What College did Patrick Mahomes Go to?

 – What College did Patrick Mahomes Go to? –

Patrick Mahomes is an American football quarterback in the NFL who gained notoriety on the football field while playing college football.

What College did Patrick Mahomes Go to?

Are you curious about who Patrick Mahomes is and what his high school and college experiences were like?

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Who is Patrick Mahomes?

Patrick Lavon Mahomes II was born on 17 September 1995 to parents Randi and Pat Mahomes.

His father Pat was an MLB pitcher who played for the New York Mets, Texas Ranger, Minnesota Twins, Boston Red Sox, Chicago Cubs, and the Pittsburgh Pirates.

His mother Randi Mahomes  was a full-time mother while Patrick was growing up but now works as a private events coordinator for the Hollytree Country Club.

Pat and Randi had two more children, a son named Jackson — who is a rising TikTok star, and a daughter named Mia.

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Pat and Randi married in the 1990s, fresh outta high school, but divorced when Patrick was 11 years old. Despite their divorce, the pair remained civil and have been Patrick’s biggest supporters.

After successful high school and college football careers, more on that down below, Patrick began playing for the Kansas City Chiefs and has no plans on leaving the team until he retires from the NFL

Patrick is an incredibly skilled football player, and his annual salary of USD $45,000,000 proves this. So does the fact that he is the first half-billion-dollar athlete in sports history.

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Patrick Mahomes’ High School Education

It’s unclear where Patrick went to middle school, but it is known that he was heavily involved with a Christian youth group.

His mother, Randi Martin, says that Patrick “got saved” in middle school and his faith stuck with him from these early days right through to adulthood.

Patrick attended Whitehouse High School, in Whitehouse, Texas.

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Unsurprisingly, he was focused on athletics and was a three-sport star as a high school student and played baseball, basketball, and football.

It was while a student at Whitehouse High School that Patrick met his future wife, Brittany Matthews.

She’s a year older than him and was in the grade above him, but the pair began dating when Patrick was in the 10th grade.

What did Patrick Mahomes Study at College?

Patrick Mahomes is an American football quarterback in the NFL who gained notoriety on the football field while playing college football.

We know that he’s been a devoted sportsman for most of his life, but what did Patrick Mahomes study at college?

Patrick Mahomes’ College Education 

After Patrick graduated from Whitehouse High School in 2014 he went to Texas Tech University where he played both college football and college baseball.

Though he was a talented player in both sports, Patrick decided that he would have to give one up.

His 2015 statement read “Moving forward, after speaking with my family…I feel it is in my best interest to concentrate solely on football and academics this spring.”

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