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What can you do with a Public Health Degree? – 2023

In possession of a public health degree and asking yourself, “What can you do with a public health degree?” Embedded in this article is the answer to your question.

What can you do with a Public Health Degree?

Before you apply to a program or request financial aid, consider what a public health degree can provide.

What industries hire public health graduates, and what jobs do they hold? In other words, what can you do with a degree in public health?

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What Jobs are Available with a Public Health Degree?

Depending on their educational attainment, experience, and specialty, public health graduates have numerous career options.

They work for the government, state and local public health agencies, consulting firms, research organizations, universities, hospitals, and non-profit organizations.

They could work for international or international health organizations, counseling centers, nutritional education organizations, or large industrial firms.

There are also opportunities to collaborate with law enforcement or first responders to facilitate emergency or disaster planning and policies. Examine some of today’s most popular and lucrative public health careers.

Fields and CareersAvg. Growth Rate (%)Avg. SalaryMin. Education
Biostatistics & Informatics+16.5$76,838 
Community Health+16$87,077 
Emergency Management+8$74,420 
Environmental Health+10$73,513 
Epidemiology & Research+9$69,660 
Global Health+18$98,950 
Maternity and Child Health+31$98,424 
Medical Practice+ $57,227 
Mental Health+23$46,464 
Public Health Education+15$61,640 
Public Policy & Administration+ $61,443 
Social and Behavioral Health+16$41,610 
Public Health Averages13.83$70,821 

What can you do with a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Health?

bachelor’s in public health (BPH), is the most basic degree level for new college students and returning professionals.

This option requires students to enroll in and complete general education courses such as English, mathematics, and history, as well as specific courses related to public health, including environmental health, human disease, healthcare delivery, and principles of public health.

You can venture into the following fields with your public health degree:

1. Community Health Specialist

In this career field, specialists are needed to manage different specified illnesses and their exposure.

These specialists work closely with epidemiologists and disease specialists to conduct investigations and provide site management in the case of exposures.

2. Quality Improvement Coordinator

These professionals help improve public health education programs.

Job responsibilities may include conducting site reviews, tracking data and managing input, responding to questions or concerns about public health programs, generating documents and site reports, and coordinating public health programs.

3. Public Health Administrator

Public health administrators plan and implement disease prevention programs and public services.

They may also ensure the quality of these programs meet national recommendations and make changes or improvements if necessary.

As a primary component of this career field, professionals may work as a connecting source between local prevention agencies and policies regarding public health programming.

4. Research Assistant

Research assistants in public health can work for laboratories, colleges or research agencies to help find answers to health-related questions.

Typically, research specialists will work in a specific domain of public health, such as testing for specific diseases or illnesses.

Recruiting research participants, conducting part of research studies, and analyzing data may be some responsibilities of professionals in this field.

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5. Prevention Specialist

Prevention Specialist

Prevention specialists may specialize in preventive services for the community or another segment of society.

Planning preventative services and programs, communicating about these programs to the public, and evaluating program efficiency are all responsibilities.

In conclusion, the positions listed above represent only a small subset of those available to those interested in working in public health.

Please visit our Public Health Career Guide for more information on other public health career opportunities.

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