What College has the Most Heisman Trophy Winners?

Here are the colleges with the most Heisman Trophy winners from 1935 to today. The award is given annually to the most outstanding player in college football.

What College has the Most Heisman Trophy Winners?

On Saturday night in New York City, the Heisman Trophy, first awarded under a different name in 1935, was presented to the top college football player in America.

LSU quarterback Joe Burrow, the overwhelming favorite, became the Tigers’ first award winner since Billy Cannon in 1959.

Since 1935, which university has produced the most Heisman Trophy winners?


Colleges with the Most Heisman Trophy Winners

The following is a list of the top five colleges that have produced the most Heisman Trophy winners:

Ohio State (Seven Times)

Winners from Ohio State include: 1944 Les Horvath, 1950 Vic Janowicz, 1955 Howard Cassady, 1974 & 1975 Archie Griffin, 1995 Eddie George, 2006 Troy Smith

Archie Griffin did something in 1974 and 1975 that has never been matched. The Ohio State running back became the first and only player ever to win a second Heisman.

At 5-foot-9, 180 pounds, he was the Buckeyes starting tailback all four years, at time in which they tallied a 40-5-1 record and four Big Ten titles.

Through 12 games as a junior, Griffin rushed 1,695 yards for 12 touchdowns. As a senior, he showed more versatility, rushing 1,450 yards for four touchdowns and receiving 170 yards on 14 catches.

Oklahoma (Seven Times)

Winners from Oklahoma include: 1952 Billy Vessels, 1969 Steve Owens, 1978 Billy Sims, 2003 Jason White, 2008 Sam Bradford, 2017 Baker Mayfield, 2018 Kyler Murray

Kyler Murray, the born and bred Texan who originally signed with Texas A&M, found his footing in Oklahoma in the shadow of Baker Mayfield’s 2018 Heisman performance.

No pressure, right? The junior quarterback closely mirrored Mayfield’s senior season, passing for 4,054 yards and 40 touchdowns and leading Oklahoma to a 12-1 record, a Big 12 title and a College Football Playoff berth.

In comparison, Mayfield threw for 4,340 yards with 41 touchdowns and led the Sooners to their first CFP.

Notre Dame (Seven Times)

Notre Dame winners include: 1943 Angelo Bertelli, 1947 John Lujack, 1949 Leon Hart, 1953 John Lattner, 1956 Paul Hornung, 1964 John Huarte, 1987 Tim Brown

As of 2019, the two oldest living Heisman winners shared similar paths to their legendary careers.

With nine years apart, John Lujack and Paul Hornung led their respective Notre Dame teams through strong senior seasons. 

Lujack, the oldest living Heisman recipient, completed 61 passes for 777 yards and ran for 139 yards on 12 carries, and Hornung rushed for 420 yards on 94 carries and completed 59 passes for 917 yards and three touchdowns.

In 2019, the cycle continues. For the third year in a row, an Oklahoma transfer quarterback is in the Heisman spotlight again.

Jalen Hurts will try to be the Sooners’ eighth Heisman winner in program history.

Southern California (Six Times)

Southern California winners include: 1965 Mike Garrett, 1968 O. J. Simpson, 1979 Charles White, 1981 Marcus Allen, 2002 Carson Palmer, 2004 Matt Leinart 

Southern Cal has been a running back factory for most of its existence.

All of the Trojans’ Heisman winners prior to Carson Palmer in 2002 had been running backs, and Marcus Allen added to that incredible run with his record-breaking 1981 season.

Allen became the first player in FBS history to rush for over 2,000 yards in a single season. In total, he ran for 2,342 yards and scored 23 touchdowns.

In 2005, the Trojans became the second program in history to record seven Heisman trophy winners, tying Notre Dame.

Southern Cal now sits with six Heisman Trophy winners because Reggie Bush’s award was forfeited due to NCAA violations.

Alabama (Four Times)

Alabama winners include: 2009 Mark Ingram, 2015 Derrick Henry, 2020 Devonta Smith, 2021 Bryce Young

Bryce Young won the 2021 Heisman Trophy, becoming the first quarterback in Alabama history to win the award. 

At the time of the Heisman ceremony, he threw for 4,322 yards, 43 touchdowns, and just four interceptions in his first full season under center.

Young followed two other Alabama quarterbacks, Mac Jones and Tua Tagovailoa, that were both Heisman finalists.

Young winning the Heisman Trophy made Alabama the first program since Oklahoma in 2018 to have back-to-back winners.

Young is Alabama’s fourth winner in 12 years, an incredible feat accomplished under head coach Nick Saban, who began his tenure with the Tide in 2007.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions on the topic: “What College has the Most Heisman Trophy Winners”?:

Which College Produced the most Heisman Trophy Winners?

Ohio State, Oklahoma, and Notre Dame produce the most Heisman Trophy winners.

Has Anyone Won 2 Heismans?

Yes. Archie Griffin won the award in both 1974 and 1975.

What State has the Most Heismans?

California, with a total number of 13 Heismans.


Conclusion and Call-to-Action

Notre Dame, Ohio State, Oklahoma, and USC are the schools with the most Heisman Trophies, as you can see. Unsurprisingly, these are also among the best programs in college football.

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