What Do Girls Like to Be Called? (Top 25 Names)

A person might feel fantastic by using the correct nickname or word of affection. Using the incorrect one may offend or turn people off. Understanding the individual and their preferences is essential in determining the word of endearment to utilize.

what do girls like to be called

Having a list of several loving nicknames to attempt will help you figure out what kind of nicknames your spouse likes. Here are 25 distinct nicknames for girls.

Why Do We Use Endearments and Pet Names?

Why Do We Use Endearments and Pet Names?

Humans express affection for one another verbally through terms of endearment (ToE) and pet names. These names indicate that the person you’re with is distinct from the other individuals in your life. 

And each of these names represents a distinct facet of their personality, such as their sexual side, tender side, hilarious side, and so on.

At one point, calling a woman a “snugglebunny” may evoke sentiments of closeness, but these labels might feel entirely inappropriate (like during an IRS audit). 

That’s why, when arguing with their significant other, males will frequently use the word to evoke a positive reaction, only to be met with “Don’t SNUGGLEBUNNY me!”

Choosing a pet name or using a ToE involves some psychological programming. 

Just as our parents used our complete names to demand our attention or scold us, these names elicit the feelings and conduct we desire from others. 

And, with repeated use particularly during or after specific events – we learn to respond to these names in the same way that Pavlov’s dogs salivate at the sound of a bell.

Subcommunication can sometimes take the shape of pet names. 

If you’re among a group of people but want to inform your partner that you want to have sex when you get home (without others knowing), utilising a pet name designated for the bedroom will help. 

Similarly, if her conduct becomes too drunk, you may call her by a term reserved for her more sober side without having to shove her beneath the table.

What Do Girls Like to Be Called? (Top 25 Names)

Here are a few names to note;

What Do Girls Like to Be Called? (Top 25 Names)

1. Sugar

If you want to make your female feel sweet or realize that she is sweet, you may give her the nickname “Sugar.” For a long time, girls have been referred to as Sugar.

It’s used to convey the impression that the female in question is sweet and syrupy.

However, because it is an older moniker, it might come off as creepy if you don’t know the female very well.

It is also sexual in nature, thus it is best reserved for circumstances that are already sexually heated.

However, if the established chemistry is already sweet, you can probably get away with calling your girl Sugar without coming across as strange or creepy.

Sugar appeals to girls because it implies that they are sweet and caring.

2. Sugar Plum

“Sugar Plum” is a Sugar variant. This version, like the others, makes the original moniker a little more fun. Sugar Plum layers sweetness on top of sweetness.

It’s used to make a female feel very nice. Because it’s fun, you should only use it in specific settings if you want it to land well. It can otherwise make a girl feel stupid, and not in a good manner.

Some people may identify their nickname with their appearance or weight, which can have the opposite effect of making them feel sweet.

Before using a humorous nickname like sugar plum, it’s important to understand your spouse and their level of playfulness.

3. Honey

“Honey” is another classic nickname you might use. This name is popular among girls because it makes them feel lovely, valued, and adored.

Honey is an elevated nickname commonly used by married couples. However, it may be used at any stage of the relationship.

This is another gender-neutral name that works well in most situations. It’s also a light moniker with little meaning behind it.

It may be used in both teasing and romantic circumstances. Few people dislike this nickname, which makes it an excellent choice for a girl’s name.

4. Honey Buns

“Honey Buns” is a somewhat sweeter form of Honey that is intended to induce thoughts of sweetness and love. It’s also somewhat lively, making it excellent for lighthearted circumstances or attempting to brighten up your companion.

Keep in mind that some girls may take offense to the moniker, mistaking it for a reference to their rear ends.

As a result, the nickname Honey Buns is best utilized when you’ve gotten to know each other well and have a comfortable flow of conversation.

This moniker is ideal for long-term relationships. It appeals to girls because it makes them feel precious and appreciated.

5. Baby

“Baby” is a common and not extremely insulting nickname that you might want to try.

It can be applied to both men and women and is generally gender-neutral. This nickname is popular among females since it makes them feel cherished, delicate, and gentle.

It makes children feel protected since the one who uses the nickname assumes the position of protector or carer. When first starting off with loving names, a safe nickname to attempt is “baby.”

6. Baby Girl

If your girlfriend or spouse appreciates being called Baby, you might be able to transition to “Baby Girl.” Another endearing nickname that may make your spouse feel small, cherished, and cared for is Baby Girl.

It places you in the position of caretaker or protector, caring for and protecting your companion. Keep in mind that not all girls like being nicknamed Baby Girl since it makes them feel tiny or inferior.

This moniker is suitable for specific situations and after you’ve established the characteristics of your connection. That being said, Baby Girl is a lovely nickname that will make your lover feel special.

7. Angel

If you feel that the female in your life is a gift from beyond, you should call her “Angel.” If she’s altered your life for the better, she’s unquestionably your Angel.

Calling her can make her realize how important she is in her life. Girls like Angel because it makes them feel strong, healthy, and appreciated.

8. Baby Doll

“Baby Doll” is another name that conjures sentiments of cuteness or adorableness. Baby Doll may make a girl feel cherished and appreciated.

Not all girls, however, will like the relationship with a delicate doll or plastic figure. The phrase is also sometimes used in a sexual context.

It’s a good idea to try some of the other phrases first to see whether your girl likes the moniker. Baby Doll is popular among girls because it makes them feel cute, attractive, and cared for.

9. Pumpkin

If you’re looking for a goofy nickname for your daughter, “Pumpkin” is a safe bet. It’s a goofy, lively, and enjoyable name.

Some females might not like it since they think you’re making fun of their weight or form.

Using a lot of love and other nicknames will assist them realize you’re being affectionate. Pumpkin is popular among girls because it is amusing, humorous, and lighthearted.

10. My Heart

The last nickname that a female would like is “My Heart.” Calling a female this word generally reminds them of your affections for them.

It’s a sweet nickname that might make them feel cherished and cosy. Girls adore it because it is romantic, tender, and connects them to you.

11. Honey Cakes

“Honey Cakes” is another version of the moniker Honey. This term, like honey buns, amplifies the original beloved nickname and makes things more fun and amusing.

As the name implies, calling a girl Honey Cakes means calling her sweet. Honey Cakes, like Honey Buns, may irritate certain girls.

They could feel you’re making fun of their weight or physical form. As a result, it’s critical to first determine whether your female is concerned about her looks.

Start with Honey Buns and work your way up to Honey Cakes if they’re used to the moniker.

Because it is a humorous nickname, it is better used in lighthearted contexts rather than serious ones.

Girls adore Honey Cakes because it is entertaining, makes them laugh, and makes them feel nice.

12. Sugar Dumpling

“Sugar Dumpling” is a final Sugar variant. This is also a funny nickname that may be entertaining to use with the appropriate female.

Because it’s a fairly funny nickname, it’s best used in lighthearted settings or to make your girl chuckle. However, using this moniker requires a certain amount of dexterity.

Some girls may take offense since it implies you’re making fun of their attractiveness. In its link with the body’s shape, it’s much more blatant than Sugar Slum.

As a result, before employing it, it’s critical that you grasp your girl’s mood as well as the vibe of the place. Sugar Dumpling is a fun nickname for when you’re just starting off with nicknames.

It can relieve some of the strain and help to ground you both in the circumstance.

13. Darling

“Darling” is one of the most romantic titles you can call a female, and it became famous on the silver screen in the early 1900s.

It showed strong-jawed guys whispering lovely nothings into their loved ones’ ears and calling them Darling. With the word, hearts were both broken and repaired.

Since then, the phrase has been reserved for couples who are deeply in love with one another. It can be amusing in certain circumstances, but it is typically a serious expression of affection.

Girls like the moniker because it makes them feel wanted, appreciated, and connected. It indicates that both partners in the relationship are on the same page.

Unfortunately, some individuals use Darling sarcastically. It’s a good idea to create the tone or scenario before employing the nickname to guarantee that you’re being romantic.

Warming up your female by giving her flowers, making supper for her, or showering her with compliments and love is a terrific approach to make your usage of Darling stick.

14. Sweetheart

“Sweetheart” is another old yet effective nickname you may use with your girl. This name implies that the girl is gentle, compassionate, and loving.

You are showing her that you value her heart by utilizing the moniker. In terms of popularity, this is another name that is almost as ancient as Darling.

It may also come off as sarcastically, therefore it’s good rehearsing the word to ensure you pronounce it correctly. The name is popular among females since it is romantic, loving, and gentle.

When utilized appropriately, it may bring couples closer together. Sweetheart may be an ancient term, but it has been around for a reason.

15. Sweetie

“Sweetie” is a somewhat shorter variant of Sweetheart. It’s more of an updated version of Sweetheart.

Sweetie is an excellent nickname for girls who wish to feel pleased and friendly. It implies that the girl is lovely and kind.

It has the same effect as saying Honey does. Of course, some girls may find the moniker derogatory.

If stated wrongly or in the wrong context, the term might give the impression that you are treating or considering them as a kid.

Understanding the ambiance of the room and your girl’s mood might assist you decide whether or not to employ Sweetie. Girls like the moniker because it makes them feel loved and cuddly.

16. Boo

“Boo” is a modernized form of the term “baby.” Although it began as a method to refer to someone as one’s boyfriend, it has subsequently evolved into a broad phrase for one’s significant partner.

Many hip hop and R&B tracks include the moniker Boo. As a result, it is frequently connected with partnerships and couples. However, it is also used among friends from time to time.

As a result, when you use it, you risk giving your girl the impression that you consider her as a friend rather than a love partner.

To avoid this, use romantic words or warm touches while giving her the nickname. This guarantees that the phrase is received correctly.

Boo is also more entertaining and easier to use. It’s lighthearted, making it ideal for usage in the early stages of a new relationship.

Girls enjoy Boo because it makes them feel important and connected to someone.

17. Hot Stuff

Calling your girl “Hot Stuff” is a terrific technique to tease her while also making her feel sexy. Hot Stuff is an excellent nickname since it is amusing while yet implying that you think them appealing.

It’s simple for a female to laugh it off while knowing you like them. It’s a fun method to pique your attention without taking it too seriously at the time.

It is mood-dependent, much as Sexy and any other sexual moniker. Girls who are not in a good mood will not love the name.

However, if you have the appropriate type of charm, you may make the moniker entertaining and lighthearted enough to make them grin.

Girls appreciate Hot Stuff because it is ridiculous, makes them feel desirable, and provides a safe manner for them to express their interest or lack thereof.

18. Cutie

“Cutie” is another way to refer to your girl. When you want to tell your girl that she’s gorgeous or that you’re falling for her, calling her Cutie is a terrific method to do it.

Cutie is a nice nickname since it is innocent. It’s not sexually charged, and it’s not too romantic.

It’s a fun nickname that lets you express how much you like your girl. Cutie is popular among girls because it makes them feel adorable, beloved, and appreciated.

19. Cutie Pie

If you want to make your girl feel particularly special, you may nickname her “Cutie Pie.” Cutie Pie is a Cutie variant. The addition of “Pie” enhances the sweetness.

If you think your lady is exceptionally cute, the name works like a pie. Cutie Pie is both serious and lighthearted. You might use it to tease your girlfriend and make the situation humorous.

You may also be real and utilize it to express how much you appreciate and cherish your girl. Cutie Pie is popular among girls since it makes them feel extra adorable.

20. Bae

“Bae” is another popular modern girl’s nickname. Bae is an abbreviation for “Before Anyone Else.”

It’s about a person’s place in someone else’s life. That person’s needs take precedence over everyone else’s.

As a result, it’s popular for partners to refer to their girlfriends as Bae since it implies that they come first. This is a playful phrase of endearment that may be both romantic and friendly.

Best friends, for example, use the word for one another.

As such, it’s a safe phrase to use, but if you want to ensure that your spouse feels cherished, you might want to pair it with other nicknames.

Otherwise, they may feel as though they are being ignored rather than treated as a partner. Girls appreciate bae because it makes them feel significant in the lives of their partners.

21. Kitten

Some women appreciate hearing the moniker “Kitten” from their partners. Kitten frequently implies that the female is amusing. It is occasionally employed in houses who follow BDSM or similar alternative lifestyles.

Kitten is frequently sexually charged because to its relationship with BDSM. It is most effective in these conditions. However, for the appropriate person, it may also come off as sweet and compassionate.

If the female isn’t into those kinds of lives, there’s a lot that may go wrong with this moniker. Having said that, it’s a sweet name that may make a female feel goofy, playful, and even sensual.

In sexual circumstances, the abbreviation “Kitty” is also used.

22. Sexy

Girls, like guys, like feeling sexy. They take pleasure in knowing that they are enticing their spouse.

Calling your lover “Sexy” is one method to make them feel sexy and let them know they excite you.

Because the word is obviously sexually laden, it is best used in private or in contexts when such adoration is allowed openly.

However, if the spouse isn’t in a good mood, the word might become irritating. You can give them the impression that you only view them sexually.

That is why it is beneficial to employ various phrases of affection to balance both sexual and romantic interest. Sexy appeals to girls because it makes them feel desirable.

It can also increase their self-esteem or confidence since they know they’re making you feel attracted to them. Sexy is an excellent nickname for making your girl feel good about herself.

23. Love

Calling your girl “Love” is one of the greatest ways to tell her she’s the love of your life. Love or “Lover” is a terrific nickname since it expresses your love for your girl in a single term.

It’s charming and romantic, and it can make anyone feel at ease. Girls enjoy hearing that because it reminds them of your love for them and how you see them.

Love is ideal for every stage of a relationship since it is completely focused on how you feel about them.

24. Princess

If you want to pamper your girl, you should nickname her “Princess.” Princess is a little fun, but it largely shows how you view them.

Calling your girlfriend a princess indicates that you regard her as royalty. They’re a cut above the rest. They are deserving of your adoration, affection, and attention.

Some girls may dislike the term since princesses might have negative connotations of being spoiled.

Calling her Princess, on the other hand, might make her feel valued and loved if the mood and chemistry are appropriate.

25. Sunshine

Calling a female “Sunshine” or “My Sunshine” might cause her to fall in love with you. Sunshine makes people feel happy and cozy.

Because the world cannot exist without sunlight, naming your girl Sunshine implies that you cannot exist without her. As a result, this moniker is romantic.

The name appeals to girls because it makes them feel unique and wanted.


There are several loving names you may give to females that they would like.

Some are more suited to specific situations, lifestyles, or dynamics, but with a little practice, anybody can apply them. Try out the nicknames and make your girl feel valued and cherished.

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