What Do Guys Like to be Called? (Top 25 Names)

What do guys like to be called? You might be wondering what nicknames and pet names guys enjoy being called, whether you’re in a relationship with a guy or just starting out wooing and flirting.

What Do Guys Like to be Called?

It can be challenging to know what to call your partner or a guy friend at times. Without offending them or giving them the impression that you’re not being sincere, you want to show them just the right amount of devotion.

They might even have a broad dislike for a few phrases. Fortunately, you can refer to your boyfriend or male buddy by a few nicknames and expressions that they will likely like. Here are 25 nicknames that men enjoy hearing.

What Do Guys Like to Be Called? (Top 25 Names)

Great Names

1. Babe/Baby

But even in 2023, we still like this pin-up girl from the 1950s. Ideal for when he’s being really kind to you! You are the prettiest thing in the world in your man’s eyes when you refer to him as “babe,” I promise.

This is a wonderful example of a sweet and sassy mix, and you immediately let him know that he’s being especially cute around you.

On the other side, if your partner has always been a little bashful or unsure of himself, he’ll feel very charming once you start calling him “baby.”

You may also use it as a terrific backup moniker when he’s acting especially “oh-so-gentle” or “so-so-gentle.” The kind of softness that is pleasant and smooth.

2. Handsome

The word “handsome” can be used to express your admiration for his appearance without coming off as obnoxious. Just keep in mind not to overdo it on this one. Guys prefer not to be approached by their ladies unless they are actively flirting.

According to Michael Johnstone’s book, “The Fine Art of Complimenting A Man,” men want to be referred to as “gorgeous” because it makes them feel strong and alluring, and they live on that sensation.

3. My hero

This one may sound cheesy, but that just adds to its cuteness and humor. Your partner will feel extraordinary when he hears you refer to him as “my hero”!

This is what a girlfriend would say after her partner had just protected her from harm or when she had just witnessed him make a significant achievement.

If you want to be honest, not many individuals can say they have their own personal hero, thus you might even refer to him as “my real life hero.”

4. My love

It makes him feel extra special to use this one! It not only states the obvious, but it also demonstrates your sincere affection for him.

The most romantic phrase ever is certainly “my love,” which conveys to the recipient the idea that he is the center of your universe and that you want to spend every waking hour with him.

It feels like a statement of love to refer to him that way. Particularly when they are not being addressed as “dear” or “baby,” all guys want to hear it from their girl.

5. Hun/Hunny/Hunny bun

This is the traditional pet name that your man wants to hear repeatedly. It just goes to illustrate how powerful this term is for guys because it is older than “baby.”

Both sexes still frequently use this term nowadays despite it being less common than it once was. Just goes to illustrate how excellent it is!

The word “Hun” was originally a slang term for “Hungarian,” but it rapidly came to imply “lover” or “guy.”

6. Hottie

This is a bit more alpha than babe, but it demonstrates that you have the courage to criticize his appearance. Compared to chick, this is a little bit more intimate and direct.

In 2011, the term “hottie” was most frequently used by women to refer to guys. It makes him feel special and is less sassy than “baby”.

Any arbitrary “Hi, hottie…” will do. He’ll appreciate the sense of exclusivity it gives him.

7. Sweetie

This one should go without saying; it’s most relevant when he’s being overly kind or generous. However, you can also use it when he’s just trying to be kind about something not so kind. For example, if he crashes into you in an awkward way or if you call him a name he doesn’t like.

The one that is most illogical and entertaining is this one! It’s endearing yet sophisticated, and it makes it clear that you adore him.

A sweetie is actually a trademark name that Paul and Susan Sweet, who ran the business Sweet Mills, registered. They started using the trademarked term “Sweetie” in 1936, and numerous companies have since used it as their moniker.

8. Stud

When your lover uses this, he’ll feel more seductive if he’s a powerful, macho man. Even though it’s a bit overused and even regarded as a cliché, it still works!

One of the most masculine pet names available, but fear not—also it’s beneficial to you! Probably the most well-known name on our list, a stud is a man who attracts a lot of female attention.

Your man’s sexual experience has nothing to do with the term “stud.” It’s used to describe a confident and appealing guy. Additionally, it might occasionally be a term of endearment.

9. Loverboy

Admit it: you anticipated that he would choose the traditional “honey” as his word. That time-tested staple “honey.” However, he chooses “loverboy” instead.

You cannot even claim that you detest using the term “loverboy.” This one is excellent because it is simple, sweet, and traditional. You tell him that he is your lover and your guy is as clear as the sun.

10. Sexy

Don’t be afraid to call him “sexy” if you want to give him a rock star-like feeling! Because it diverts attention from his appearance, being called “sexy” is the highest kind of flattery.

This is an effective method to exude confidence and let him know that you think highly of him. When someone calls your man “sexy,” he feels like the sexiest thing in the world.

Use this one if he is donning his sultry cologne or if you find him to be very seductive. There are times when you just want to call him sexy.

11. Big guy

This one largely depends on his appearance, but for a man with a broad build, being referred to as “the big guy” can be incredibly pleasant.

It demonstrates to him that you are interested in both his personality and his bulky, hot body! This is a fun name that gives your man a stronger sense of masculinity than usual.

You can count on this one to make your man feel good about himself, and you might even receive a “thank you” for pointing out how attractive he is!

12. Badboy

The best example of this is Badboy. The next time he goes above and above to help you, try telling him this. He’ll be melted by it! He isn’t being disparaged in any way; all you’re saying is that he’s being kind to you.

When you’re having fun with him by yourself, especially during your “sexy time,” call him this to make it more thrilling.

13. Cuddle bear/Cuddle bunny

Another incredibly lovely name for a guy who adores cuddling with you. This is the ideal nickname for your man if he enjoys being near you.

Especially after a difficult day, he will adore it if you call him “cuddle bear” or “cuddle bunny.”

By using these words, you can let him know that you want to be close to him and are content to be in his arms.

14. Pumpkin

Use this sweet moniker while you’re cuddling up to your lover. It’s all about wanting to be near to each other and being cozy. This one is available as soon as you two get together!

It can seem like things are moving too quickly when we first start dating and have only been on one date, but don’t worry—you can use nicknames like “pumpkin.”

Particularly when you use the word “pumpkin” in front of your friends, they will feel connected to you. Such a sweet moniker.

15. Champ

Yes, there are plenty of non-cheesy ways to refer to your man as “champ”! Without giving him the impression that your man is overly attempting to be stylish and fashionable, there are a ton more examples of “champ” that you can utilize.

You’ll be able to connect with a side of him that no other woman has ever been able to by simply knowing the correct words to say to him.

And the easiest way to achieve that is to view this free James Bauer video. He will disclose straightforward words and texts that you can utilize to actually win over your man in it.

16. Hubby

This one is quite cheesy but also very sweet. When you address him as “hubby,” your man will undoubtedly love you and realize how content and proud you are to be with him. This one is also available for use right away!

One feels deeply loved only by the prospect of someone calling them “hubby.” It’s such a wonderful sensation that if your partner realizes he is being referred to as “hubby,” he will realize you are in love with him.

Why not begin using that name now since you might end up marrying him someday? He might, at last, get the message that you want to be married and advance your relationship.

17. Boo/Baby boo/My boo

When two people are deeply in love, they frequently refer to one another by their pet names. It serves as a means of expressing love and affection. Boo is another word for “baby,” and it’s not just for Halloween, of course!

Whether you’ve been dating for a while or not, you can start using “boo” straight immediately. This is a wonderful technique to convey love if you are on a first date.

18. Hotstuff

Another one of my favorites because it conveys both sincerity and humor, in my opinion. He can also be referred to as “hot stuff,” which denotes that he has alpha qualities, which is similar to calling him “sweetheart.”

For instance, if a female refers to her boyfriend as “hot stuff,” she will undoubtedly understand that he can enter a room and everyone will turn to stare at him.

A woman’s speech changes when she becomes a little bit turned on. She might start to gasp a little bit and tease him a little bit more.

19. Bae

Even though it seems serious, this one just has a charming nickname. Call him “bae” if you want to use this term when you’re being affectionately playful and cozy with each other.

He just can’t help but smile about it because it’s such a cute moniker for him. He won’t mind you calling him “bae” because he’ll be so delighted to be your bae.

Just make sure you go about it correctly. Avoid using it too frequently since he can grow weary of hearing it. Saying “bae” in the middle of your cute teasing games is one way to put it to use.

20. Cutie

Call him “cutie” if that’s your preferred moniker for him. It’s a new moniker with a wide range of meanings. It’s hilarious to call your guy that since it might make him feel so confident in himself.

This one can also be used frequently; you are not required to use it only sometimes. Any number of times you say it will make him feel good because he will each and every time.

To make him feel like he’s on top of the world during a romantic evening, try calling him by this nickname. Alternatively, when you’re out with him, say “cutie” and watch how he responds. Nothing can go wrong with cute nicknames.

21. Honeybuns

The moniker “honey buns” for a boy is just too adorable. Even though it has a long name, it doesn’t matter. You can nickname your partner “honey buns” if you simply adore him and think he is the sweetest thing in the world.

It’s a method of expressing how much you adore his physique and adorable appearance.

22. Darling

Another cute moniker you might use to refer to your man is this one. It’s so nice and loving to refer to your guy as “darling.” Use this one on him if you truly want to make him feel special.

Simply by the way he blushes and his face lights up, you can tell right away how much he adores something.

You see, by addressing him as “darling,” you’re essentially letting him know that you’ve had a special place in your heart for him for a very long time. He will like hearing this from your mouth, you can rely on it.

23. Lovebug

What a sweet way to address your husband. It is adorably kind and devoted. When you want to let him know how much you care about him, nickname him “love bug.”

Only use it on exceptional occasions, but if your relationship is one in which you enjoy each other’s company constantly and feel very close to one another, this is your go-to moniker.

He’ll believe that he has been the one who has been making you happy and adoring him for the least length of time.

This is a wonderful nickname to give him if you want to give him something sweet and affectionate. The adorable moniker you give him will make him feel completely in love, and he’ll be overjoyed when you call him “lovebug.”

24. Tiger

Your partner will feel special and pleased when you call him “tiger” because it is such a strong nickname. When you wish to express your pride in him, you can call him by the nickname “tiger.”

If he has recently completed a significant project, won a significant competition, or done something similar, it is a terrific moniker to call him. When you tell him you are proud of him and call him “tiger,” he will feel like he can take on the world.

Since many guys would like to be addressed in this manner, he will undoubtedly feel more manly in your eyes after hearing this from you.

25. My man

The moniker “my man” is the best there is. It’s the kindest and cutest moniker you can use for him.

When you’re ready to declare that he is your guy and your beloved, you can finally refer to him by this name. This one is also such a sweet nickname to use when you’re ready to tell him that you plan to marry him someday.

If we examine couples of internet-famous celebrities, we will see that they have a variety of nicknames for one another, including “my man.”

What Should You Call a Guy When You First Start Dating?

Great Names

One of the most difficult aspects of dating is the first few weeks of a relationship. Your mutual attraction is still developing as you get to know one another.

Even though you’ve started referring to each other as partners, you might not be sure what terminology is right for your relationship at this point.

You might not be sure which nicknames are appropriate and which ones are too much too soon before the “I love you” starts to happen.

1. Big Guy

Although Big Guy is affectionate, it isn’t in a weak or childish way that makes others uneasy. It effectively warms your partner’s feelings toward you, yet it doesn’t overwhelm them with a sweetness that they aren’t prepared to experience.

2. Boy

Kid, especially my boy, is another fantastic phrase to utilize. The groundwork for exclusivity is being laid by making this phrase possessive.

The term itself is light and pleasant enough not to cause a fuss if they aren’t ready for anything heavier in terms of nicknames, but it also gives them the impression that they should think of you as their partner.

3. Boo

Boo is a suitable last name during the initial stages of a relationship. Although some people think that “boo” is a shortened version of “boyfriend,” the word “boo” actually comes from the word “brother.” Whatever the case, it now has its own meaning in contemporary slang.

Basically, “boo” refers to a spouse or close relative. It is OK to use during the first few dates because it contains a lot of slang and is used by friends as well as romantic partners.


They may feel a certain way if you know the appropriate phrase to use when addressing your male buddy or lover. If you use the right nickname or term, you can influence someone’s mood, confidence, or sense of desire and sex. To gauge your male friend’s or partner’s response, try the names and words above.

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