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What can you do with a Political Science Degree?

Learn about the top careers for political science majors, including core competencies, required skills, and job descriptions for each of the positions.

What can you do with a Political Science Degree?

What can you do with a political science degree?

Political science careers include work in government, political campaigning and lobbying, teaching, nonprofit leadership, journalism, and public policy research and advocacy.

If you go on to get a master’s or professional degree, you may be able to work as a professor, political scientist, or lawyer with a bachelor’s in political science.

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Things You can do with a Political Science Degree

You may be able to get some jobs right out of college if you have a traditional or online bachelor’s degree in political science.

You can pursue a variety of interesting careers with additional work experience or education.

When looking for political science jobs, consider the following popular paths:

Political Scientist

Political scientists may work in government. You may research or consult on political systems or political trends, or you may perform public policy research, advocacy, and consulting work.

As a political scientist, you might also seek work in elected government. You may find yourself interacting with elected officials for campaign consulting, lobbying, or performing policy analysis.


Combining a political science degree with a professional degree in law is a strategic foundation for working as a lawyer, a legislative analyst, or as an elected lawmaker.

As a lawyer, you may also find yourself equipped for jobs in public policy and advocacy work in government or with a nonprofit organization.

In regards to a political science background, you may be interested in civil law, civil rights, or social and public policy.

Public Relations or Fundraising Manager

As a political science major, you may use your developed understanding of public opinion trends and surveys to work in public relations or fundraising.

Working in public relations could mean supporting, advising, or managing a political campaign too.

Roles in public relations or fundraising could involve creating campaign strategies and materials or conducting polls and doing public opinion research.


Since both high school and college students are required to complete courses in government and civics, jobs in teaching can make great political science careers.

With a bachelor’s degree in political science and any necessary state or local licenses, you’ll typically qualify to be a high school teacher.

An advanced degree in political science may qualify you to teach political science classes in community colleges or universities.

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Journalist or News Analyst

Journalist or News Analyst

As a political science major, you may develop insights into political systems and constitutional law as well as skills in writing, communication, and analysis.

These insights and skills can translate into to a career in journalism.

In most cases, working in journalism means gathering and reporting news for a media outlet.

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These outlets include radio, television, magazines, political journals, or digital news outlets. Reporters often investigate news topics, find and interview news sources, and broadcast or write news reports.

In conclusion, as with many other professions, political science is a highly competitive field.

The current academic market is crowded with graduates competing for a limited number of academic positions, and the public policy world presents its own set of professional challenges.

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