Walmart?

On most days of the week, from 7 a.m. to as late as 10 p.m., curbside collection is offered at participating Walmart stores. Be aware that orders ordered after 4 p.m. won’t be delivered until the morning after.

How Much Does Curbside Pickup at Walmart Cost?

On orders over 35 dollars, curbside pickup is free. For a service charge of $5.99, curbside delivery is available for orders under 35 dollars. Additionally, Walmart does not mark up its curbside prices, so you will pay the same prices as if you were shopping inside.

Is There a Minimum Order for Walmart Curbside Pickup?

Nope! Curbside pickup orders under $35, however, will also come with a $5.99 service charge.

How Does Curbside Pickup at Walmart Pharmacy Work?

At a few locations, Walmart offers contactless curbside pickup for prescriptions purchased at the pharmacy. To reduce contact, several retailers also provide drive-through pickup service for prescriptions in addition to curbside collection.

Can I Order Groceries from Walmart for Curbside Pickup?

Yes, you can! For supermarket products including vegetables, baked goods, fresh grocery, meat and fish, dairy and eggs, and more, Walmart still offers curbside pickup. Even better, if you’d like, you can combine groceries and non-groceries in the same curbside pickup order.

Can I Use Walmart Rewards for Orders for Curbside Pickup?

Yes. Orders for curbside pickup are merely online orders, and as such, they qualify for Walmart Rewards. After your order is picked up, the incentives (if you purchase a qualifying item) will show up in your account within 24 hours.

Since you will have already checked out online, you won’t need to scan your QR code while picking up your order. Find out more about Walmart Rewards.

How to Use Walmart Curbside Service: 6 Useful Tips

Are you prepared to order something from Walmart for curbside pickup? To ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible, consider the following parting advice:

1. Make a plan. You might be able to receive your order in as little as four hours, depending on how busy the Walmart store location is. You might have to wait longer if the store is busy processing many orders, so be sure to place it as soon as you can. Additionally, you won’t be able to pick up your order until the morning if it is placed after 4 p.m.

2. State your preferences for substitutes. Walmart will replace an unavailable item in your order for no extra charge with an equivalent that is “as good or better.”

Before placing your order, you should indicate on the Review Order page’s “Substitution preferences” section whether you prefer not to have replacements for unavailable items.

3. Use the app to check in. You don’t have to use the mobile app to check-in for curbside pickup, although it’s much quicker if you do, as we previously mentioned.

You can let Walmart know you’re coming by using the mobile check-in feature of the app, and a customer care agent will be waiting with your order when you get there.

4. State Your Preferences for Bagging. Walmart may or may not charge a modest extra if you want your order to be packed up, depending on local legislation. At checkout, you can deselect “bag cost” if you don’t want to use bags.

5. Choose a backup pickup person. Unsure about your ability to obtain the order yourself? You can add a substitute if you think someone else might pick up your Walmart curbside order on your behalf. To do this, modify “Pickup person” and provide their details at checkout.

6. Don’t Stress About Price Increases or Drops. Here’s a neat feature of Walmart’s curbside pickup service: Suppose the price changes between the time you place your order and pick it up. You don’t need to seek a price match or return anything because Walmart will automatically honor the lower of the two prices.

Not everyone has the time to spend an entire day shopping at Walmart. For consumers who prefer to place an order via the website or the app and pick up their item once the Walmart team has assembled it, fortunately, pickup services are available. It eliminates the need to shop and stand in line.

Additionally, it can aid in preventing customers from splurging on unforeseen items while perusing the store’s aisles, which would raise the overall cost of the shopping trip.

The order can be picked up inside the store, or you might even have the choice of curbside pickup. Consider using Walmart’s delivery services if you don’t have a vehicle. Delivery is not free, despite the fact that pickup is.

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